Thursday, April 30, 2009

Today's Jog Blog
First US Swine Flu Death Confirmed
Child dead of flu in US was from Mexico
WHO raises flu threat level to 5
FT. Worth schools closed for flu season
Mexico shuts down taco stands
Questions and Answers About Swine Flu
Congress: Sebelius is confirmed
Obama 'pleased, not satisfied'
Obama looks ahead on Day 100
Obama's job, deficit claims are iffy
Chrysler talks on rocks as deadline looms
Ex-Morehouse pres. named BofA chairman
First thoughts: Specter's shocker
Obama, Biden Welcome Specter
Maine panel approves same-sex
Paterson Rankles Religious Leaders
Philly Unveils Plan To Be Greenest City
Selenium Caused Horses' Deaths
Atlanta outmuscles Miami for win
NASCAR writer Poole dies of heart attack
Many Twitters are quick quitters
Coming Soon: Wall Street 2
'Wolverine': Summer's first hit?
Porn star in new Soderbergh film
Gibson hits red carpet w/ girlfriend
Prince reveals he battled epilepsy

Cool New Vid:
Eels- Fresh Blood

Of Local Interest:
Ga. white supremacist leader executed
FBI taking lead in Athens shooting case
Bond denied for suspect in I-75 chase
Hijacked trucker from I-75 chase speaks
Mother charged in fatal BMW crash
Minivan driver targeting women for attacks
Franklin's budget proposal out today
Vick to start home confinement May 20
Misdiagnosed TB patient sues CDC
Refis good, purchases are better
Mega Millions jackpot swells to $220M
Andre 3000 pays $1,200 speeding fine
Zoo Atlanta plans exotic-bird aviary
No cut in ATL water rates
See how the garden grows
Holdings rank Atlanta firm 13th
Refugees from Iraq in new war
Non-residents billed for emergencies?

Everglades projects get $103M
Five dead in California bus crash
A Turning Point for Voting Rights Law
Three life sentences in Fort Dix terror plot
National finalist meets president

Investigator sought for torture probe
Ill. Panel Calls for Wide Political Changes
Michelle Obama honors abolitionist
Fight for single-payer health care
McAuliffe on race: 'It's all about jobs'
Berke passes on race for governor
POTUS Loses at Golf

As the World Turns:
Dozens killed, Pakistan troops battle Taliban
NKorea threatens second nuclear test
Taliban threatens attacks over US surge
Seychelles Coast Guard arrests 9 pirates
Gaza looms over Memorial Day
Japanese PM in Beijing for visit
Australia adds 450 troops in Afghanistan
Afghanistan cancels symbolic parade
UK and Libya make prisoner deal

In Sport:
IOC uncovers drug cheats from Beijing
Four quarters aren't enough in this series
White Sox need just two hits for a win
Hamels sidelined by sprained ankle
Yankees cut some ticket prices
Cardinals release James
Are crashes simply a marketing tool?

The Economy, Stupid:
Lower oil prices hit Shell profit
Patching the Foreclosure Plan
Home prices don't decline as much
Big banks need more funds

Prostate Vaccine Validated with Drama
Amazon Acquires LexCycle
EFF files lawsuit against Apple
IBM, Brocade Take Aim at Cisco
SAP 1Q net profit falls 16 pct
Societe Generale chairman to resign
Boeing upgrades 737 jet

Insatiable APP-etite
MS Responds to Verizon 'Pink' Rumor
500GB discs: Who's going to use them?
Antitrust Inquiry Into Google Books Deal
Sun fails to shine for Sun Microsystems
Windows Mobile to get voice recog.

