Monday, February 23, 2009

Today's Jog Blog
'Slumdog' strikes it rich with 8 Oscar wins
A Full list of all the Oscar winners
Academy Awards call the wrong number
Heath Ledger wins Oscar for 'The Dark Knight'
Joy in the Castro as Penn wins Oscar for 'Milk'
Camera Flashes to Brangelina as Aniston Is On Stage
Jerry Lewis feels the Oscar love
Oscars stars walk fine line in nod to recession

Mickey Tops Himself at Spirit Awards

Some states may shun stimulus funds
Obama aims to cut deficit in half by ’13
Obama to convene fiscal summit at White House
Stimulus may be just the first chapter
Govs’ Stimulus Fight May Define GOP
Sanford: Obama's plan a 'horrible idea'
Obama nixes plan to tax motorists on mileage
Bill Clinton offers advice on optimism
NAACP calls for firing of NY Post cartoonist
Gitmo detainee freed after 4 years
Economists see deeper pain, followed by gain
Asian stock markets mostly higher on Citi report
Bank Nationalization, Swedish Style
Nationalizing banks only option?
Nationalization Fears Dominate BofA
"Get ready for a wave of bank failures"
New Evidence Emerges in Madoff Case
Microsoft seeks refund from some laid off
Philly newspaper owner files for Chapter 11
Feds question Burris in Blagojevich case
Taliban release gov't official kidnapped
Bush declines hardware store job
8-year mystery of Chandra
Levy's slaying may end
Toll climbs in China mine blast
Pa. boy, 11, accused of killing dad's gf
Is This the OctoDad?
Huge gamma-ray blast spotted in space
Living Near Fast Food Ups Stroke Risk?
How Much Did TMZ Pay For Rihanna Pic?
Simon to freeze body after death?
Nicole Richie to have second baby
Kelly Osbourne Leaves Rehab
Jack Osbourne: Rehab saved me

Of Local Interest:
Perdue: Ga. might say no to some stimulus
$2B in Ga. transportation funds at stake
Atlanta's Hall Named Superintendent Of Year
Atlanta’s fire rating finally gets review
Weekend fires kill 2, displace others
Atlanta reopens fire stations
Former APD Cops Await Sentencing
Sex sting nets 12 arrests in Clayton
Safety Milloy to leave Falcons
Stafford OK with Lions
Pharmacies’ data on drugs varies
Killing, cover-up, break in ranks
Beltline opens lunch-stop possibilities
Jimmy Fallon heading to Atlanta
Church offers $10000 reward in killing
New retail complex defies recession
Stewart Steamrolls Atlanta Supercross
Verdi’s high C reaches Atlanta

Mardi Gras keeps marching on
Coast Guard responds to grounded tanker
NJ to consider tax amnesty program
Minn. Senate fight cont's on YouTube
TX cities gear up to slow truck idling
Teenager pleads guilty in bomb threat
Boy held in killing of father's girlfriend
Manager Adopts Cat Left In Store B-room
Letter arrives 22 years late

Obama faces test of political artistry
HUD Chief Defends Obama Housing Plan
Barry Improving After Transplant
Biden swears in Panetta at CIA
First Lady debuts new hairdo
A New Day for School Reform

As The World Turns:
Deadly explosion in China coalmine
Bomb hits tourists at bazaar in Cairo
Aussie bush fire victims remembered
Clinton 'reintroduces' US to Asia
Sri Lanka kamikaze attack on air force
Tamil rebels ready for cease-fire
PA to free Hamas prisoners
Suspects detained in Cairo blast
Clinton wraps up four-nation Asia tour
Clinton's Comments Cause a Fuss
China expresses relief over Clinton visit
Seoul: N. Korean missile can hit US bases
Chavez's election poses problem
'Dire' economy shaking Zimbabwe
SKorea wants nuke-free peninsula
Obama's biggest challenges in Afghan.
Batali drops f-bomb on Spain's royalty
Carnival queen has Obama's face on thigh

In Sport:
Mickelson survives for Riviera win
Kenseth makes it two in a row
Tackle Andre Smith leaves w/o notice
Leipheimer Wins 3rd in a Row
No rest for fighter Pavlik
Record breaker for skier Vonn

The Economy, Stupid:
Bank Nationalization, Swedish Style
Nationalization Fears Dominate BofA
IRS tax tip: Offset Education Costs
Motorists cringe at gas tax plans
"Get ready for a wave of bank failures"

Wal-Mart settles trucker lawsuit
Wal-Mart layoffs continue
Saab in Bankruptcy Filing
JC Penney Profit Slumps
How HP Could Pop 50%
Sprint CEO: ‘We are improving’
Running a Business After Doing Time

Yahoo restructuring to come?
Google rejects Atlantis discovery claims
iPhone apps gathering dust
Microsoft Readies Vista Update
Microsoft aims to 'Elevate America'
'Guitar Hero' headed to Android
Disappearing Apple 20-inch display
Dell Goes 'Nuclear' Over Trademark

Team finds secret that could stem flu viruses
Uganda - male 'cut' to stem HIV spread
City of Atlantis Not on Google Earth
NASA launch remains uncertain
Nasa launches CO2 tracker satellite
Huge gamma-ray blast spotted in space
Physics could unite plankton

The Game:
Finding educational link to gaming
CA Law on Video Games Barred
Video game bandit sought
Video games get real
EA Sports aims at physical games
Supporting games through Facebook
Anime showdown

The Life:
Raise the Roof - Parties Done Right
Fat Guy Translates Football Speak
Goodfellas, Wiseguys, Godfathers
Overrated Road Trip Destinations
Faking the Band
Go Here: New Orleans