Friday, January 30, 2009

Today's Jog Blog
Illinois Gov. Blagojevich Thrown out of Office
Blagojevich defends himself before Ill. Senate
Transcipt of Blagojevich speech before Senate
Blagojevich speech, the 43 minutes that wasnt

Blago's boxes were packed before vote
Stimulus aids illegal immigrants?
Obama seeks GOP help for recovery bill
Obama Calls Wall Street Bonuses ‘Shameful’
Judd Gregg considered for Commerce?
RNC seeks new leader, new path

Rush Spars With CNBC Hosts
Over “Obama-Limbaugh Stimulus”

H.W. Bush Floors Clinton with Joke

UN seeks $613 mln in Gaza aid
FBI Cuts CAIR Ties Over Hamas
Peterson tells Nightline about new fiancee
Google Maps Car Hits a Deer!
Obama rooting for Steelers
Cardinals-Steelers scouting report
Steelers expecting something tricky
It's not love of football that attracts The Boss
NBC: 2 Super Bowl Ad Slots Remain

NBC Nixes Pro-Life Ad For Super Bowl

The Amazing Story Behind
the Global Warming Scam
Feds have positive Barry Bonds test
That's a Wrap for Idol Auditions

High School Pole Dancing:
Nobody Cut Class That Day

Cop shoves Wal-Mart greeter, suspended

Bart Simpson promotes Scientology?

Rourke out, Ric Flair in?
Evan Rachel Wood: Rourke Gross
J. Simpson - poster girl for weight-ism?

Just Plain Cool: Erector Spykee Robot

Of Local Interest:
UGA fires basketball coach Felton
Congress to look into peanut recall
Report details peanut plant’s failures
Rev. Wright to receive award from Clark
Cox Talks About Show Prize, Bankruptcy
Bill to raise taxes for more police
GBI raids wrong Buford home in drug case
Slight chance of snow on Groundhog Day
Teens face felony for Dunwoody prank
Atlanta woman, 94, charged with assualt
Canton Santa wins $198,000 lottery
Decatur start up aims to find best blogs
GA prison system laying off chaplains
Babies know: A little dirt is good for you
Chick-fil-A ‘blessed’ with increased sales
Metro jobless rate hits 7.6 percent
Wrestler’s doctor changes plea to guilty

The Life:
Beer Guide: Best of the Bottom Shelf

Bruce Springsteen's Worst Song Ever?

Welcome to the Dollhouse
Don't Let Sugar Get You Down
Fun House Essentials

Army suicides at 3-decade high
Army chief orders recall of body armor
"Furlough of CA workers must start now"
New hope for MS sufferers after stem cell research
3 boys killed as they flee CHP in Fontana
NM lawmakers ponder inc. alcohol tax
Boy dressed as girl to cheat on test
Mother of octuplets has six other children
Drunk takes a ride on white horse
Poor get donated fish, but not warning
Celebrating New York's Dutch Roots
NJ says inmates won't work at farm

Obama hires Chicago cook as personal chef
Colorado man accused of threatening Obama
Obama Vs. Rush: Coulter Weighs In
Can Old World Lead on Global Warming?
SRI poll: Let voters fill open Senate seat
Sen. Reid pledges to fix AMT tax snare
Dick Armey and post-partisan harmony
Iowa lawmakers not giving up on gas tax

Spanning the Globe:
French Workers Strike to Protest Econ.
Nadu satisfied w/ talks in Sri Lanka
Playing the Davos blame game
Tehran 'can co-operate with US'
Pope Criticized... Again
Hamas accused of torture death
Afghan Pre. Poll Postponed until August
Three candidates slain ahead of Iraq polls

In Sport:
Obama rooting for Steelers
Cardinals-Steelers scouting report
Steelers expecting something tricky
NBC: 2 Super Bowl Ad Slots Remain
Steeler Nation has homes around globe
Williams sisters win 3rd
Aussie Open doubles title
Yanks mulling disparagement clause
Olympian reunited with stolen shotgun
NASCAR Number: 18 days 'til Daytona
Evernham steps back from NASCAR
NASCAR Fantasy Hall of Fame