No shuttle damage from dropped socket
Cosmic blast sets distance mark
NASA scientist warns of climate change
Ancient boat remains found
UMass Amherst gets DOE funding
Food science can be yummy
The Blob That Didn't Eat the Universe

The Game:
Hindu god as computer game hero?
Faith Fighter Pulled Over Islamic Complaint
Another murder while playing video games
Hands-on with Dark Void
Wet Video Game : Impressions
A New Business Model for Videogames ?
Most bizarre games of all time

The Life:
Heal That Shiner
Dinner At Your Place
Built for Show
2010 Toyota Prius
Financial Services To Avoid
4 Steps: Avoid People

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Today's Jog Blog
Specter Ditches GOP for the Democratic Party
Specter first Republican to switch to Dems
Why Senator Specter Switched Parties — Really
Europe Braces for Swine Flu Impact
FDA approves emergency drug rules
New swine flu cases around the globe
Companies start initial work on vaccine
Swine flu: Is there a case here or not?
WHO awaits US confirmation on flu spread
100-plus cases confirmed outside Mexico
Sebelius debate begins, approval expected
US officials want "swine" out of flu name

Swine Flu Vaccination Propaganda from 1976

Senate passes bill targeting mortgage fraud
Supreme Court gives Bono speech an F
Supreme court upholds FCC indecency regs
Obama: Manhattan photo-op 'a mistake'
Memo: Flyover will create a scare, too bad
America's Most Polluted Cities
Iraq war video game canceled
Konami pulls Six Days in Fallujah
Pakistan Claims to Retake Town
Highlights of Pontiac's history
Pontiac is dead; Plants set for shutdown
GM Closings and Layoffs
Rare coin may fetch more than $2M
Victims' Panties Under Bed?
Philip Markoff's fiancee: I love him
Markoff cannot afford own lawyer
Breast-Feeding Under the Influence!
"Octomom the Musical" Now Casting
IBM's 'Watson' to Take On 'Jeopardy'
Blown-away Chihuahua reunited
Snoop Dogg Denies Attacking Fan
Ernie Barnes,"Good Times" Artist Dies
Hugh Jackman visit to Mexico canceled
'Sex' star having surrogate twins
‘Idols' swing into Rat Pack night
Lambert leaves everyone in his wake
'DWTS' eliminates Wicks and Hough
How Should Injured Melissa Be Scored?
MS, Verizon to Launch iPhone Rival?
The Nine Essential iphone Apps

Bob Dylan's 'Together Through Life'

Of Local Interest:
Trooper shot in big rig chase down I-75
Hikers alerted to missing UGA professor
Delta's stock tumbles as swine flu spreads
Delta bonus miles ... are back!
Roswell to forgo Christmas lights
Hawks, bad back slow Dwyane Wade
Arena football wants Vick
White supremacist gets stay of execution
S. Fulton reservoir proposal draws fire
Girl stabbed getting off Cobb school bus
City of ATL silent on misspent funds
Dogs play a home game in ATL?
NCAA rules Richt can't visit recruit
ATL's pro title list unlikely to grow soon
Palomar goes ‘above and beyond' boutique
Is Voting Rights Act still necessary?
Drought over, water rates still up
Golf legend wants LPGA back in ATL

Heavy rains flood Houston roads
Albanian terrorist gets life in base plot
Church-Shopping: Changing Faith?
Judge continues trial against Grace execs
Women's pay still not equal?
Idaho teen to face arson as adult

Obama admin. expands housing aid plan
Bev Perdue furloughs state employees
Michelle Obama's first 100 days
Inaugural witnesses rate Obama
Florida Forever on thin ice

As the World Turns:
Pope visits Italian quake zone
Spanish capture 'Somali pirates'
Builders find Auschwitz message
3 men acquitted of helping bombers
Appeal Begins for Pan Am Bomber
China slams Japan's nukes remarks
Shelling in Sri Lankan war zone
Zuma Presidency - New Era?

