Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Today's Jog Blog
Daschle withdraws as health nominee
Daschle's withdrawal shocks senators
Obama: 'I screwed up' on Daschle
Senate support was fading fast for Daschle
Tax problems torpedo 2 Obama nominations
Possible candidates for health secretary
Eric Holder becomes attorney general
Obama Team 'Encouraged' Defiance of Pelosi?
Wells Fargo paying $371.5 million to government
Senate GOP pushes alternative stimulus bill
Obama to water down 'Buy American' provisions
Obama to Limit Pay at Companies Getting Aid
Bailed-out Wells Fargo plans Vegas casino junkets
Obama manager getting 7-figure book deal
Auto sales near 27-year low
Detroit Three Auto Sales Conking Out
Senate votes for new car tax break
US car sales fall below China for the first time
GM quietly rewards Holmes with new Escalade
While most plunge; Hyundai, Subaru gain
Facebook clocks fifth birthday
Repub. Gregg nominated for Commerce
Bonnie Newman to replace Gregg in senate
Gregg Voted to Kill Commerce as Senator
Pakistani militants cut off NATO supplies
Merkel joins Papal Holocaust row
N Korea missiles ‘could hit US’?
China PM 'shoe thrower' going to court
More snow expected for ice-bound KY
Couple who led gay marriage fight to divorce
Officials nab traveler with pigeons in his pants
MySpace: 90000 sex offenders removed from site

David After Dentist

Big Bong Theory
Sherriff looking into Phelps incident
Man puts 911 on hold, buys drugs
Tourists take off clothing at airport
Bale throws away Oscar w/ tantrum?
Britney's Former BFF Out on His Ass
New Tricks up Oscar's Sleeve?
Polanski court request is denied
Joe Francis Picked Up by Police

Of Local Interest:
Worker: I Saw Rat Roasting In Peanut Plant
High winds, bitter cold chill North Georgia
Study: Ga. teachers inflating grades
Cobb teacher arrested for slapping pizza student
Reward in Grant Park shooting sets record
40 Atlantic Station condos to be auctioned
Senate OKs optional transportation tax
DJ Foxx sought in Union City fire
DJ Foxx: I 'was not part of' fire
Clayton dance team to be on 'Tyra'
Spectrum Brands files for bankruptcy
DeKalb call center closes, 220 jobs lost
DeKalb police chief takes leave
Confusion reigns over DeKalb police chief
Fire union says furloughs at fault
Top recruit picks Florida State over UGA
Elton John to close Las Vegas show
Thousands unprepared for digital
Cabbie returns woman’s bag of valuables
Mideast welcomes Atlanta franchises
AirTran dispatch system had glitch
Young singer earns respect the old way
Pano’s & Paul’s says goodbye
ATL Dream releases leading scorer Lennox
GAC swim coach dies of apparent embolism
Salmonella Victim And Food Safety

The Life:
Hottest Super Bowl Commercial Hottie?
In the Studio: Depeche Mode
Best Jobs Ever: Movie Stunt Coordinator
Roethlisberger - Just an Ordinary Guy

Elderly driver hits 2 kids, flees
Obama to celebrate Lincoln in Springfield
Missouri Targeted for Uranium Drilling
Super Bowl Ads Feature Miss. Residents
Earthquake rattles New Jersey
Lost snowboarder 'lucky to be alive'
Same-sex insanity

David Letterman grills Rod Blagojevich

Blagojevich: 'I'm going to clear my name'

Ironies pile up as Clinton sworn in

Top Ten Quotes of Blago on Letterman
Former Detroit mayor released from jail
NYT Calls for Daschle to Step Aside
New GOP chairman is a prominent Catholic
Abortion: 'If only I had known more'
OK gov proposes travel budget cuts
Tanning bill defeated in N Dakota House
Palin endorses Texas' Perry

Spanning the Globe:
How leaders view Iran's space ambitions
World powers meet to review Iran strategy
Reporter's diary: Obstacles in Gaza
Snow disruption could cost UK $5 bln
Wounded Flee Shelling of a Hospital in Sri Lanka
Clinton demands halt to Hamas attacks
Australia plans $26 bln stimulus package

In Sport:
Kobe Bryant: What's left to say?
Ramirez rejects one-year deal
Tiger Woods loses wallet at tip time?
Vincent Johnson to Make PGA Debut
NASCAR could be racing new tire in 2010
Daytona, Logano & the future of NASCAR

The Economy, Stupid:
Rise in Pending Home Sales Reported
GM to offer buyouts to all hourly employees
Citigroup comes clean on TARP spending
Motorola Razrs Away Its Dividend
Government debt prices fall
CME profit steady despite drop in volumes
Berkshire to Buy $300mln of Harley Debt

Denny's gives away free breakfasts
UPS has $254 million 4Q profit
IAC swings to 4Q profit, stumps analysts
Merck, Schering Beat The Street
Tyco quarterly profit tops estimates
Hitachi Announces Executive Changes
Montana's business tax could be cut again

Dive into a Google Ocean hands-on
Kurzweil to found Univ. in Silicon Valley
Why newspapers can’t stop the presses
IBM to build supercomputer for US gov't
Google exec faces criminal charges in Italy
MS Releases Windows 7 Ecosystem Program
Test Center guide to browser security
Google snafu marked Gmail as spam
IPhone 3G 2.0 May Have Videoconferencing
The 7: What Twitter User Are You?
Results From My Social Media Campaign?
Yahoo PR chief to leave
Bartz offers $1000 bounty for leaked memos

Ancient N. Americans drank chocolate
Early signs of chocolate found in Southwest
NASA delays shuttle launch by at least a week
Bad vibrations may knock years off space station
Redoubt still rumbling, though not as actively
Old-timers brace for possible eruption
Columbia Disaster Remembered
NASA astronauts touch down
STS-119 Mission Preps Move Forward
Drippy Faucets Offer Lesson In Physics
Astronomy Question of the Week

The Game:
Mario Kart Wii - 2008's best-selling game
Kung Fu Panda - Best Animation Of 2008
Killzone 2 First Impressions
Empire: Total War Updated Q&A
Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine
Activision, LucasArts return to E3