Thursday, September 9, 2010

Today's Jog Blog
Obama blasts continued tax cuts for the rich
Key Democrats split with Prez on taxes
Obama says government should be leaner
Insurers' Tie Proposed Rate Hikes in Reform
Boehner calls for 2-year tax rate freeze
Obama's tax-credit plan getting a cool reception
Tea Party enrolees begin hitting the books
Haley Barbour to GOP: Avoid social issues
Speculation swirls as Rahm mulls mayoral run
Sen. Boxer aide brings pot in Senate: report
Ronald Reagan Movie Planned for 2011

Conservative Ent. Network Launches
Piers Morgan to Fill Larry King's Suspenders
Piers Morgan: I won't be CNN's Glenn Beck
8 people missing in Colo. wildfire
Colorado widlefire razes homes
Downed lines spark house fires in Detroit
BP and Partners Trade Blame for Oil Spill
Court OKs C.I.A. Seizure of Terror Suspects
Ninth Circuit Court upholds GPS tracking
Privacy concerns lead airport scanners to blurring
Suit dismissed against firm in CIA rendition case
Clinton calls Koran burning 'disgraceful'
FBI says Koran burning will provoke retaliation
Group plans response to Quran burning
Should Petraeus say anything about burning?
Angelina Jolie Rails Planned Koran Burning
Hartford City Council to open with Muslim prayer
Karzai seeks to limit corrupt US investigators
6 killed in Pakistan drone attack
4th US missile strike in 24 hrs in Pakistan
UN failed Congo mass rape victims: probe
China to build rail for Iran
China warns Japan ties will suffer...
China blacks out towns to save energy

Clinton: Mex war compared to insurgency
Mexico rejects drug 'insurgency' analogy

Castro admits Cuban model doesn't work

Court won't order state to defend Prop. 8
Protesters heckle LAPD chief at meeting
Nikkei advances on Europe relief
Man arrested for using AK-47...
Teacher uses same needle in blood tests
"JetFU" rogue near plea deal
B vitamins halves elderly brain shrinkage
Wis. governor says stem cell ruling could hurt
Google Instant seeks to speed up searches
Google Instant: Technology anti-climax of the decade?
Google wants Google to be "third half of your brain"
Jailbreak hole in iOS 4.1 will be hard to close

Two large asteroids narrowly miss earth
Bush: Heisman issue out of my hands
Volunteers Coach: Improve Shower Discipline

The NFL season marches in
Favre lashes out at media in drama
Montana debunks myths about 'Rudy'
NFL: Season opens with reprise of NFC title game

Federer Keeps Alive His Half of Dream Final

Lakers player arrested on domestic violence charges
Snooki Fined for Disorderly Conduct
Snooki's community service scooping poop

Britney Spears sued for sexual harassment
Vince Neil Accused of Elevator Assault
Halle Berry Hooking Up With Her New Costar
Susan Boyle walks off 'America's Got Talent'
LFO Singer Rich Cronin Dies of Cancer at 35
Aerosmith member disses Tyler for ‘Idol’

Heidi and Spencer -- Bored With the USA

Eminem set to open MTV Video Music Awards

Willow Smith Makes Music Debut

Reed says decision made on airport chief
Georgia man dies in plane crash
Teen Accused Of Killing Grandmother Speaks
Bank robbery duo strikes again
$50M for foreclosed metro homes
Fugitive Arrested After Escaping Police 3 Times
1 shot, 1 held in E. Point chase
Green suspended next 3 games for selling jersey
Suspect named in strip club shooting
Anti-religion billboards coming
Fox Theatre declines event on Sept. 11
Braves get breakout victory
Kid Rock faces trial over Waffle House brawl

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