Friday, February 19, 2010

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Man Crashes Plane into Austin IRS Building
Pilot spent months on diatribe that was suicide note
Army Investigates Food Poisoning at Ft. Jackson

Cheney: Obama Will Only last One Term
Obama Heads West to Help Incumbents
Las Vegas Mayor Rejects Obama Invitation
Obama Meets With The Dalai Lama
China complains to US about Lama meeting
African Union condemns Niger military coup

Journalist Physically Intimidates Tea Party Activist

Tea Party speaker says senator should be hung?
Tough Sledding for Incumbents in Congress

Jobles Claims, Inflation Rise
Fed Raises Interest Rate
Manufacturing Is Generating Momentum
Obama Won't Rule Out Higher Taxes
S.C. Lawmaker Seeks to Ban Federal Currency
Black Farmers Win $1.25 Bln Discrimination Suit
Toyota boss agrees to attend Congress hearing

Ex-NYC Police Boss Sentenced to 4 Years

U.S. Credit Cards Used in Hamas Killing
Dubai police chief: Arrest head of Mossad
Dubai Police: Israel Was Involved
Taliban chiefs 'held in Pakistan'

Malaysia Caning Women for Adultery
Malaysia Says Muslim Women Caned

WHO: Add Swine Flu to Regular Vaccine

Google digital library faces outcry
Yahoo-Microsoft Deal Set, Aims at Google

Luge federation to review Olympic events
NBC catches Shaun White having vulgar chat

Elin Woods Won't Appear with Tiger Friday
Media Almost Missed Tiger Scandal
Does Nat'l Enquirer Deserve a Pulitzer?

Duke Lacrosse Accuser Faces Attempted Murder

CUP: Concrete Plugs Daytona Pothole
Daytona to repair track w/ reinforced concrete

Elton John: Jesus Was Gay

Golightly: "This is not fair"
Golightly Does Not Go Quietly
'Octomom' to be guest on 'The View'

DiCaprio to Play Sinatra Under Scorsese

Film sparks race row
JK Rowling Slapped with Lawsuit
Ticketmaster settles over Springsteen tix

James Reunited w/ Lost Dog "Cinnabun"
Jon and Kate sell starter home at a loss
Judge: Chris Brown Doing "Really Well"
Lindsay Lohan complying with probation

Capt. Phil Last Days Likely To Be Shown

Zebra Escapes Circus, Wanders I-85 Rush Hour

Forsyth Co. deputy sentenced, child porn
Board: Cops stonewall probe of Eagle raid
2/3 of Atlanta schools face investigation
61 year old woman arrested for asking "Why?"

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