Friday, July 31, 2009

Today's Jog Blog
Obama plays bartender at beer summit

Media Laps Up Obama Beer Summit
Morning after beer summit, I'm still hung over
Obama faces political fallout from Gates-Crowley
Iowa woman sells TVs to avoid Obama
Obama defends record on economy
Dow at highest point in 9 months
Fannie, Freddie Won't Repay All Aid
Why Health Care Is Killing Obama
Judge orders Guantanamo release
Killin Crakkkas, F Whitey's Christmas
Cash for clunkers program suspended
New funding sought for "clunker" program
GOP Senate leader endorses Sotomayor
Pelosi lashes out against insurance
NY Lt. Gov. battle heads to court
S.C. gov. confided in pastor
Prosperity preacher Rev. Ike dies
Mayor indicted for theft again
Perfume hospitalises 34 in Texas
Marijuana Use “Significantly
Reduced Risk” of Cancers
Senate To Review Microhoo Deal
1st Pic of Steve Jobs Since Return
Is This the iPhone Nano?
China bans online mafia games
Vick says he's 'getting close' to a deal
Ortiz, Ramirez tested positive in '03
Jackson mother gets custody
Rowe Settles Custody Issues
Lawyer: Ex-wife won't seek custody
Mel Gibson Attacks A Fan
Mad Mel Rips Photographer
Jude Law Expecting
Illegitimate Child
Men At Work face plagiarism case
Ex-Idol contestant cries "rigged!"
DioGuardi coming back to 'Idol'

Of Local Interest:
Officers Allegedly Ran Check on Obama
Vernon Forrest killer caught on tape
Mayor: Haven't 'checked out'
Police chief, mayor to respond to criticism
Teacher in sex case jailed again
Georgia DNA solves 1,500 cases
Johns Creek cop flips car
Car hits Clayton home
Chipper rips ump over fist bump
Braves release pitcher Bennett
I-20 open after hazardous trailer crash
2 guilty in prostitution smuggling
WSB-TV's Chuck Dowdle retiring
Sykes cancels ATL comedy shows
Frugal and fun: cheap date ideas
Automaker selects Indiana over Georgia
Atlanta home starts plunge 70%
Officials questioned on lease deal
What rules would coaches change?

Charges over US museum shooting
Big Job For New Corps Commander
Woman falls 12 stories to death
'Prayers, support' at crash victims' funeral
Bulk purchases latest FLA condo trend
Haitians risk tragedy on sea to immigrate
Slain Pregnant Woman Near Fetus-Stealer
Chocolate Factory Fined After Man's Death
US transit systems get security boost
Freedom coming for psychiatric patients

Harvey Milk awarded presidential medal
Ex-Lawmaker's Case Goes to Jury
'The Spirit of Racial Harmony'
Pinched States Wrestle With More Cuts
Hutchison: Perry wearing out welcome

As the World Turns:
Rise of Iran's citizen journalists
Bomb on Majorca Kills 2 Police Officers
Taliban vow to disrupt Afghan election
Nigeria riot city 'under control'
A potted history of the Law Lords
Moldova's Ruling Communists Face Defeat
Tajik summit to tackle security
Will Iraq probe worry ministers?

In Sport:
Schumacher working on fitness
Massa anxious for return
Royals acquire Anderson from Tigers
A's sock it to Red Sox w/ big 1st
It's official: PGA returning to Louisville
USC Could Be In More Trouble
Filho breaks 100 freestyle record

The Economy, Stupid:
Weak debut for PennyMac
Cuomo: Banks Paid Big Bonuses
Oil's Not Well at Exxon Mobil
FSA to Hold Meeting on Oil Market
6 Steps to 'Cash for Clunkers'
Stocks at 8-month highs

Motorola posts unexpected 2Q profit
Level 3 posts wider 2Q loss
Cablevision to spin off MSG
Alcatel-Lucent's Baby Steps
Barrick Gold 2Q profit rises
MasterCard 2Q Profit Rises 26%
Dow Chemical Swings To 2Q Loss
Avon Products 2Q profit drops