The Economy, Stupid:
Ford makes worst loss in its history
The Fed hangs on to its last bullet
New home sales at lowest on record
Dark Days for Japan's Chipmakers
Durable-goods orders slump 2.6% in Dec
Record numbers in unemployment lines

JetBlue Posts Loss but Revenue Rises
SAP Weathers The Downturn
Axed by a big business? Start your own.
NASE's Small Business Tax Tips
Owning a small business can be taxing
Income tax filings for your small business
State Senate OKs business tax relief

Gmail offline: A guided tour
Google M-Labs: Your Personal Traffic Cop
Windows 7: Not The Change We Need
TechCrunch's Arrington Takes a Break
Not in Davos? Get Heard Via Facebook
Flickr apps for iPhone
Friends, Until I Delete You
iPhone: The Missing Manual
Count down to the next Kindle
EU Wants PC Buyers to Pick a Browser?
Cox Under Fire For Internet Traffic Plan

Aging Mars rover’s glitches puzzle NASA
NASA remembers fallen astronauts
Alaska volcano has geologists on alert
NASA seeks moon lander concepts
Stem Cell Research: The Quest Resumes
Lab notifies 1890 of possible exposure
Bisphenol A May Linger in Body

The Game:
US Game Market Tops Over $20 Billion
Games continue to evolve
Games galore this spring
XBOX 360 premium console
The Sims 3 Hands On
Major League Baseball 2K9

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Today's Jog Blog
House passes $819B dollar stimulus package
Passes House, without single Repub vote
President fails to crack partisan divide
House vote on stimulus bill partisan slant
Obama Says He Is Confident of Turnaround
Average 401(k) lost 27%, Fidelity says
US Senate seeks stimulus debate on Monday
How About a Payroll Tax Stimulus?
Repubs air ad in Nevada targeting Reid
New political era? Same as the old one
Fed leaves rates near zero
What the Banks are Doing With Your Money
Mail might be delivered 5 days a week
AOL axing 700 employees
10 companies that have NEVER had a layoff!
Um- That's not the door Mr. President
For Obama, closed doors no match for Twitter
Obama pokes fun at D.C.'s reaction to snow
Obama meets with Joint Chiefs at Pentagon
Obama writes a nice letter to Ahmadinejad
Panel backs Holder for attorney general
Clinton supporters organize online network
Grassley raises questions about porn at NSF
Blago to give own closing argument
Digital TV transition delay bill fails
Gore Urges US Action on Climate Change
All eyes on Big Ben
SB takes hit: Recession zaps big game
Warner won't commit, but retirement a possibility
Super Bowl player forgives mom's killer
Slain Tillman remains an inspiration to Cards
Springsteen SB show rehearses spontaneity
Super Bowl ad sales headed for record
Man in dress steals SB Media Day show
Cards punter 1st Australian in Super Bowl
NBC Bans PETA Super Bowl Ad

PETA'S Banned Super Bowl Ad

Arena football ex-manager sues Bon Jovi
Idol: Osmonds, Bunnies and Big Vocals
Less Strange Means More Singing on AI
World’s First Commercially Cloned Dog
Hackers Warn of Zombies Ahead
Hacking programmable road signs
Arrested for selling drugs at police HQ
Acrobat dies at FBR Open party
Rourke Bows Out Of ‘Wrestlemania’
Joaquin Phoenix's Rap Career a Hoax?
Oh to be ripped off by U2 ...
Cop Pisses On Metallica Fan
Parade magazine's James Brady dies

How Social Media Saved My Life- Perry Belcher

Flashback: Sheriffs Office Arrest Perry Belcher

The Best Reality Show You've Never Seen: Pete Doherty in 24 hours

Of Local Interest:
Kathy Cox's $1M TV jackpot in limbo
FDA report fuels outcry over plant’s failures
P'tree Road Race returns to Piedmont
Lynyrd Skynyrd keyboardist dead
Complex gets water restored
Clayton might bill parents for kids' meals
911 caller gave correct location, wrong address
Homeowners could lose property tax grants
Atlanta condo sales plummet in '08
NE storms cause flight delays in ATL

