Monday, April 12, 2010

Today's Jog Blog

Mickelson wins Masters
Mickelson and wife write fairytale ending
Sorry, Tiger: A family man steals the show

Tiger's return is a rollercoaster
Tiger's profanity aired live on CBS

ESPN bans showing plane 'Bootyism' banners
Woods' rented Augusta house for Elin empty
Wife unsure about public support
Jim Carey tweets about Tiger's wife knowing

Obama, world leaders work to stop nuclear spread
Obama: al Qaeda bid to go nuclear is top threat
Obama changing tune on retaliation after criticism
Iran to complain to U.N. over U.S. nuclear 'threat'
Obama breaks protocol, ditches press for soccer
Miss. Gov. defends VA Gov's Confed proclamation

'Whale of a fight' if SC nominee 'too liberal'
Republican filibuster over justice 'unlikely'
Jobs bill broke in Congress

Tina Fey: Sarah Palin network

Grieving Poles mark the passing of President
Polish crash: investigators rule out technical fault
Video: Polish President's Body Returns to Warsaw
Forensics on Polish plane crash victims "complete"
Obama takes non-nuclear pledge to world leaders
Senators question US-Russian nuke pact
Russia threatens to stop U.S. adoption after return
Some problems emerge in day 2 of Sudan election

Defense chief backs troops on Apache attack video
US mowing down of Iraqis likened to video game

Thai Crackdown Leaves 21 Dead; Truce Called
Thai Protesters Still Occupy Parts of Bangkok
Far-right party poised to make gains in Hungary
Center-right pushes socialists out in election
Greece arrests leftist militants
Israel PM warns of Iran at Holocaust ceremony
Nazi leader mourned in South Africa

U.S. tries to heal Afghan rift
Iraq PM: Vote fraud tainted 750,000 votes
Gates defends Apache attack that killed journalists
Greece Wins EU45 Billion Pledge to Blunt Crisis
Euro jumps on Greek package in short squeeze
NHS 'organ donor error' review to take place

British atheist, author threatens to arrest Pope
Kissinger canceled assassination warnings
Filing reveals taunted teen's anguish in final hours

Workers strike over drinking ban at work

Casual sex increasing in U.S.

Cowboys stadium implosion enthralls YouTube

Texas cheerleaders mix soda, urine

Explorer Completes First Arctic Balloon Crossing

'Date Night' ekes out disputed box office win

Liz Taylor Reportedly Engaged

Oprah, John Tesh had love affair?

Cage's acution gets no bidders
'Survivor' producer's wife strangled

Dixie Carter Dies at Age 70
Jon & Kate Plus 8, again?
Kate 'is dreadful,' 'Dancing' judge says

Hollywood mourns Munchkin actor
Logan Lerman To Play Spider-Man?
Is Brandy in Love with Rapper Flo Rida?
Sheen says Two And A Half Men could end
Paltrow packs pounds ... for new role

DnC Movie Blurb #2: Kevn & Tom Clark

Lawmakers back with budget left to haggle
Police stumble into marijuana operation
Mirant deal may lead to ATL phase out
Motorists drag cop; manhunt on