Google Search Expert In Coma
Apple Unveils 2-TB Time Capsule
Compensation in iPhone Worker Suicide
T-Mobile Picks Up Touch Pro 2

NASA Celebrates 51st Anniversary
Boeing to bid on NASA work
Russian cargo ship docks with ISS
Swine flu incidence 'is slowing'
'Organic' May Not Mean Healthier
Unique Songbird Found in Laos
Archaeology has its day at Mounds

The Game:
Nintendo profit dives, Wii magic fades
Wolfenstein Multiplayer Q&A
Borderlands Hands-On Impressions
Shatter Review
Tales of Monkey Island, Chapter 1
Scott Pilgrim gets a video game

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Today's Jog Blog
Democrats make healthcare deal
Insurers' tax on pricey health plans gains
Obama: No health reform vote before Oct.
Maxine Blames Rahm for Healthcare Stall
Help Wanted counting stimulus jobs
911 caller: I would make call again
Gates Half-Irish, Related to Cop
Poll: Who's at Fault in Gates Arrest?
Obama: I didn't mean to slight police
Cops suspended for Obama check
Obama to appear on Lopez's show
$100,000 for proof of Obama eligibility
Sen. Kay Bailey
Hutchison to Step Down
Stormy Daniels arrested, dom. violence
Daniels' Consultant Hit By Car Bomb
Madoff: Can't Believe Fraud Lasted
Ruth Madoff sued for $45 million
Bernanke: Economy to bounce back
NYC Pays Homeless To Leave City
Italy: 'Cretin' a slanderous term
Atabbed 20x in attempted honor killing
Search On For Baby Cut From Womb
Police: How Did Painkiller Got Into Candy?
Overdose Epidemic: Not Just for Celebrities
CDC lists swine flu vaccine priorities
Man jailed again for
having sex with horse
Shopaholic died under purchases
Organic food no healthier than non
Twitter Redesigns Home Page
Kid Rock says Twitter is gay
Yahoo, Microsoft confirm landmark deal
iPhone Jailbreak Crashing Cell Towers?
Clampi Trojan stealing online bank data
The Top 100 Web Sites of 2009
Panel: "Let privateers run space taxis"
Phelps regains sparkle
Rebounds Amid Controversy
Golden Boy Phelps Gets Silver
Michael Schumacher returns to F1
BMW Departs, Schumacher Returns
Marilyn Manson Threatens
Journalists Who Criticize

Of Local Interest:
Atlanta: 6th-best singles city
Atlanta schools need $2M for teachers
Mitchell pushes curfew ordinance
12-year fugitive nabbed in Fulton
Woman shot in home invasion dies
Water wars threaten Gwinnett
Piedmont Healthcare joins Falcons
Cobb atheist gives invocation
City workers get home-buying help
Austell waitress hits it big
Man Arrested For Local Ponzi Scheme
Feds sentence Lilburn kingpin to life
Will White hold out?
Ailing Tom Jones cancels Chastain

Holocaust museum shooter indicted
911 call, baby dismemberment case
Wife of terror suspect: "FBI tricked me"
DC woman killed 4 daughters
Closing arguments start in Jefferson trial
Dixon indicted again in City Hall probe
Giant Sinkhole Near Denver City
Wanted Billboards Go Up Along Border
Timber harvests continue decline

White House repeats F-22 veto threat
Lawmakers want ban on texting + driving
Hutchison to Run for TX Governor
Napolitano Outlines Anti-Terror Strategy
Dems Urge GOP To Back Sotomayor
Reid - Bill to end travel 'blacklist'
Nevada getting 'stimulus czar'
Clinton Prepping for 2016?
Insurgent Candidate Fights Bloomberg

As the World Turns:
Sarkozy insists health is 'fine'
India's Singh Defends Pakistan Strategy
Privilege motion against Hussain Baig
Iran arrests Western media acolytes
China protests over Uighur tour
Families appeal to Iraq kidnappers
Suu Kyi expects 'obvious' verdict
Protests dog Arroyo's US trip

