Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Today's Jog Blog
Obama Takes Oath of Office,
Says US ‘Ready to Lead Once More’
Inauguration coverage, a day and night affair
Inauguration a culminating moment for Biden
What Recession? The $170 Million Inauguration
Obama praises McCain at bipartisan dinner
Obama visits troops, volunteers on King Day
Most blacks say MLK's vision fulfilled
Obama seeks McCain's advice
Chris Rock on making fun of Obama
Obama Will Aim TARP Funds at Widening Credit
Obama Needs Help to End Global Recession
Obama to be sworn in on 'Lincoln Bible'
Obama inauguration schedule
Beyonce to sing 'At Last' at inaugural ball
Well-Versed: The Inaugural Poets
Irony Abounds Surrounding Inaugural Site
Gay-rights supporters protest Warren
Teacher wants to expel Huck Finn
Bush commutes sentences of Border agents
No moving trucks needed for Bushes
Midland readies to welcome Bush back
Protesters throw shoes at White House
Obama and Chávez Start Sparring Early
Chavez Likens Obama's 'Stench' to Bush's
Plan to close Gitmo angers 9/11 families
Plane suffered previous malfunction
Israel to keep tight grip on Gaza reconst.
Saudi Arabia: $1 Bln. to rebuild Gaza
Sculptor unveils Gore -- in ice
Era of Global Cooling Alarmism?
Frenchman speaks nonstop for 124 hours
1 Shot, 4 Stabbed
During "Notorious" Film Release
Kelly Osbourne Arrested On Assault Charge
Hudson To Perform At Grammy Awards
Jack Bauer to Take Final TV Bow?
Amy Poehler Gets Her Own Show
Hulk's Ex Causes Chaos at Sundance
Cruise 'always wanted to kill Hitler'

Julia Roberts Swears and Rants at Paparazzi

You Just Got BACON'D!

Of Local Interest:
113-year-old Brunswick woman dies
Woman killed in crash with police car
Police hunt mom who snatched kids
8-year-old girl shot at birthday party
Forsyth killing suspects await trial
College Park upset with Atlanta land use
Hundreds gather for King Day service
King parade watchers perceive aura of history
Stakes high for Delta, Atlanta
Franklin heads list at Democratic brunch
Child hurt in DeKalb fire slowly improving
Fumes sicken Atlanta churchgoers
Steeplechase announces new date

The Life:
Superuseless Superpowers
Always Check Your Child’s Homework!
8 Racist Words You Use Every Day
Sundance--from the comfort of your home
The Style of JFK
The Safest Seat on Any Plane
Stretching for Sex
Mini Movie Makers

Kellogg confirms salmonella in crackers
New calls for reform in gridlocked CA
Danville plans hero's welcome for pilot
Carolinas brace as snow falls in Smokies
Flood costs shared by Louisiana, Army Corps
TN Authorities Bring Down Child Porn Ring
The stage is reset in New Orleans
$163 mln Powerball ticket sold in Indiana
Jaguars quarantined after attack
NJ's open space fund needs money

Clinton sees less divisive politics under Obama
Bush commutes sentences of US border agents
No moving trucks needed for Bushes
Blagojevich's Lawyers Explain Boycott
Gates will be succession safeguard
Caroline Kennedy, Senator-to-be?
Flight crew tells media to back off
Immigration less important, report says
Airmen To Take Part In Inauguration Honor

Spanning the Globe:
NKorea strident as Obama takes reins
Guantanamo court convenes amid chaos
Sarkozy: “Arabic Is Language of the Future”
Author jailed for insulting Thai king
Brazil church collapse kills 9, injures 96
Russia-Ukraine sign gas deal
Pakistan may seek train bomb extraditions
16-year-old Chinese boy dies of bird flu
Last-ditch power talks resume in Zimbabwe
Sri Lanka searches for rebel leader
Taliban bombs five schools in Pakistan
Prominent Russian lawyer killed

In Sport:
Super Bowl teams have little in common
SB to reunite Steelers, Cardinals coaches
Ravens' Ryan Hired as Jets' Coach
Ravens' McGahee released from hospital
Serena Williams advances at Sydney
LeBron or Kobe? A never-ending debate
Cubs avoid arbitration, sign Gregg
Waltrip eyes retirement for 2010
Linehan turns down 49ers

The Economy, Stupid:
Buffett's economic "Pearl Harbor" comment
The UK's Giant Bank-Bailout Gamble
Non-compete clauses making us non-competitive?
Do we need newsweeklies?
USA Today to stop publishing international edition
European shares drop as banks weigh
Spain In Pain
BASF cuts working hours as downturn hits
FBI and SEC Probe Missing Fund Manager

Fiat Considers Stake in Chrysler
Dollar up against euro, pound
The Sharper Image Brand Outlives the Stores
Oil falls below $35 ahead of busy week
Why Do Gas Prices Rise As Oil Prices Fall?
NY Times may find benefactor in Slim
Deutsche Post says DHL exit on schedule

YouTube tries out Obama downloads
EU says IE violates antitrust
Sony Final Fantasy VII edition PS3
Smile! Polaroid is Saved
Jobs up for reelection to Disney board
Apple W/O Steve Like Disney Without Walt
Users Petition to Save Google Notebook
App-a-Day review Yahoo Go! 3.0.47
The 10 “Whack Jobs” You Meet on Social Media
Social Media and Tech Events Guide
Boy, 8, becomes youngest IT professional
Belkin Apologizes for Fake Reviews
Amazon slashes Xbox Live Price
Windows 7 Needs More Punch B4 Release
Google Introduces Preferred Sites

Global Hawks to fly missions for NASA
Mars methane media mess
Astronomers try to solve star mystery
Researchers Derive First Rat Embryos
Recruitment drive for obesity researchers
Space Mission For Worms?

The Game:
SingStar Abba karaoke video game
Wedding follows sci-fi game theme
MadWorld: Video game preview
Games Becoming A Mainstream Choice
Prince of Persia Game Guide
The Godfather II Video Preview