Friday, April 16, 2010

Today's Jog Blog

Icelandic Ash Cloud Spreads
Volcanic ash causes travel chaos for second day
US carriers cancel Europe flights due to ash
Volcanic ash to reach ground level across UK

Obama heading to Poland despite volcano ash
Icelandic ash cancels European flights
Obamas earned 5.5 million dollars in 2009
O's return avoids taxes on foreign investments?
On to Mars: Obama Declares, 'I Expect to See It'
Obama insists new plan will spur space exploration
Obama: Allow hospital visitation for gays, lesbians
Man sentenced in Obama death plot
$18 billion jobless benefits bill goes to Obama
Obama Court Pick Set for Senate GOP Grilling

Tea partiers descend on DC

Obama supporters crash Tea Party

Have the networks smeared the Tea Party?
Hating the government goes mainstream
Senate Republican expects deal on financial reform
Defiant marine posts Tea Party Facebook comments
Palin: Romney-Plain 'sounds pretty good'
Fl Gov. mute on GOP affiliation

Supreme Court: Need security, 'volumes' of threats
Judge: Natl Day Of Prayer Unconstitutional
Breyer: Obamacare faces Supreme Court review
CO court OKs concealed weapons for students

Massive sky fireball
startles Midwestern residents

'Glee app for iPad, iPhone delights

Alleged Tiger Woods mistress arrested

Bradshaw: Ben 'one step' from expulsion
Witnesses: Ben's 'bodyguards' blocked the way
Man arrested for purposely vomiting on girl

Daredevil pilot survives spectacular crash

Larry King hit his wife?

Rufus Wainright: 'I know' 50 Cent's gay

Jolie bares back, talks Brad
Jenny Sanford's New Beau
Rapper denies hitting mom

Paris Hilton is single again
Harry Potter star hits Broadway

Kate Hudson gets implants
16 films make Cannes Festival list
Pamela Anderson on tax situation

Melissa Etheridge and Partner Split

Michaels Recovering in Facility for Diabetics

Type O Negative frontman dies

Freaknik gets off to slow start
Tax filers create traffic jam
Tea party at the Capital
Tuition at Georgia's colleges to be set
Calhoun home just explodes
O'Terrill's bar owner shoots patron
Little 5 Points shooter pleads guilty
Girlfriend killed over beer, food stamps
Teen leads cops on golf cart chase
House explosion shakes neighbors
UGA hoops star staying put