Thursday, January 14, 2010

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Thousands Of Haitians Feared Dead
Dozens of Diplomats Dead
Red Cross Runs Out of Supplies
Want to help Haiti? Just send a text
Navy, Coast Guard deploying to Haiti
Quake's toll felt heavily in United States

Pat Robertson:
Haiti ‘Swore a Pact to the Devil’

Obama wants record $708 billion for wars
President's Approval Ratings Beg To Differ
1 Yr Later: Americans Still Split Over Obama
Democrats Facing Some Healthcare Hurdles
Amish exempt from health insurance mandates
Bankers apologize for actions that led to crisis

Obama Musical Set in Germany

Palin's daughter takes celibacy vow

Coakley cites GOP ‘stalkers’ in dust-up
Barney Frank poo-poos conspiracy talk

Top al-Qaeda leader killed by Yemeni troops
Yemen intensifies fight against Al Qaeda
Israel Apologizes to Turkey Over Insult
NKorea to Allow More U.S. Tourists

Dommsday Clock Closer to Midnight

Cali approves toughest green code
Gay Marriage Trial Won't Be Broadcast
Driver, 11, runs stop sign, kills 3

Mother Faces Charges For Cursing At Principal

Sheep Gives Birth to
Human-Faced Lamb in Turkey

SpaghettiOs Creator Dies at 83

GM Halts Hummer Production
Space Station Toilet Broken!

General Motors Drops Tiger Woods

Man arrested for 'unfaithful' Tiger labels

Leno may walk out on NBC, too
Leno: 4 Options For His Next Step

'Idol' starts strong — even without Paula
Stars clamoring to take Simon's place on Idol

Beyonce & Jay-Z Richest Couple
Lauryn Hill bassist fatally shot

Gay awards nominate Gaga, Lambert

Montag Admits She's Made Mostly of Plastic

Depp gets statue in Serbia

Dexter's Michael C. Hall Has Cancer

Jay Reatard Found Dead in Memphis Home

Avatar Still Smashing Records
Avatar: Sex, Drugs And Suicide

Now That's School Spirit

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