Monday, November 30, 2009

Today's Jog Blog

Dubai World Seeks Debt Standstill
Dubai Debt Raises Fear of Wider Problem
UAE Will Support Banks in Credit Crisis
UAE acts to shore up banking system

Black Friday Spending Rose Slightly
GA couple ditch kids on Black Friday?
Bernanke Warns Risks in Revamping Fed

Report Blasts 2001 Battle To Get Bin Laden
Report: Bin Laden 'Expected To Die'
Iran approves building 10 enrichment sites
Pakistan's president told to give up powers
Rwanda becomes member of Commonwealth

Swiss Voters Approve Ban on Minarets

Climate change data dumped
Hacker scandal sends ripples community
Emails expose the warming conspiracy?
Pretending climate email leak isn't a crisis...

Ed Begley Jr. Global Warming Rant

Russia issues appeal
after blast derails train

Obama gatecrashers tout story
Prosecute the gate-crashers?
Party Crashers Could Impact Security
US, India inch 'closer to nuclear deal'
Obamas Catch A College Basketball Game
Huckabee leaning against another prez run
Turbulence: Senate opens health care debate

IRS says Arnold owes $79000
Collector sells stamps for $3.2M

4 police officers shot dead
Shots Fired in Manhunt for Police Killer

Tiger Woods 911 call

For 3rd time, Woods cancels police
Tiger Woods' statement to press
Alleged Woods mistress denies affair

Salvation Army kettle stolen in NH

Minnesota couple has 15 lb. baby

NFL Roundup
Colts fight back to defeat Texans
Serena Williams gets record fine

iphone Tries to Crack Korea
Lucky Break for iPhone Worm Creator
'Godfather of Spam' going to prison

Swiss ready Polanski's
chalet for house arrest

'New Moon' wins box office
Gyllenhaal, Witherspoon split up?

Brown heading to '20/20'
Longtime CBS producer dies

Hasselhoff back in hospital

Lambert performs with man he kissed
CBS Is Criticized for Blurring of Video

Call of Duty Franchise Over $3 Billion

A Night w/ Drivin N Cryin

Of Local Interest:
Mayoral debate turns testy
Police seek driver who hit taxi, left
Cracker Barrel suspect due in court
Falcons Beat Bucs 20-17 in Last Minute
Vick braced for Atlanta return
Dogs savor win over Tech
Man shot near Emory hospital
Roof collapse injures firefighter
Alcohol may have killed teen
Fire guts Clayton apartments
Club guard shot multiple times
Roads safer on holiday weekend
Police chief touts record
Maglev matching funds due soon
Bankhead teen wins Nick award
With water, will growth flow here?
Science digs into Civil War sites
Empty Stocking Fund needs you

Three to split $11M Florida Lotto
Burlingame shooter in custody
Workers hurt in school explosion
Friends mourn slain pub. defender in Oregon
Racing returns to famed track in `a rebirth'
Family of Four Killed By Speeding Car
Maine WWII Base Slowly Vacating
NH, Maine crews continue to restore power
Domestic abuse cases proceed... w/o victim


Hate Sarah Palin? She loves that
Dem committees outraise GOP in Oct
Quiet GOP tactic stalls Obama picks
White House Christmas tree arrives
Dukakis to endorse Capuano
Catholic muscle on health bill defended
From Shadow to Limelight for a Gov's Wife
Reform will fail unless it controls inflation
A Purity Test for Democrats

As the World Turns:
Honduras tense as voters head to polls
Zardari urged to relinquish powers
US, India inch 'closer to nuclear deal'
Capsized ferry righted in Bangladesh
Sri Lankan war hero to contest presidency
Deputy FM praises settlement freeze
No Doha Decisions From WTO Meeting
Plane Crash in China Kills 3 Americans
Saudi 'seizes key rebel area'
Goldsmith 'expressed doubt' on Iraq

In Sport:

NFL Roundup
Colts fight back to defeat Texans
Serena Williams gets record fine
Everyone Hates Pete Carroll?
Davydenko wins ATP finals
Tebow, Gators throttle 'Noles
How Weis can justify keeping his job
Sooners shock Cowboys
Vonn shows she is no rock star
Bute earns victory over Andrade

The Economy, Stupid:
Black Friday Spending Rose Slightly
Obama to push banks on mortgages
Emerging powers join hands
Saab failure a dent in China's auto dreams
Wal-Mart's Black Friday Rip-off
For stars, high-tech gaffes hard to hide
Investors Predict Low Outcome For Sands
Toys R Us CEO "optimistic" about holidays
Crude-Oil Futures Decline to $76.05 a Barrel
China's Lenovo to reaquire handset unit
Shore up Social Security before health


The iphone's got Seoul
Gift Guide: Accessories for mobile phones
iPhone 4G Already In Testing
Investor forecasts show Psystar is crazy
Dell Unveils Experimental Chrome OS
Shuttle Atlantis lands safely
Verizon Droid: A 60-second review
Home computers: Decisions, decisions
3-5 Acer Android Phones In 2010
AT&T, Verizon get out the mud
World's Most Expensive iPhone
Windows Mobile 6.5 Second Ed. Soon

The Game:

The Saboteur Hands On
The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks
Command & Conquer 4
James Cameron's Avatar
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
ModNation Racers Hands On
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Jog Blog has taken holiday
for Thanksgiving Week.

Here's a fine holiday home video:
A Night w/ Drivin N Cryin

Monday, November 23, 2009

Jog Blog - Thanksgiving Week

The Jog Blog has taken holiday
for Thanksgiving Week.

