Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Today's Jog Blog

Volcanic ash cloud hits North America
New Ash Cloud Jeopardizes Plan to Open Skies
More flights take off, but Europe warily watches
Volcanic Ash endangers military planes
US tries to help 40,000 citizens stranded in UK
Britain to lift flight ban Tuesday
Volcanic Ash could reach Canada
Obama avoids ash, skips Polish funeral for golf
Stranded couple gets married via Web cam
China quake toll passes 2,000

Drunk Bloke Declares His Hatred of Iceland

Iranian cleric: Immodest women cause earthquakes
Turkey backs Iran, restates diplomacy
Israel wants 'crippling sanctions' against Iran
Joint Chiefs Chair: Do NOT attack Iran
PM says 2 top al-Qaida in Iraq figures killed
Iraq to physically recount every ballot
Bomb in Pakistan kills 23
Fresh unrest in Kyrgyzstan
White House Quietly Courts Muslims in U.S.
World opinion of U.S. rises under Obama

Obama to 'go big' in Wall St. regulation speech
Dems emboldened after Goldman fraud charge
EU regulators mull Goldman fallout
Goldman's Asian clients stay loyal for now
Citi posts biggest gains in 3 years
Founding matriarch of civil rights dies at 98

Rove lashes out at 'Fox & Friends' hosts

80% of Americans distrust the government
Donor arrested for threatening congresswoman

Gun advocates rally around Capitol
ATL real estate agent leads rally near D.C.
TX Gov. tells Tea Partyers to watch their backs
Comcast denies partnership with right-wing station

Jon Stewart to Fox News: 'Go f--k yourselves'
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Texas: Gays can't get divorce

Police raid JMU student paper, seize photos
Two Dead in Tennessee Hospital Shooting

NYC prepares for 1st doorman strike in 20 yrs
Man accused of letting 11-year-old drive

Playboy announces Top 10 Party Schools

Mayor slammed for comparing himself to Jesus

Pope falls asleep during Mass
GM links with Baptist church to sell cars

India has more mobile phones than toilets

Web site leaks photos of next iPhone
Apple Demands Prototype Back from Gizmodo
Apple countersues Kodak over patent infringement
Microsoft unveils social media for politicians

Boxer Valero hangs himself in prison

Greg Norman announces new love

Huge fight breaks out during soccer game

Denny Hamlin surprised by Texas victory

NHL Roundup

Tiger, James mistresses get reality TV offers
Rolling Stone releases whole archive online

Lohan deep in debt
Mo'Nique's brother says he molested her

Sharon to give implants to Ozzy

Kati Perry rocks Coachella

Kim goes nude for “Harper’s Bazaar”
Kardashian and Cristiano Ronaldo?
Bullock ditches wedding ring
McConaughey talks daughter's conception

Mountain Dew releases 3 customer-created flavors

Interim schools chief doesn't want job
MARTA will mark protest with 'X'
Gas, electric rates could rise
4 APD cops to get subpoenas
Atlantans lead gun protest
Gas, electric rates could rise
Hundreds protest arts funding cuts
Sickle cell blamed in 'Housewives' death
Economic impact of volcanic ash felt locally