Monday, August 30, 2010

Today's Jog Blog
Beck Beckons at the Lincoln Memorial
Beck: I don't think I'm electable
Beck challenges Obama's religious beliefs?
Attendance estimates range from 87,000 to 500,000
Sharpton: Beck hijacking Civil Rights Movement
Fidel claims bin Laden is a US spy
U.S. analyst charged with leak to news reporter
Obama stalls USS Cole bomber case?
Obama Unconcerned by Rumors About Faith
President, Bloomberg golf, talk economy
Obama hints at economic panacea
Mullen: National debt a security threat
Recession lowering birth rate
Youth employment lowest since 1948
Jerry Springer: Obama an excellent president
Fed may buy more securities to buoy 2011
David Cameron narrowly avoid Taliban attack
Arson suspected at Tennessee mosque
Israel PM denies offer made to freeze settlements
$40M prison built for nobody in Iraq
7 US dead in Afghanistan
2 car bombs explode in Mexico
Mayor killed in Mexican border state
Russia plans manned space flights by 2018
Putin to drive 1,300 miles across Russia
Russian subs stalk Trident, Cold War echo
Politician raffles boob job for funds
BBC: Murdoch too powerful
ABC/CBS/NBC workers give more to Dems
Cargill's ground beef being recalled

Protesters Get Pepper Sprayed At Soldiers Funeral
Protest at military funeral ignites a test of free speech
Suspect in five Arizona killings apparently kills self
Obama: Still work to do after Katrina
LA marks Katrina with symbolic burial
Hurricane Earl Strengthens to Category Two

Drilling to reach Chilean miners to begin
Indonesian volcano erupts again, spewing hot ash
CA pre-schoolers get tracking devices
Hundreds Attend Vigil for Slain Kan. Cheerleader

Time-elapsed video of asteroids since 1980

NASA finds 2 planets orbiting same star
Urine fuel cells offer pee power

People Overcome by Fumes at MGM Grand Pool
74-yo Stuns National Beauty Pageant
Priest charged with impregnating 17-yo
'Ghost train' hunter killed by real train

Facebook is trying to trademark 'face'
Man busted coaching kid to cuss for YouTube
Google plans pay-per-view films
Apple Reduces iPad Shipping From Weeks to Hours
Microsoft Co-Founder Launches Patent War
Video game lawsuit to proceed

Roger Clemens to be arraigned today
Manny going to White Sox on waiver claim
Bengals release receiver Antonio Bryant
Brad Pitt narrates Super Bowl film
ER visits rise for school-age athletes

Kuchar starts playoffs with win

Cricket in a fix
Pakistan cricket scam

'Last Exorcism' takes top spot

Split Personality for Emmy Awards
How George Clooney warmed up for the Emmys
Key quotes from the Primetime Emmy Awards
The 62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards: Fashion
'Idol' still gunning for Elton
Paris arrested for coke
Paris Hilton -- A Little Freaked

Mystery illness forces Bieber to pull out of gig
'Mad Men' star ringless and sexy
Mary-Louise Parker's never smoked weed?

Man stabbed in Underground Atlanta
OH man mourned after Dalton attack
Woman escapes rape attack
Forsyth teen collapses at football practice
Woman gunned down outside Mrs. Winner's
Meth lab suspected in house
7-yo injured in hit and run
Fulton jail inmate dies
Cops raid illegal strip club
Plane lands on golf course
Braves stun Marlins
Sex offender registry full of errors

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