Sexy routine sidelines HS dance team

UGA's Samuel will miss spring practice
Atlanta condo demand 'evaporated'
Carter to speak to Baptists in Birmingham
Poultry and feed expos open in Atlanta
Fairburn Police Recover Stolen Police Car
Sutton back in Braves booth
Man Saves Family from Burning Home
APD officer underpaid for detective work

The Life:
Lily Allen: It's Not Me, It's You
Scream Machines
The Most Ticketed Cars on the Road
Take A Particle Accellerator To the FACE?!
Happy Belated Internat Data Privacy Day!
The Lazy Man's Guide to Golf
De-Fat Your Diet
Who Does Ludacris Think He Is?
Concepts that Shook Detroit

Power outages climb in Ohio
Democrats near win on child health bill
Group gathers to demand mayor's resignation
Grant's papers move to Mississippi school
Driving Test Ends In Crash, Ticket In Maine
2 students killed in Oregon nightclub shooting
Oregon man sentenced for cold case killing

Biden Apologizes Over Roberts Joke
Jill Biden's New Gig
Palin Launches Political Action Committee
B. Clinton Speech Fees Topped $4.7mln in '08
Coleman on Undecided Minn. Senate Race
Treasury Chief Responds to Bailout Critics
Nixon proposes cutting 1300 state jobs

Spanning the Globe:
Ahmadinejad demands US apology
Hamas officials signal willingness to negotiate
China's Wen swipes at US debt binge
Canadian Government Survives, Again
Pope expresses 'solidarity' with Jews
India's dilemma in Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka denies blocking evacuations
Cholera in Zimbabwe out of control
Russia Denies Missile Suspension
Somalia prepares for new leader
Backing reached at Nabucco summit
France Prepares for Massive General Strike
Cuban leader seeks Russian boost

In Sport:
All eyes on Big Ben
SB takes hit: Recession zaps big game
Warner won't commit, but retirement possibility
Super Bowl player forgives mom's killer
Slain Tillman remains an inspiration to Cards
Springsteen SB show rehearses spontaneity
Super Bowl ad sales headed for record
Man in dress steals SB Media Day show
Cards punter 1st Australian in Super Bowl
NBC Bans PETA Super Bowl Ad
Report: Brady's rehab is on schedule
Cable to be Raiders coach, sources say
Serena, Safina advance to Aussie final
Wake Forest turns tables, beats No. 1 team
Joe Torre: What You Didn’t Hear
Urine sample may tie Bonds to 'roids use
Pierce happy to get some practice time
MLS announces complete 2009 schedule
How Should NASCAR fix the Truck Series?

The Economy, Stupid:
FDIC may run US "bad bank"
GM, UAW reach cost-cutting deal
Dollar mixed as markets rally
Boeing to cut 10000 jobs
AT&T’s earnings take a hit in 4th quarter
China's Wen underlines 'confidence'
ConocoPhillips swings to steep loss

Starbucks decaf goes even more decaf
Florida is toughest market for Wells Fargo
General Dynamics profits up 5.7%
Small biz adds up to big biz
British Automakers Offered $3.2 Billion
Business Journal's Book of Lists 101
State Farm Pulls Business Out of Florida

Yang’s Era at Yahoo Ends With a Loss
Google Announces Offline Gmail Access
Acer smartphone launching Feb. 16
New Kindle Coming Feb.9?
Blogger Takes Sabbatical After Death Threats
Can online world bring offline into jeopardy?
10 Twitter users that every journalism student...
Does Apple Own Touch Technology?
IBM Settles With Apple Over Lawsuit
T-Mobile Refreshes the BlackBerry Curve

Florida couple clones beloved yellow Lab
Boffin dubs global warming 'irreversible'
FDA Critical of Peanut Butter Plant
"Company Knew Plant Was Contaminated"
Study: Plastic may stay in body longer
Mercury in High-Fructose Corn Syrup?
Former Surgeon General Under Fire

The Game:
Video Games Harmful for Both Sexes?
Playing games for fun, profit
"Why I prefer video games over movies"
Afro Samurai Review
Catching Up With the Genesis
First Fallout 3 DLC drops
Final Fanasy XIII Gameplay Revealed