Monday, January 12, 2009

Today's Jog Blog
Israel breaks off attacks for relief supplies
Israelis edge into Gaza city, Hamas defiant
Gaza protests target US consulate in Pakistan
Israel calls for 'further patience' to meet Gaza goals
U.S. Rejected Aid for Israeli Raid on Iran Nuke Site
Israel is 'nearing Gaza goals'
Biden Visits Afghanistan, Meets Karzai
Obama vows to tackle Mid East 'on day one'
Obama Signals Reluctance to Look Into Bush Policies
Jobless Rate Hits 16-Year High
Friedman: Invest in Minds
We're not going anywhere, Detroit Three say
Bush, Obama tag-team lawmakers for bailout
Obama Says Economic Recovery Will Take Time
US financial bailout program needs overhaul-Obama
Obama to 'Scale Back Campaign Promises'
All routes to DC guarded for inauguration
GOP rolls out welcome mat for Hillary Clinton
Durbin says Burris resolution may soon be at hand
Bono- Notes From the Chairman
Russia's says Ukraine signs gas deal
Prince Harry's racist term evokes anger
Prince Harry apologises for racist language
Army to probe Prince Harry's comments
Road teams roll in NFL playoffs
Trend-Spotting in the NFL Playoffs
New Chapter in Book on Warner, a Thriller
The bleeping Golden Globes
'Slumdog,' Winslet, '30 Rock' Sweep Golden Globes
Ledger's Family 'Overjoyed' By Golden Globe Win
Grieving John Travolta sits out Golden Globes
Golden Globe after-parties still boozy, spirited
Golden Globes kick off Red Carpet fashion season
Hippo Eats Circus Dwarf!
'Gran Torino' motors to No. 1
Ailing Swayze still central to new drama
Patrick Swayze hospitalized for pneumonia
Kanye West Wants fewer fans?
Fergie, Josh Duhamel Married

Jesus Is My Friend

Of Local Interest:
Handel: "I am running for governor"
Wild Hog Supper may be only pork this session
Lawmakers face $2 billion in cuts
No lights for Interstates?
Bartender’s killing unintentional?
Anti-crime rally at Little Five
Coldest temps of season coming
Tucker High bans Gamecocks' Spurrier
No pants needed for MARTA ride
Gerberding’s CDC legacy debated
Many subdivsions unfinished
2 Ga. soldiers busted in N.C.
Cobb center with Trader Joe’s for sale
AirTran recalls, hires crew members
News crew arrested in City Hall East
Violence rages, APD says crime is down
Ga. leaders try to rally around strategy

The Life:
Strike a Cord
Cheater's Golf
Tesla 'Electric' Roadster Review
First Drive: 2010 Ford Mustang GT
Nut allergies- a Yuppie invention?
U2's Guided Tour of Their "Horizon"

Santa Ana Winds, Firefighters on Alert
So. Michigan digs out from snowstorm
Waste Spills at Another TVA Power Plant
Activist raises $45K to cover bogus land bid
'Live the dream' King celebration
Governor declares disaster in n. Idaho
Northwest flooding closes roads
P-Butter Suspected In Salmonella Outbreak
SD Rock and Roll Hall of Fame created

Aircraft Carrier Honors Elder Bush
Senator on Impeachment Rules Comm.
Bush talks about unfinished business
GOP urging restraint in stimulus debate
Powell endorses Obama service initiative
Gov. Paterson meets with Caroline Kennedy
Feinstein establishes her turf
Is TV doctor good for what ails America?

Spanning the Globe:
Indonesian ferry sinks in storm
Costa Rica digs for quake victims
Sri Lanka: Soldiers seize rebel camps
Somali pirates drown fleeing w/ ransom
Gilani assails ‘double standards’
Castro's Tune
Chavez threatens to expel US diplomat
How far will South Africa’s ANC shift?
Army coup in Guinea has a familiar ring

In Sport:
Road teams roll in NFL playoffs
Trend-Spotting in the NFL Playoffs
New Chapter in Book on Warner, a Thriller
Tebow says he'll return to Gators
Smoltz goes to Sox, Braves feel the heat
Smoltz's departure signals end of era
Smoltz drama has many stars
Rickey Henderson and the Hall of Fame
Econo gloom, price cuts at NASCAR
Ogilvy seizes control at PGA Tour opener

The Economy, Stupid:
Jobless Rate Hits 16-Year High
Ponzi's Original Swindle
Industry Recoils at Citi's Mortgage Deal
Time to Get Into the Stock Market?
Boeing cutting 4500 jobs
IRS Loosens Up With Hardship Cases
Circuit City in planned auction
Obama's ambitious renewables plan

Toyota Plans Electric Vehicle in 2012
Chrysler Plans Electric Car Push in 2010
India appoints new Satyam bosses
Yahoo Said to Be Considering Bartz
New Law Causes Fear for Businesses
SBA offering economic Web chats

First impressions: Palm Pre
Microsoft smooths Windows 7 snafu
New TV Models Are Model-Thin
FCC Warns Against Delaying Shutoff
Read all 'CES 2010' posts in Apple
The Search For The Next Steve Jobs
The enviro impact of Google searches
Yahoo's Web TV faces uphill battle

NASA partners India on moon mission
Renegade stars speed through space
Sci. balloon tested 21 miles above Earth
2012 'Space Katrina' may cripple US
Foundation Supports Deep-Sea Research
New Blood-pressure Control Molecule?

The Game:
Obama says Yes Wii Can
Games will 'eclipse' other media
No video games in this toy store
The Origins of Pong
CES 2009: Flock Hands-On
CES 2009 Sony Tour