In Sport:
Girl Power: NHRA's Ashley Force!
Vikings plotting a Favre-less future
Phillies Acquire Lee From Indians
Mariners, Pirates trade shortstops
Teeing Off: If not Tiger, then who?
Halladay trade looking less likely
Mickelson to play in PGA Championship
Mustang comes to NASCAR

The Economy, Stupid:
Ruth Madoff sued for $45 million
The Experts Talk Beige Book
EPA alters eligibility of 'Clunkers'
Firms make case against trading limits
Economic Woes Hurt Trading
Treasurys Prices Sink After Auction
Crude supplies surge
IMF boosts lending to poor states

Porsche Nears VW Options Sale
Pirate Bay Sale is Sinking
Microhoo Deal: Lessons for Startups
Time Warner Cable 2Q profit up
Sprint Nextel, Qwest, Motorola retreat
Moody's 2Q profit falls 19 percent
Lazard Q2 earnings beat estimates
Obama Makes the Case to Small Biz
Honda, Nissan Beat Expectations

Greenpeace wars with HP
Tenenbaum defense a trainwreck
Microsoft and Yahoo: Search partners
Apple Says No To Google Voice
Top 10 Social Media Gaffes
Twitter re-twitters the twitterati
Barnes & Noble Launches Free Wi-Fi
Psystar hired new firm to fight Apple
'Jailbreaking' could crash cell towers

51 Executed Headless Vikings Found?
Paralyzed Rats Move After Blue-Dye
Shuttle Crew Eyes Heat Shield Health
Gamma camera to search for cancer
Kitchen heat transfer physics
Open house highlights Fort's finds
Nina, Pinta will visit Michigan City

The Game:
DJ Hero Renegade Edition
Thousand Foot Krutch Fire It Up
Shirley Manson in Guitar Hero 5
Why Is Dragon Quest IX So Popular?
Magic under the Big Top
Steampunk Disney? Yes please!
UFC Branching To New Platforms

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Today's Jog Blog
7 Men in NC Charged w/ Terror Plot
Americans Arrested, Plotted 'Violent Jihad'
FBI Watched Terror Suspects for Three Years
The right bails on Birthers
Hawaii: Obama birth certificate is real
Beer Diplomacy On Tap
Obama talks health care at the AARP
House Dems lose more steam on health care
States to get "significant" obesity money

Birthers on the Hill

Talk host Beck calls Obama racist

Paintings of Obama Naked w/ Unicorns
Panel Votes to Approve Sotomayor
House Panel Approves Limits on Exec Pay
41 charged in mortgage fraud schemes
Credit card debt rising for seniors
Residents asked to 'sponsor a pothole'
WHO elevates tanning beds as top cancer risk
DC recommends soda tax, fat tax
Iran turns inward, silent on outreach
China's hidden debt problem
Americans Consider Chinese Vehicles
8 Electrocuted In Bangladesh Capital
Canada To Build 50 Ships Worth $40 Bil

Middle East Gets a Space Port
Endeavour undocks from space station
Violent boyfriend guilty of killing model
Woman Shoots Self at Gun Range
Man arrested sniffing 28 cans of whip
Boy, 7, drives car to avoid church
Texting While Driving Is Deadliest Task
Residents asked to 'sponsor a pothole'
Driver tells police snakes led to SUV crash
Octuplets to be financially protected
Planetary nebula looks like bubble
Solar Eclipse from Lunar Orbit
Phelps upset in championships
Mickelson returning next week
NASCAR: Mayfield lied to federal court
Witnesses saw Mayfield using meth?
Appeals Court Upholds Suspension
Mayfield sells off his NASCAR gear
Boxer Moncivais dies after bout
Police Search Home of Jackson's Doctor
Mischa Barton Heading Back to Work
Hulk Hogan, wife settle terms of divorce
Apple W/ Labels For Virtual CD Packaging
Woman Sued for $50,000 Over a Tweet
Will woman's Tweet cost her $50,000?
Can Game Help Bing Beat Google?
Spotify iPhone app, pretty damn good
Viral Vids Become Priceless T-Shirts
Hollywood studios sue Pirate Bay
25 rare Star Wars photos
Writing Starts for Star Trek Sequel
10 Strangest Japanese Toys

