Friday, July 31, 2009

Today's Jog Blog
Obama plays bartender at beer summit

Media Laps Up Obama Beer Summit
Morning after beer summit, I'm still hung over
Obama faces political fallout from Gates-Crowley
Iowa woman sells TVs to avoid Obama
Obama defends record on economy
Dow at highest point in 9 months
Fannie, Freddie Won't Repay All Aid
Why Health Care Is Killing Obama
Judge orders Guantanamo release
Killin Crakkkas, F Whitey's Christmas
Cash for clunkers program suspended
New funding sought for "clunker" program
GOP Senate leader endorses Sotomayor
Pelosi lashes out against insurance
NY Lt. Gov. battle heads to court
S.C. gov. confided in pastor
Prosperity preacher Rev. Ike dies
Mayor indicted for theft again
Perfume hospitalises 34 in Texas
Marijuana Use “Significantly
Reduced Risk” of Cancers
Senate To Review Microhoo Deal
1st Pic of Steve Jobs Since Return
Is This the iPhone Nano?
China bans online mafia games
Vick says he's 'getting close' to a deal
Ortiz, Ramirez tested positive in '03
Jackson mother gets custody
Rowe Settles Custody Issues
Lawyer: Ex-wife won't seek custody
Mel Gibson Attacks A Fan
Mad Mel Rips Photographer
Jude Law Expecting
Illegitimate Child
Men At Work face plagiarism case
Ex-Idol contestant cries "rigged!"
DioGuardi coming back to 'Idol'

Of Local Interest:
Officers Allegedly Ran Check on Obama
Vernon Forrest killer caught on tape
Mayor: Haven't 'checked out'
Police chief, mayor to respond to criticism
Teacher in sex case jailed again
Georgia DNA solves 1,500 cases
Johns Creek cop flips car
Car hits Clayton home
Chipper rips ump over fist bump
Braves release pitcher Bennett
I-20 open after hazardous trailer crash
2 guilty in prostitution smuggling
WSB-TV's Chuck Dowdle retiring
Sykes cancels ATL comedy shows
Frugal and fun: cheap date ideas
Automaker selects Indiana over Georgia
Atlanta home starts plunge 70%
Officials questioned on lease deal
What rules would coaches change?

Charges over US museum shooting
Big Job For New Corps Commander
Woman falls 12 stories to death
'Prayers, support' at crash victims' funeral
Bulk purchases latest FLA condo trend
Haitians risk tragedy on sea to immigrate
Slain Pregnant Woman Near Fetus-Stealer
Chocolate Factory Fined After Man's Death
US transit systems get security boost
Freedom coming for psychiatric patients

Harvey Milk awarded presidential medal
Ex-Lawmaker's Case Goes to Jury
'The Spirit of Racial Harmony'
Pinched States Wrestle With More Cuts
Hutchison: Perry wearing out welcome

As the World Turns:
Rise of Iran's citizen journalists
Bomb on Majorca Kills 2 Police Officers
Taliban vow to disrupt Afghan election
Nigeria riot city 'under control'
A potted history of the Law Lords
Moldova's Ruling Communists Face Defeat
Tajik summit to tackle security
Will Iraq probe worry ministers?

In Sport:
Schumacher working on fitness
Massa anxious for return
Royals acquire Anderson from Tigers
A's sock it to Red Sox w/ big 1st
It's official: PGA returning to Louisville
USC Could Be In More Trouble
Filho breaks 100 freestyle record

The Economy, Stupid:
Weak debut for PennyMac
Cuomo: Banks Paid Big Bonuses
Oil's Not Well at Exxon Mobil
FSA to Hold Meeting on Oil Market
6 Steps to 'Cash for Clunkers'
Stocks at 8-month highs

Motorola posts unexpected 2Q profit
Level 3 posts wider 2Q loss
Cablevision to spin off MSG
Alcatel-Lucent's Baby Steps
Barrick Gold 2Q profit rises
MasterCard 2Q Profit Rises 26%
Dow Chemical Swings To 2Q Loss
Avon Products 2Q profit drops

Google Search Expert In Coma
Apple Unveils 2-TB Time Capsule
Compensation in iPhone Worker Suicide
T-Mobile Picks Up Touch Pro 2

NASA Celebrates 51st Anniversary
Boeing to bid on NASA work
Russian cargo ship docks with ISS
Swine flu incidence 'is slowing'
'Organic' May Not Mean Healthier
Unique Songbird Found in Laos
Archaeology has its day at Mounds

The Game:
Nintendo profit dives, Wii magic fades
Wolfenstein Multiplayer Q&A
Borderlands Hands-On Impressions
Shatter Review
Tales of Monkey Island, Chapter 1
Scott Pilgrim gets a video game