Thursday, May 28, 2009

On Empathy, Sotomayor, & Consequences
by Eric Von Haessler

If there is a problem with President Obama’s choice of Judge Sonia Sotomayor as his nominee to replace Justice Souter on the Supreme Court, it lay not in Sotomayor herself, but in the President’s criteria leading to her selection. In a recent interview held before announcing his nominee Mr. Obama stated he didn’t just want a jurist plucked from the Ivory Tower. While allowing that intellectual firepower was important he placed special emphasis on finding someone who also had, “a little bit of a common touch” along with, “a practical sense of how the world works.” To boil it down to one word, it was ‘empathy’ the President was most looking for in a potential nominee.

Empathy, the act of intellectually identifying with the experiences of another, is almost always a laudable human trait- almost, but not always. The ability to a walk a mile in another’s shoes bodes one well when cementing friendships and reinforcing alliances but it is always an abomination when applied to the interpretation of law. In fact, the application of empathy can’t help but to serve the corruption of law.

The statues of Lady Justice adorning courtrooms throughout the country most often depict a stern, but blindfolded arbiter. In her raised hand the scales are set evenly in anticipation of the coming weight of facts and evidence. In a lowered hand she brandishes the sword that will eventually cut one way or the other. The essential idea here is that the weight of the arguments made, not the adjudicators vision of the litigants, should be the only consideration before judgment is rendered.

When President Obama says he favors judges that not only stick to the letter of the law but also, “get a sense of how the law might work or not work in practical day-to-day living,” he is attempting to conjoin two principles that are mutually exclusive. It is not possible to both stick to and disregard the letter of the same law. Therefore, the President is explicitly stating that he believes there are times a Justice is morally bound to toss settled law to the wind in order to bring immediate aid and comfort to an individual litigant. This may feel good in law practice but it ain’t the practice of good law.

It is the purpose of legislators, not the bench, to facilitate the urgent redress of individual constituents. Politicians are elected and have to stand for reelection before those same constituents and that is why they are the proper constitutional ‘day to day’ representatives of the people before the powers that be.

By the same token, elections should have consequences at every level of governance. One of the major duties any President is called upon to fulfill is the replacing of Supreme Court Justices that retire or pass away during their term of office. While I disagree with Mr. Obama’s philosophy of jurisprudence the time for that argument has passed.

By winning the last presidential election he and his party won the right to shape the court as they see fit. The constitution charges Congress with the duty to advise and consent but given that Judge Sotomayor has been a federal jurist for eighteen years it’s reasonable to assume she has the credentials for the job. Unless she is revealed to be certifiably insane the President has the right to expect she’ll be seated in a timely manner.

It is important for those who lose elections to refrain from efforts to defang the proper constitutional powers of the offices they’ve failed to win. The pendulum always swings back and when in power the former loyal opposition will not want to be restrained while trying to make their mark on the perpetual motion of governance. If winning elections doesn’t give the victors the right to govern from the point of view that animated them to run in the first place then elections soon become meaningless.

It is the proper role of those who disagree with the nomination of Sonia Sotomayor for the Supreme Court to double up their will to win elections in the future. If participating in elections at times doesn’t seem like enough ammunition for change, or the calendar of voting leaves you impatient for immediate change- it might do some good to consider that your current right to participate in the credible election of your lawmakers is more power than 99.9% of the people who have ever lived and died on this planet have enjoyed.

Stop pouting. Start persuading.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day 2009:

Take a moment today to remember all the soldiers that have given their lives over the last 200+ years to keep us free.

A Brief History of Memorial Day

Ten facts about Memorial Day

Friday, May 22, 2009

Von Haessler 2010:
What About the Fair Tax?

Today's Jog Blog
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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Von Haessler 2010:
What About the Fair Tax?

Today's Jog Blog
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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Von Haessler 2010:
What About the Fair Tax?

