Thursday, April 22, 2010

Today's Jog Blog

Roethlisberger banned 6 games

Obama to Wall St to Push Regulation

Gibbs: Obama Won't Return Goldman Donations

Testimony could undercut case against Goldman
Senate committee passes derivates bill
Feds probe Florida GOP credit-card expenses
White House slams latest 'birther' move

GEICO voice talent fired over Tea Party remarks

Obama: No abortion litmus test
Sup. Court hears sexting case

Stewart fires back at Fox with gospel choir
Bill Clinton, others flew on sex offender's jet
Volcano spewed less CO2 than normal traffic?
European Air Traffic Close to Normal

Missing workers sought after accident

Treasury unveils new $100

Rahm Emanuel farts on Charlie Rose Show?

Iran denounces US 'nuclear threats'
Thai Red Shirts Turn to UN for Protection
Iran sends more troops to Venezuela

UK's Cameron struck by egg during campaign

Pope promises 'action' in abuse cases

Bisexual men sue gay group, claim bias
Woman who starved son gets light sentence
Woman sells town on ebay
Playful whale kills canoer
2-1/2 hours to free woman from bowling ball

New pictures of the sun's surface
Botox may diminish emotions
Jawbone grown from stem cells

Internet providers could become copyright cops
Google 'not interested' in privacy

Terrifying Las Vegas jump opens

Tiger parties with Nickelback
Tiger Woods adds 2 tournaments

NBA Playoff Roundup

NHL Playoffs

Tim Urban Voted Off on " Idol Gives Back"
American Idol gives to abortion group?

Coach had affair w/ Larry King's wife?
Details of King's wife's alleged affair

Heather Locklear Arrested for Hit-and-Run
Tara Reid calls off wedding
Report: Rihanna hospitalized after show

Kate Gosselin kicked off 'DWTS'

Family of murderer gets billboard for help
Austell man accused of pimping teen
734 Cobb schools jobs could be axed
Metro jobless rate drops to 10.4%
30 shots fired at soccer crowd
MARTA still in limbo
GE project bringing 400 jobs
SunTrust loses $229 million, sees positives
Infamous church plans ATL protests