In Sport:
IOC uncovers drug cheats from Beijing
Grand slams on record-shattering pace
Gordon questionable for Bulls
Datsyuk bids for second Selke Trophy
Mets release Freddy Garcia
NASCAR needs to curb Talladega crashes
"Changes to Talladega can control racing"
Little-ball rally lifts Giants over Dodgers
Penguins' Bylsma gets multiyear contract
Fantasy Golf : Quail Hollow Primer

The Economy, Stupid:
Consumer confidence rebounds in April
Feel like buying something today?
Joe Biden in Chicago touting 'new economy'
Biden: Econ. recovery depends on cities
Stocks choppy on banks, flu
Real Estate Decline Decelerates Slightly
Daimler Posts 1Q Loss
Oil falls below $49 amid uncertain outlook

USA Today Names New Publisher and Editor
Nokia Cuts Staff, Refocuses Services Push
Wiki sues Apple over DMCA claims
IBM hikes dividend 10%, ups buyback
Fortune Brands Cuts Dividend
Valero reschedules St. Charles coker work
Bristol-Myers reports moderately higher profit

Photobucket Future Ghost Town?
Score the best deals on iPhone e-books
Zoho Fully Integrated w/ Mobile Devices
Windows 7 Gets Its Own Web Site
HP unveils small biz laptop line
Cablevision to offer 101 Mbps broadband

Star Trek ready for relaunch
Obama vows major investment in science
Obama taps Google boss for science panel
Astronomers see oldest object in universe
Science, Psychology Behind Overeating
Pizza tossing inspires micro motor design
Archaeologist bemoans looting in AK

The Game:
Hands-on with Dark Void
Used games: Cheap to buy, profitable to sell
Most bizarre video games of all time
GTA IV as American ‘Dream'
Do I 'Smell' Video Games ?
VA tests games as teaching tool
Addictive video games

The Life:
Creepiest Interspecies Hookups
Want Some Megan Fox? Yeah You Do
'Rickroller' tops most influential list
The Hunt for White October
2010 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport
The History of Pizza

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Today's Jog Blog
What is swine flu?
Swine flu cases rise to 40 in U.S.
Israel, New Zealand latest countries hit by swine flu
Obama: Swine Flu No Reason for 'Alarm'
H1N1 Swine Flu Google Map
Mexico City trudges to work despite flu
Swine Flu Exposes HHS Vacancies
Swine flu found in Dallas, Some schools close
Pak intelligence believes Osama is dead
US Weighs Plan to Speed Aid to Pakistan
Palestinians dont accept Israel as Jewish state
Democrats feigning "amnesia", says Porter Goss
Obama pledges 3% of GDP for research
Obama Pledges More Support For Science
White House push to nullify mining-waste rule
Obama the first Asian-American president?
Reid says Obama told him, 'I have a gift'
Lawmakers advancing much of Obama's budget agenda
Fox says no to Obama TV appearance

Air Force One Triggers Panic in NYC

Recriminations after NYC jet flyover photo op
Italian liner repels pirates
Cruise Ship Security Team Fights Pirates
US lawmakers arrested in Darfur protest
Mexico City rattled by earthquake
GM speeding shake-up
Consumer is wildcard in bankruptcy
Gay couples line up to wed in Iowa
We're here, were queer and we're hypocrites
Church giving 'great sex' sermons might get booted
Crist signs bill eliminating offensive term
With Rivals Ahead, Doubts for CNN’s Middle Road
Drop in Newspaper Circulation Accelerates
Incredible Sea Level Rise Is - Not Credible?
Spending billions on a non-existent problem
Clinton tells nations US acting on climate change
Malfunctions Shut Down 2 Nuclear Plants
Former Nets star found 'suicidal'
Williams tasered in NYC hotel
Danish girls developing breasts earlier
NBA Playoffs Roundup
Hawks cool Heat to even series

Britney's Tampon String Visible On Stage!

