Thursday, April 15, 2010

Today's Jog Blog

China sifts rubble for quake survivors
Quake in western China kills 589, buries more
Rescuers in China quake using bare hands
Dazed survivors spend night in open
How to help victims of the China earthquake

President Courts Rivals on Finance Bill
GOP may block regulations overhaul
Obama dares GOP to oppose Wall St bill
Bernanke: Time to shift to federal deficit

Larry King seeks 8th divorce
King's sister-in-law denies she's reason for split
Matthew Fox Denies Affair, Lost Virginity At 12

'Birther' faces court martial for refusing service
Military says OK to return cyber attacks
CIA Deputy Director to retire
NYT plans story exposing covert operatives' IDs
Obama says US nuke victims would have to wait

Tax Day: Uncle Sam's knockin'

Palin at Tea Party: Obama Agenda 'Un-American'
Discovery insider: Palin Show "All Time Low"
University president says Palin contract stolen
Over 700 Tea Party events across America 4/15
Estefans catch heat for hosting Obama

Poll: Tea Party Backers Wealthier, More Educated
Library of Congress to entomb Tweets

Watching The Matrix on the iPad
Israel says US iPads not welcome for now
Meet the MacBook Pro's Core I5 and I7 Chips
Psst, hey, want a black market iPad?

Toyota halts sales of Lexus GX 460

New Miami Dolphin Brandon Marshall
With No Cap, It's Wide-Open Time for Trades

Elin, angrily departs Florida home
Divorce rumors fly
Elin reportedly furious about new Tiger ad
Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva Split

'Oprah' captures a complex personality and life
Octomom and brood to appear on "Oprah Show"
Octomom reaches deal avoiding foreclosure

Sex lawsuit halts Seagal reality show
Charlie Sheen disguises self for affair?
'South Park' Creators Set on Mormon Musical

Ashley Dupre Playboy photos leaked

Tuesday's Dancing: What You Didn't See
Hugh Hefner Says 'No' to Kate Gosselin

'Tonight Show' finds new music director

O'Brien, Unbound, Hits the Road

'Lost' recap: Well, Well, Well

Woman claims Wii Fit Made Her Sex Addict