Friday, May 15, 2009

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Senate Exploratory Blog

Jog Blog 05-15-09
Pelosi says CIA lied on 'torture'
Pelosi in public dispute with CIA
Obama to Cheney: Request Denied
CIA to Cheney, Pelosi: Stop Torturing Us!
House Passes $97 Bil. War Bill
Official Charged W/ Selling Secrets To China
Obama 'to revive military trials'
Obama Wants Credit Card Ind. Reform
Weekly Jobless Claims Highest Since April 18
Wal-Mart Remains Heavyweight On Expectations
Calls on Congress to Block ACORN Funds
'That Jew' remark puts senator in spotlight

Stimulus Watch: John Murtha Airport

Chrysler: Dealership letters in the mail
A Good Day To Be a Chrysler Dealer?
Chrysler to Close 789 US Dealerships
Free Viagra for the unemployed
N. Korea to Try US Journalists
North Korea sets trial date

Kirksville Tornado Up Close

Rockets force game 7 w/ Lakers
Orlando Magic 83, Boston Celtics 75
Phelps ready for 1st race since Beijing
Phelps back in the spotlight
Phelps: No expectations in Charlotte
Revealing photo makes high school yearbook
McDonald's: No "F" Word in Happy Meals
Marijuana Potency is at an All-Time High
Government Says Pot Is Better Than Ever!
Abolishing The War On Drugs?
French Chefs “Invent” Food-free Cooking
Sexy mascot can stay if curves covered

Umpire apologizes for touching Ordonez

Jay Leno's last guest: Conan O'Brien
Radio Tax: Bailing Out The RIAA?
'Cheers' Star Files Restraining Order
Neil Patrick Harris to host Tonys
Producer sues over Fawcett doc.
Fawcett shaved her famous hair

Pearl Jam bassist mugged

Peter Buck Talks New R.E.M. Album

Of Local Interest:
4 local Chrysler dealers closed
Cherokee gang faces deportation
Zinkhan's body remains unclaimed
Guilty plea in Home Depot kickback case
Top cop suspended for wearing jeans
Ex-cop charged in attack in Union City
More violence feared in pawn shop thefts
Police score big in Mexican meth bust
Cop injured in wreck with school bus
Show homes make the leap
911 callers on hold as house burned
Humanitarian agency CARE lays off 54
Aspidistras need fair share of shade
Clearwire service a go in Atlanta
Scrub off the pesticides
Artists have new venues to show works
Burglars Strike Midtown Store

Man arrested in deaths of puppies
Human-caused wildfires increase in CA
Who's to blame for 'Catholic culture' decline?
Boat Sinks Off Florida, 9 Migrants Dead
Scientists chasing killer tornadoes
Marriage Moving in New England
Two US women switched at birth
Palin stands up for Miss CA

Senate votes on backseat belts
Carlyle to Pay $20mln in Cuomo Probe
Congress speeds fresh war funds
Obama admin. expands housing plan
Schwarzenegger to sell San Quentin?
Senator spars w/ Gates on F-22
Governor signs $830M bonding package
NH gov will sign gay marriage bill if changed

As the World Turns:
Pope brings Nazareth to a standstill
Why India voted the way it did
Pakistan will defeat Taliban, must win hearts
US drones tracked militants in Pakistan
Striking Iran - or striking out
Brown launches Labour Euro push
Are Zhao's Memoirs Real? Seems So.
Kenyan Outrage over Murder Sentence

In Sport:
Rockets force game 7 w/ Lakers
Orlando Magic 83, Boston Celtics 75
Zambrano launches preemptive apology
Zambrano making speedy recovery
It's king vs. queen at Preakness
Magic's GM: Van Gundy's job safe
Paulus will battle for QB job at Syracuse
Red Sox have another gem in Bard
Dale Jr. Fired Up for All-Star Race
Devil Ball Golf

The Economy, Stupid:
Oil down slightly on gloomy demand
US jobless claims rose 32000 to 637000
Madoff Clients Will Get Advances
Rambus: FTC has dropped antitrust claims
US gold ends higher on weak dollar
Germany mulls rival plans for Opel
Treasurys rise after Fed buy

Clearwire to Buy WiMAX Gear
Sony posts first loss since 1995
Wal-Mart profit ticks up, sales slip
Kohl's brands defy low price theory
Sony eyes frail recovery
DigitalGlobe IPO exceeds expectations
Urban Outfitters sales fall in 1Q
Am. Superconductor posts 1st-ever profit

Google's Outage Statement
Apple finally sells iPhone 3G online
Gmail Makes Switching Services Easier
Verizon promotes $200 HP netbook
Hands On w/ Google Search Options
Asus Eee Keyboard arriving shortly
IEA: Gadgets consume gigawatts of power

Replacement Hubble computer installed
Antarctic ice threat revised down
Jitters and joy at rocket launch
Fermilab Explores New Physics Frontier
Nottingham expert at Greek 'Atlantis'
Federal grants back science at Alverno
Particle of physics comes to the movies
Mystery Science Theater 3000 live!

The Game:
Battlestations: Pacific Review
NCAA Football 10 Hands-On
The Bigs 2 Hands-On
Dragon Age: Origins Violence Trailer
Brutal Legend
Helldorado Review
Zombie Wranglers Review

The Life:
Star Trek's Zachary Quinto
The Science Of Scent & Attraction
Movies So Sad They're Brilliant
Own Real Estate In Cuba
Designer Hamburgers?
Ready for Production?