Friday, February 26, 2010

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Obama, Repubs Clash at Healthcare Summit
Obama, McCain spar in feisty exchange
Obama dominates the room at healthcare summit
Obama: "I Don't Count My Time B/c I'm President"
Highlights from the Healthcare Talk...
Govt. Considers Foreclosure Freeze
E-Verify fails to catch half of all illegal workers
Dylan, Eastwood get White House awards

Sea World Trainer Autopsy Results Released
SeaWorld Takes Tilikum out of Isolation
Trainer: 'We Treated Tilikum Differently'
SeaWorld still deciding on Shamu show
Orca to be spared in trainer's death
Terror as Mall Shark Tank Cracks

CBS Gets Video of DoD Worker Selling Info to Spy
Suspects face more charges in NYC bomb plot
Gates Warns Pols not to Tie Terror Trial Hands
Trash Talking the Taliban During Firefights
General Requests More Boots in Iraq
Kadhafi Calls for Jihad Against Switzerland

Stronger Fidel Castro Meets Brazil Pres.
China Extends Position as #1 Food Producer

Nokia CEO Aims to Outdo Apple
Jobs Prefers Cash over Dividends
CDC Panel Calls for Flu Vaccine for All

Madoff's daughter-in-law wants name change
CA Passes Anti-cursing Law
Beware stinky Girl Scout cookies

Coke Accepts Pepsi Challenge
Prison Guard Brags About Beating on Facebook

World's First Commercial Jetpack
Apple to offer "explicit" iPhone apps?

Winters Olympics Update for Friday, Feb. 26
Kim effortlessly assumes Olympic throne
Extra 8500 condoms brought to Olympic Village

PETA wants to stop little tigers from getting wood
Tiger Woods Reportedly Addicted to Pills

Charlotte Bobcats Could Get New Owner
McGwire Saddened by Brother's Tell-All Book

Andrew Koenig's parents walk off Larry King

How's Ellen Doing so far?
First four eliminated from 'American Idol'
Idol ratings beat Olympics in second week
Alex Lambert bleeped during telecast

Steven Tyler Is Back with Aerosmith
Petty & The Heartbreakers announce tour
Hurt Locker producer apologises for rule break
Brittany Murphy autopsy released

Teachers Suspended After Raunchy Pep Rally Dance

Steve & Vikki Show axed
Doctor convicted in child porn case
GA legislature mulling chicken as state bird
DeKalb school chief takes temporary leave
Handel: Lay off 1,000s to help budget

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