Jamie Lynn's baby daddy hurt in crash
Stinky Man Accused of Money Laundering
Injury causes Rycroft to miss `Dancing'
Merger of Agencies Shakes Up Hollywood
Bea Arthur Remembered By Co-Stars
Kim Kardashian Goes Blonde?
Lohan/Ronson back together?
Theater casting for Octomom musical
New Sport - Volcano Sliding
Giant space tornadoes create Earth's auroras

Supersticky robots to follow in geckos footsteps

Of Local Interest:
Athens triple murder suspect still at large
911 tape of Athens shooting
Man dies in DeKalb police shooting
Hawks cool Heat to even series
Former Falcons coach dies
Stafford delivers 'Top 10' on Letterman
Atlanta, worried about swine flu?
Deportation order revoked by court
Book to detail recovery from brain injury
Cagle surgery is termed success
Rep. Lewis arrested at Darfur protest
Boy brings loaded gun to Fulton school
Greyhound bus wreck on I-20 injures 21
Police to open new mini-precinct
DeKalb schools to probe suicide
Comcast CEO: Atlanta housing slump hurts
AtlantaNAP raises $7.5 million
Atlanta Woman magazine closing shop
Connon Group buys complex for $25.8M

Court weighs Jersey City's handgun limits
UCLA Student's 'Underage' Abortion Advice
Airports' bird strikes reports inconsistent
Indiana Business College changing name
Class-action lawsuit filed over water
Alfafa sprout warning issued
Mississippi still rebuilding after Katrina
Mortgage Fraud Index Doubles

Biden tours Chicago factory
Ambassador Declines Medal At Notre Dame
Clinton Pitches McAuliffe's Econ. Plans
Workers oppose unemployment cuts
Newsom jabs at Brown as dems meet

As the World Turns:
Effort Erodes Truce With Taliban
The last days of Sri Lanka's war?
Brown urges firmer Pakistan links
Pakistan army presses militants
End of apartheid remembered in S. Africa
Was Durban II a success or failure?
Ecuador's Correa re-elected wide majority
Maliki seeks US soldiers in deadly raid

In Sport:
NBA Playoffs Roundup
Red Sox streak to 11th
Quality Road out of KentuckyDerby
Bulls' Gordon awaits MRI on hamstring
Edge to be cut by this weekend?
Lee to face formidable foe in Red Sox
Dodgers resume rivalry with Giants
NHRA's Capps tests his NASCAR skills
Wild wreck puts NASCAR in odd situation

The Economy, Stupid:
BofA scraps Countrywide name
US Stocks Higher On Drug Company
Rising Yields Fight the Fed
Oil Prices Hover Above $50 a Barrel
Leadership: bofa Not Alone in Blame
Poll: Economy taking toll on hospitals
What's normal for the economy?

Apple Downsized Apple Store Jobs
Condé Nast to shut Portfolio magazine
Qualcomm posts 2Q loss on settlement
Humana 1Q profit up 157 pct
Coke changes fountain options at McDonald's
Whirlpool Cuts '09 Sales Outlook for US
Alberto Culver 2Q profit meets Street

GE demos 500GB holographic disc
Seagate's Replica continuously protects
Universal Confirms Unborn on Blu-ray
Latest from Facebook: Open Stream API
Despite Openness, Facebook Remains Closed
Meet Your New MySpace Executive Team
Samsung Rolls Out Android Phone
Face Off in Court Over realdvd
Windows 7 gets virtual 'XP mode'

Flu Scare is Science Scare
Mission to Hubble Moved Up One Day
NASA safety needs employee input
This Week On The Space Show
Quantum Ghosts Are Helpful
Passages Under Bosnian Pyramid 5K Yrs Old

The Game:
Video game quarrel leads to murder
US Army Debates Canned Fallujah Game
Wet Video Game: Impressions
Wake recruits video - game developers
Excitebots: Trick Racing Review
Cryostasis: The Sleep of Reason
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

The Life:
Governors Gone Wild!
Rock Stars Like Turtles
Most Wanted Rides: 2010 Jaguar XKR
8 Things About Dolph Lundgren
Changing Your Image at Work
Battling Traffic