Here's a fine holiday home video:
A Night w/ Drivin N Cryin

Friday, November 20, 2009

Today's Jog Blog

Panel wants answers
on faulty stimulus data

Lieberman pushes Ft. Hood inquiry

Obama hails Reid bill
US Senate eyes first healthcare vote
From Left, Modest Praise for Senate Bill
Read Reid's health care reform bill
Reid's restrictions on abortion
Hoffman: ACORN, Dems, Stole My Seat

Kerry's daughter arrested in Hollywood
John : Daughter Was Not Legally Drunk

Lugar's wife charged w/ DWI
Pastor Manning expects arrest soon

No dancing or surviving for Levi
'Going Rogue': Is Palin a creationist?

Senator Doesn't Want Gays
Stuffing It Down His Throat

EU Gears Up to Appoint New Prez
EU President: the contenders
Decision time looms for EU top jobs

FAA Glitch Causes Airline Delays

Army Corps blamed for Katrina floods

UCLA Students Near Riot Over Tuition Hike

Piranhas Invade Florida
316,000 bongs seized in L.A.
North Pole irked at end to Santa replies

Obese man dies after 8 months in recliner
Officer Uses Taser On 10-Year-Old
Person in chicken suit ruffles feathers
Transvestite Arrested on Weapons Charges

Google shows off Chrome OS
Google to Caption YouTube Videos

Lincecum wins 2nd consecutive Cy Young
Pot court date overshadows Lincecum's day
Arenas: 1M followers before I'll tweet

Irish Demand Replay Against France
Arrests made in soccer fixing probe

Twilight sequel tipped for record
'Twilight' fans throng to midnight shows
Live tweets from 'Twilight Saga: New Moon'
Twilight sequel sillier, stupider

Group decries saturated
fat in movie popcorn

Oprah to End Show in 2011

'Jon & Kate' to end stormy run
Artist Jeanne-Claude dies at 74

Of Local Interest:
Will lunchtime bandit strike again today?
2 critical in Gwinnett shooting
Fulton tax increase, layoffs possible
State jobless rate up again
Pawn shop robbed at gunpoint
School locked down after report of gun
Boy, 12, faces threat charges
Grand Central Terminal here?
Parents object to redistricting
UGA infielder Veazey paralyzed
Georgia's beloved mascot dies
Backyard chicken case settled
Hunt for 100 Clayton badges
Racing motoryclist killed
Armed bank robbery near Tech
Suspect arrested after standoff
Ga. animal shelter may close
The Booky Man: Plague Upon Your Houses
Officer Responds To Good Cops Gone Bad
School Buses, Trash Trucks Run Stop Signs
Cherokee inmate dies after suicide attempt
Winterize your car
Decatur High sports facilities upgraded

Tuition protesters occupy UCLA building
Gotti jury: We're deadlocked
Feds net two arrests in opium sting
NC says 'life' inmates can't be freed
Tennessee unemployment rate steady


Giuliani in or out of NY gov's race?
NY court OKs out-of-state gay benefits
This Flower Won't Bloom(berg)
The GOP: Luddites or high tech?
Stupak Like a Fox
Hutchison opens fire with radio
Fiorina faces the DC press corps
David Plouffe on The Audacity to Win
Crist to attend RGA meeting after all
Dems alarmed, independents bolt

As the World Turns:

Karzai inaug: Views from Afghanistan
Turky to discuss nuke issue w/ Iran
Women hit hardest by climate change?
Suicide attack kills 19 in Pakistan
Israel, Egypt squeeze Gaza tunnel business
Afghan corruption a political obstacle
What is an MP doing in a cesspit?
UN confirms Tamil camps exodus
Promises to children remain unfulfilled
Sarkozy Receives Spending Proposals
Yemen troops 'kill Houthi rebel leader'
No Dalai Lama meeting
Scientology under attack
Separated twin looks 'fantastic'
Serbian Orthodox patriarch dies

In Sport:

Knicks consider adding Iverson
Schulman: Why I picked Carpenter
Selig: Some clubs lost money
Egypt, Algeria soccer tiff grows
Mangino confident probe will clear him
Ginobili sidelined with groin injury
Leon Washington on Road to Recovery
Bears deny rift with NBC
Bay tops Epstein's free-agent priorities
Power to run full-time for Penske
Semenya's 'future in her hands'
Arrests made in soccer fixing probe
Williams may accept prison deal
A lot working against Broncos

The Economy, Stupid:

Geithner walks into buzz-saw
AOL to cut one-third of workforce
Stock Selloff Continues on Mixed Data
Mortgage loans: Record number are late
Gates Found. gives $335M for teachers
Chip Stocks Fall on BofA Downgrades
Liberty shareholders OK directv spinoff
Leading Indicators Miss Forecast
Dick's Sporting Goods' Disappoints
Unemployment rate down in Mass.
US co buys 69% in NDTV arm

MS says Windows 7 sales strong
Space walkers drink their own urine, dammit
Setback For AT&T in Suit Over Verizon Ads
Confessions of an Office 2010 CTP Tester
Business Apps Offer Social Tools
Apple Tablet: It'll Shine When It Shines
Microsoft's Thoroughly Modern IE9?
Ancient crocodiles swam Sahara
Yahoo jumps on Twitter bandwagon

The Game:

Kendra Cures Boredom w/ Games
Gamestop earnings rise 12% in 3Q
'Call of Duty' sequel a shot in arm
Sony bringing Firefox to PS3?
Jedward immortalised in online game
Computer games fan 'planned massacre'
Toys 'R' Us Promises Gaming Deals
Talking Videogames With Tony Hawk