Today's Jog Blog
'Green' auto rules arrive
Obama introduces tough new rules
Obama wants tougher emissions law
US will tighten rules on vehicles
Obama takes a hit on Guantanamo
Dems in Senate Block Money to Close Gitmo
Health clubs growing in Baghdad
Iran Could Make Nuke in 1 to 3 Years
Atlanta terror suspect waives jury trial
Senate votes to rein in credit card industry
New laws will change credit card industry
Cali voters reject budget crisis measures
Steele says GOP ready to regain its relevance
British Speaker Michael Martin quits
Fallout from British Speaker's resignation
Bill Clinton caught groping Fran Drescher?
Cooper apologizes for teabagging comment
Indonesia plane crash kills nearly 100
Minn. boy resisting chemo missing
Child Born a Boy , But Lives as a Girl
Smoke This: Court Refuses To Intervene
Supreme Court lets pot law stand
China demolishes 'Love Land' sex park
Bryant's gem lifts Lakers over Nuggets
New Orleans to host 2013 Super Bowl
Humane Society makes peace with Vick
GPS System Could Fail Within Year
Affair not too old to forgive
Peacock Beaten, Woman Blames Bird
Weaker People Hear Differently?
Kimmel Demolishes ABC’s Upfronts
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Shawn Johnson wins 'Dancing'
Is Paula Abdul lying
about plane crash???
Marilyn Chambers
died of heart disease
Kanye Arraigned
Kanye pleads not guilty
Miley Cyrus blasts cyber-bullies
Judge won't toss suit against Hilton
Kim Kardashian's shop vandalized
Spielberg To Produce King Biopic
Sale of MLK movie rights splits family

Of Local Interest:
Emotions high at Silver Comet sentencing
Guilty plea in slaying of Georgia tourist
Man held in rapper death
Altercation may have led to rapper's slaying
Teen driver charged in fatal Milton crash
Condo fire leaves 20 homeless
DeKalb officer accused of sodomy
DeKalb schools to issue bullying report
Home Depot first-quarter profit rises
Biotech research center to open in ATL
Report touts benefits of college
Like pain? Try out for this show
College to close continuing ed center
Guilty verdict in bike slaying
Hot spot for a startup? It's Georgia
Local Citadel grads gather for Corps Day
Korean Company to Open ATL Factory

Credit for maternity leave not retroactive
LA City Council OKs $7 bln budget
Shooting Incident Reported at Harvard
Transit cop shocked after shooting
Small planes collide off SoCal coast
Fire recovery process begins
Oregon Senate passes sex-ed bill
Illinois to get uniform speed limits

Let's Have Cap and No Trade
Att'y general enters governor's race
Caroline Kennedy disputes report
Quinn shows 'doomsday' budget
Bill seeks to create budget flexibility
Justices reject Jefferson's appeal

As the World Turns:
Special forces face Taliban in combat
PM praised, chided after Obama meet
Manmohan Singh elected CPP leader
Philippines landslide kills 26
Bill Clinton to be UN Haiti envoy
UN to discuss swine flu vaccine
Developments on swine flu worldwide
Greece confirms first H1N1 flu case
Islamists Capture Another Key Town
Cohen: Pakistan, India and their nukes
Darfur rebel appears before ICC

In Sport:
Report: Favre to have surgery
Baseball moves up World Series starts
Talk is cheap for Lakers now
Gruden to replace Kornheiser on MNF
Smith won't ride Mine That Bird in Belmont
Mayfield madness hangs over NASCAR
Mayfield denies taking illegal drugs
Golf's new big hit: a running start

The Economy, Stupid:
Geithner opposes salary caps
Housing, Banking Sectors Lead Rally
Justices to Hear Conrad Black Appeal
Oil rises over $60
UAW Fussy About China Strategy
Casino spending drops in Illinois
State Street's turnaround
Applied Materials: Econ. declining

Vodafone full-year profit up 37pct
Fliers: Airlines' service has gotten better
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