Of Local Interest:
Residents press ATL on crime 'crisis'
Murder suspect, 12, still in jail
Vernon Forrest to be buried Monday
Woman ran basement strip club?
Ex-state exec spent days at spa
Grady to repay state $20M
Storms wipe out power to 4,000
Lottery grows to $73 million
Smyrna may get Marietta DUIs
Chunks fall from parking deck
Richt promises freshmen time
Ex-Dog Massaquoi with Browns
Free books to mark King milestone
Man shot through open bedroom window
Monsignor appointed auxiliary bishop
Mach One to buy ATL juicemaker
ATL Officer Shoots, Kills Family Pet
Is Atlanta Crime Out of Control?
Judges, Others Wary of Budget Cuts
Business travelers cut back on perks

Mom Decapitated, Ate Her Baby
US to provide $1bln to hire cops
Texas ranks low in per-pupil spending
Woman killed rafting in Idaho
Firefighter busted for growing pot
Baby Shot At Wedding Reception
CA Paralazyed Woman Can Take Bar Exam
CA values prisoners over students?
Explore the Legend of Billy the Kid in NM
Judge rules will on Kerouac's estate is fake

NJ mayor to resign in corruption wake
Sotomayor wins backing of committee
House Dems struggle on health care
Immigration detention violated standards
Poll: Bloomberg lead cut in half
Dodd's Uneasy Dance w/ Drug Lobbyists
White House Clears Up Twitter Mystery

As the World Turns:
Dozens missing as Haitian boat capsizes
Sarkozy to ease up after dizzy spell
Suu Kyi verdict expected Friday
Mitchell meets with Netanyahu
Obama: US, China to shape 21st century
Joint probe into Pakistan cleric
European Union Bans Seal Imports
India submarine 'threatens peace'

In Sport:
Report is just more false hope for Rose
Felipe Massa speaking, moving limbs
Giants' emotional ceremony for Burns
Some Mets will miss Tony Bernazard
Sharapova struggles in 3-set victory
Big Ten is out to earn more respect
Fans move on after '08 Indy debacle

The Economy, Stupid:
Dealers: Interest high in 'cash for clunkers'
Bernanke's PBS television forum
Traders Blamed for Oil Spike
Asia Stocks At 10-Month High
Deutsche Bank Profit Up on Trading Gains
Mortgage Modification Reconsidered
Crude dips to near $68
Dollar rockets up on RBA remarks

Hitachi Slides to $868 Million Loss
EADS profit climbs 76%
Lufthansa seeks merger deadline extension
Time Warner Repurchased AOL Stake
Verizon expands wireless hotspots
Canon earnings fall sharply, miss estimates
Ahold Net Sales Rise 11.5% In 2Q
Pacer to sell heavy-haul trucking business

Apple's Plan Sounds Familiar
AT&T unblocks 4chan
Apple Tablet Buzz Intensifies
Kindle draws fire at Arizona State
Verizon to offer Palm Pre in early 2010
Marketplace Open for Submissions
Windows XP To Windows 7: All WET

Food dye 'may ease spinal injury'
World's Biggest Cave Discovered
Sleep, but no shower, for astronauts
Pandas' Habitat At Risk After Quake
FLA Effectively Ends Wild Turtle Harvest
Cost of Treating Obesity Soars

The Game:
Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake
Iron Man 2 Details Announced by Sega
Dead Space 2 & Dead Space 3
Madden NFL 10 Launch Center
Games Inescapable At Comic-Con
Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
Video games to enjoy as a couple