Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Today's Jog Blog
Obama calls for deeper U.S.-Chinese ties
Gibbs: Birthers “Fictional Nonsense”
US, UK urge Taliban 'integration'
Using puppets to battle Kenya corruption
India wants naked girls to plow fields for rain
Some Muslims refuse alcohol hand gels
'Cash-For-Clunkers' Attracts 16000 Dealers
Chrysler board meets, 1st time under Fiat
US vows to be passive investor in Chrysler
Plastic surgery tax considered
"We'll sell stock as fast as we can"
SEC rule on short-selling now permanent
Impeach Obama bumper stickers cause stir
911 caller in Gates arrest
never referred to 'black suspects'
10% of Medical Costs Tied to Obesity
Man in dumpster picked up with trash
Bill Clinton eats fast-food
before speaking at obesity conference
Octomom in court over filming children
Pollutant in Womb Might Lower IQ?
Kayaker in world record waterfall plunge
Bikini-clad woman accused of carjacking
Penn St . takes top party school title
Vick Conditionally Reinstated
Excerpts from NFL letter to Vick
Vick's statement on being reinstated
Felipe Massa now speaking, moving his limbs
Tragedy as F1 legend Surtees' son is killed
Alonso may replace Massa at Valencia
Safety Concerns Lead to Renault Suspension
Walter Cronkite, the Race Car Driver
Will Bud Selig pardon Pete Rose?
Does Pete Rose deserve a pardon?
Rose eligibility under review
A-Rod and Kate Hudson's PDA
Travolta 'scared to leave Scientology'?
The mystery of MJ's missing nose
Timberlake opens golf course

Arrest Made in 'American Idol' Fatal Hit-and-Run

New From Coca-Cola ... Fizzy Milk?
Bear figures out 'bearproof' food locker

Ion engine: 39-day trips to Mars?

Of Local Interest:
'Real Housewives of ATL' adds new face
Former Falcon Bryan dies
Former rep indicted for tax evasion
SWAT teams surround house
Judge throws down water gauntlet
Roadside trash piles up in lean econ.
Atlanta councilman Mitchell robbed
Bomb found on Downtown Connector
Woodruff Arts Center gets “Rapt”
Charitable giving goes layaway route
Pope names new aux bishop for ATL
ATL airport runs roughshod over cities

14-foot python caught near daycare
Driver in wrong-way crash felt ill
Children found alive in trash can
Suspect Arrested in Teen Girl Murder
Des Moines airport may get new name
Is Illinois the most corrupt state?
Midwest Govs Talk High-Speed Rail
Drought in Texas worries farmers
Maine park buses hit milestone

Sessions: No To Sotomayor
'Blue Dog' Dems Hold Health-Care at Bay
Pawlenty named to top GOP post
Pawlenty on Obamacare and more
Palin's Farewell Address - Full Transcript
Sarah Palin takes parting shots
Ted Kennedy's big adventure
IL Senate race shapes up
Obstacle for Corzine in Re-election Fight
Mass. Lawmakers Take Up CORI Reform
FLA Sen. Jim King dies from cancer
Jindal has 1 foot in DC, 1 in La.

As the World Turns:
Britain ends major op. in Afghanistan
Sarkozy leaves hosp. after heart check
Muslim rebels expand Nigeria attacks
Mousavi says protests will continue
Syria key to regional power shift
Clashes as South Africans strike
Islamabad investigates pro-Taliban cleric
Arroyo denies plan to extend term

In Sport:
DA wants jail time for Burress
Buckeyes picked to win Big 10
Smoltz pitches, doesn't deliver
Tour de France redux
Michael Phelps: Turning back the page
Cubs rise to this occasion
A win for Montoya? Not so fast
Mayfield sells off cars, parts to Carter

The Economy, Stupid:
New Home Sales Jump 11%
Bernanke defends bail-out package
Wall Street under pressure
Oil Prices Idle as Stocks Slip
Bid to Tax Execs' Health Plans
Indexes and the Citi
Swiss Franc Drops Against US Dollar
India's Econ. May Grow 6.5%, 2009

Agilent to buy Varian for $1.5 billion
Verizon set for further job cuts
Ericsson Sees Synergies In Nortel Deal
RadioShack beats Street
Alberto Culver 3Q profit rises
Lorillard's Profit Rises 32%
We've Hit Bottom: Corning CFO
Foundation Coal reports 2Q profit

WD releases 1TB laptop drive
Apple Mixing Up A Tablet For 'Cocktail'
Spotify Music App Targets iPhones
Verizon Details Smart-Phone Plans
Web Geeks Get Set for War w/ AT&T
Can Kindle really improve on the book?
MS, Yahoo Square Off Again
Comcast Mobile for iPhone

Dinner for 13, minus gravity
Climate data catches experts off guard
Jupiter: Our Cosmic Protector?
Alien Wasps Devouring Birds
Ancient Roman shipwrecks found
Archaeologists share their excitement
Cracking the Code of Superconductivity

The Game:
Marvel Super Hero Squad Hands On
Video games to save MySpace?
Dead Space 2 & Dead Space 3
CCI: Scott Pilgrim: The Video Game
Ace Attorney Investigations Review
'Heavy Rain' pushed into 2010
Bungie's Last Halo Game: 'Reach'