Thursday, July 30, 2009

Today's Jog Blog
Democrats make healthcare deal
Insurers' tax on pricey health plans gains
Obama: No health reform vote before Oct.
Maxine Blames Rahm for Healthcare Stall
Help Wanted counting stimulus jobs
911 caller: I would make call again
Gates Half-Irish, Related to Cop
Poll: Who's at Fault in Gates Arrest?
Obama: I didn't mean to slight police
Cops suspended for Obama check
Obama to appear on Lopez's show
$100,000 for proof of Obama eligibility
Sen. Kay Bailey
Hutchison to Step Down
Stormy Daniels arrested, dom. violence
Daniels' Consultant Hit By Car Bomb
Madoff: Can't Believe Fraud Lasted
Ruth Madoff sued for $45 million
Bernanke: Economy to bounce back
NYC Pays Homeless To Leave City
Italy: 'Cretin' a slanderous term
Atabbed 20x in attempted honor killing
Search On For Baby Cut From Womb
Police: How Did Painkiller Got Into Candy?
Overdose Epidemic: Not Just for Celebrities
CDC lists swine flu vaccine priorities
Man jailed again for
having sex with horse
Shopaholic died under purchases
Organic food no healthier than non
Twitter Redesigns Home Page
Kid Rock says Twitter is gay
Yahoo, Microsoft confirm landmark deal
iPhone Jailbreak Crashing Cell Towers?
Clampi Trojan stealing online bank data
The Top 100 Web Sites of 2009
Panel: "Let privateers run space taxis"
Phelps regains sparkle
Rebounds Amid Controversy
Golden Boy Phelps Gets Silver
Michael Schumacher returns to F1
BMW Departs, Schumacher Returns
Marilyn Manson Threatens
Journalists Who Criticize

Of Local Interest:
Atlanta: 6th-best singles city
Atlanta schools need $2M for teachers
Mitchell pushes curfew ordinance
12-year fugitive nabbed in Fulton
Woman shot in home invasion dies
Water wars threaten Gwinnett
Piedmont Healthcare joins Falcons
Cobb atheist gives invocation
City workers get home-buying help
Austell waitress hits it big
Man Arrested For Local Ponzi Scheme
Feds sentence Lilburn kingpin to life
Will White hold out?
Ailing Tom Jones cancels Chastain

Holocaust museum shooter indicted
911 call, baby dismemberment case
Wife of terror suspect: "FBI tricked me"
DC woman killed 4 daughters
Closing arguments start in Jefferson trial
Dixon indicted again in City Hall probe
Giant Sinkhole Near Denver City
Wanted Billboards Go Up Along Border
Timber harvests continue decline

White House repeats F-22 veto threat
Lawmakers want ban on texting + driving
Hutchison to Run for TX Governor
Napolitano Outlines Anti-Terror Strategy
Dems Urge GOP To Back Sotomayor
Reid - Bill to end travel 'blacklist'
Nevada getting 'stimulus czar'
Clinton Prepping for 2016?
Insurgent Candidate Fights Bloomberg

As the World Turns:
Sarkozy insists health is 'fine'
India's Singh Defends Pakistan Strategy
Privilege motion against Hussain Baig
Iran arrests Western media acolytes
China protests over Uighur tour
Families appeal to Iraq kidnappers
Suu Kyi expects 'obvious' verdict
Protests dog Arroyo's US trip

In Sport:
Girl Power: NHRA's Ashley Force!
Vikings plotting a Favre-less future
Phillies Acquire Lee From Indians
Mariners, Pirates trade shortstops
Teeing Off: If not Tiger, then who?
Halladay trade looking less likely
Mickelson to play in PGA Championship
Mustang comes to NASCAR

The Economy, Stupid:
Ruth Madoff sued for $45 million
The Experts Talk Beige Book
EPA alters eligibility of 'Clunkers'
Firms make case against trading limits
Economic Woes Hurt Trading
Treasurys Prices Sink After Auction
Crude supplies surge
IMF boosts lending to poor states

Porsche Nears VW Options Sale
Pirate Bay Sale is Sinking
Microhoo Deal: Lessons for Startups
Time Warner Cable 2Q profit up
Sprint Nextel, Qwest, Motorola retreat
Moody's 2Q profit falls 19 percent
Lazard Q2 earnings beat estimates
Obama Makes the Case to Small Biz
Honda, Nissan Beat Expectations

Greenpeace wars with HP
Tenenbaum defense a trainwreck
Microsoft and Yahoo: Search partners
Apple Says No To Google Voice
Top 10 Social Media Gaffes
Twitter re-twitters the twitterati
Barnes & Noble Launches Free Wi-Fi
Psystar hired new firm to fight Apple
'Jailbreaking' could crash cell towers

51 Executed Headless Vikings Found?
Paralyzed Rats Move After Blue-Dye
Shuttle Crew Eyes Heat Shield Health
Gamma camera to search for cancer
Kitchen heat transfer physics
Open house highlights Fort's finds
Nina, Pinta will visit Michigan City

The Game:
DJ Hero Renegade Edition
Thousand Foot Krutch Fire It Up
Shirley Manson in Guitar Hero 5
Why Is Dragon Quest IX So Popular?
Magic under the Big Top
Steampunk Disney? Yes please!
UFC Branching To New Platforms