Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Today's Jog Blog
Obama book hurler described as 'over-exuberant'
Which Book Would You Throw at the President?
Obama rally streaker set to receive $1 million
Obama pushes infrastructure plan to create jobs
In Florida, Obama raises money, rallies spirits

Foreclosure Halt Could Hit Investors
Foreclosure probe by 40-state coalition expected
Obama Says No To National Foreclosure Freeze
GOP Candidate Carl Paladino: I'm Not Homophobic
GOP Widens Targets for Picking Up House Seats
Facebook Politicians Are Not Your Friends
Sharron Angle surge unnerving Nevada Democrats
Congressional staffers profit off green stocks
Huffington gives $250k fleet to Stewart for rally
Fed Certain to Act in a Big Way: Survey
Estate tax debate looms over Capitol Hill
Watch Out for ATM Skimming
No COLA for Social Security Again
Ohio, a Strong Stand Against Wall Street
French Unions Step Up Protests
Israel makes settlement offer; Palestinians say no
Hamas invites Icelandic leader for talks
Kidnapped UK aide in Afghan. died in rescue op
Explosives Found At NY Cemetery In '09 Cause Scare
Ahmadinejad's Lebanon trip proves growing sway
Army tribunal to consider trial in Fort Hood killing
Fort Hood military hearing to call witnesses
Blast on NATO chopper in Afghanistan kills 1

Chileans see mine rescue as a rebirth
Tropical Storm Paula forms off Honduras
2 earthquakes hit AR, no injuries

Hungary Arrests Company Director in Sludge Case
Americans, British-Cypriot win economics Nobel
Schwarzenegger tours Russian Silicon Valley
Wash. students face sanctions for party
Teen knocks over porta-potty with boy inside
Painting behind NY sofa might be Michelangelo
First patient in embryonic stem cell trial
Study Points to New Prostate Drug

Google on new path, developing self-driving cars
Virgin Galactic Completes First Solo Space Flight
New Microsoft phones get favorable reaction
New Web Code Draws Concern Over Privacy Risks

Major league baseball playoffs
Bobby Cox era closes as Braves lose
Atlantans remember how Cox grew Braves

Backups steal spotlight in Jets' MNF win
Favre won't address allegations after loss
Drew Brees asks for fan help in naming son
Owens, Ochocinco start a cable show
Pacman Jones Arrested by Mistake
Cincinnati Chief Talks About Pacman Arrest
Esquire names Minka Kelly ‘Sexiest Woman’

Freed George: 'I Just Want To Start Again'

Eminem: 10 Things '60 Minutes' Forgot To Ask

Woman acquitted in Winfrey school scandal
Oprah disappointed by school abuse case verdict
Princess Leia did cocaine on 'Empire' set
Rhys Ifans Joins "Spider-Man" as Villain
Kim Kardashian Goes Nude for Fashion Magazine
Justin Bieber Designing Nail Polish Line
Kutcher and Moore like to tweet -- face to face

At 15, Lady Gaga in The Sopranos

Armless pianist wins 'China's Got Talent'

Crystal Bowersox gets married
Ben Harper Files for Divorce from Laura Dern
Solomon Burke: Remembering 'King of Rock and Soul'

Banksy 'Simpsons' Video Pulled From YouTube
Giamatti and Woods sign on for "Too Big to Fail"

It's Official: NBC axes 'Outlaw'
Courtney Cox, David Arquette Split
Soprano Joan Sutherland dies at 83

Teen driver in Barnes crash dies
Bobby Cox era closes as Braves lose
Suit alleges Long defaulted on property
School bus driver in deadly crash unqualified
Sea Island resort sold for $212 million
UGA Running Back Caleb King Arrested
Coach Mark Richt comments on Caleb King
ACLU urges Regents to allow illegal immigrants
7-yo girl hit, killed
Thrashers goalie had fainting spell
Duluth relaxes alcohol law
Man killed with toilet seat lid
Georgia man killed by honeybees

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