Monday, May 11, 2009

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Senate Exploratory Blog

Today's Jog Blog
Obama delivers zingers at dinner
Obama pokes fun at self, Dems, GOP

Obama Jokes @ Dinner Pt.1
Obama doesn't spare himself in comedy

Obama Jokes @ Dinner Pt.2

Wanda Sykes Joke About Rush Limbaugh

White House: No Job Growth Until 2010
Fannie loses $23 bln, wants more
Three options mulled for gov't health plan
Obama says healthcare overhaul could save
Iran to free US journalist, father says
An extra two cents to mail a letter Monday
Cheney backs Limbaugh over Powell
Cheney: Powell Left Repub Party
Susan Boyle Turns Down Obama
Aide resigns over Air Force One fiasco
Lady Liberty's crown to reopen July 4
Pope arrives Israel, to visit Jerusalem
Pope in Israel calls for two-state solution
Snake head found in TGIFriday's meal
High school orders shot glasses
NBA announcement of mistake displeases Dallas
James scores 47 to lead NBA Cavs past Hawks
Rockets don't need Yao to zing LA
` Star Trek ' has galactic $76.5 million opening
Dick in a Box for Mothers
Turns Out Manny's a Coward, Too
How Manny Can Gain Forgiveness
A Swing Won't Bail Out Ramirez
Drunk Winehouse Booed Off Stage
Clicking Amy Winehouse is illegal
Guitar Hero reality TV show?
CDC Links Cell Phones, Binge Drinking
Smuggler Caught w/ 14 Birds in Pants

SNL: MotherLover

Of Local Interest:
Police Identify Body of Wanted Prof
Zinkhan neighbors relieved 'it's over'
Money to Oxendine campaign questioned
Alternative energy catching on
Sitting on the fence not a bad idea
Swine flu caution continues
Problems for bank continue to mount
About Atlanta: In their own words
Event maven pours his life into parties
Recession hits campaigns
A mother 5580 times over
Ballet, KSU form partnership

Gays in military policy under review
California Fire 40% Contained
Cellphone Ban After Boston Trolley Crash
TVA dams move water to avoid flooding
Idaho gov. backs down on gas taxes
Arizona student fighting dress code
Maine bill targets RV parking
NJ dad charged in infant's death

Obama told: Spell out Mideast policy
"We Weren't In Torture Business"
A swipe at credit card firms
Gingrich On Notre Dame's Obama Invite
Interior to keep Bush's polar bear rule
Should the GOP Forget Reagan?
Bing must pass timed test
Souter's departure will remake court

As the World Turns:
Petraeus: Al Qaeda Out Of Afghanistan
Zuma unveils new S Africa cabinet
Zardari: Pakistan will not collapse
Risks and gains of expenses leak
Chad army 'defeats' rebel forces
Mortar attack on Mogadishu mosque
Berlusconi riding high despite divorce
Myanmar activist denied doctor

In Sport:
NBA announcement of mistake displeases Dallas
James scores 47 to lead NBA Cavs past Hawks
Rockets don't need Yao to zing LA
Cejka leads Woods by five
Djokovic wins Serbia Open final
Martin conquers tricky Darlington
Button cautious on F1 title hopes
Girardi's Glimpse Into A-Rod Plan
Red Sox gear up for tough Garza
Brewers turn the lights out on Cubs
Berdych takes title in Munich
Castroneves back atop Indy field

The Economy, Stupid:
Job figures not as bad as feared
Scammers Target Social Security
Storm brewing over tax-shelter prop.
Populism, not tax reform
New York Fed Chairman Resigns
9 signs the economy is recovering
Oil rises, rally gathers pace
Chavez seizes oil service firms

Toyota has a tankful of cash
MS Snaps Up BigPark
Banks Won Concessions on Tests
Dubai World to sell DP World stake?
Buffett's Berkshire squeezed by losses
Chrysler lender group drops challenge
Questions Over Fiat & Opel Deal

University Makes iPhone a Requirement
A compass for the iPhone?
Xerox' Low-Cost Color Printer
Kindle DX's Price Tag Daunting
Apple bars 2.0 code from App Store
Hackers Hack Univ. Health Records
Boom times for prepaid cell phones

How Do You Hide a 5-Ton Shark?
Cloaking Devices: True Invisibility?
Sea Volcano Spews Acid, Life
Animal Kingdom's Worst Moms?
Weather improving for Hubble
Star Trek: The Last Generation?
Bioelectricity bests biofuels

The Game:
Introducing DJ Hero
Has Nintendo Peaked?
'Red Dead Redemption'
Let's Tap Hands-On
Space Invaders Extreme Review
Q&A: Bruce Oberg on inFamous
Split/Second Hands-On
Spectrobes: Origins Hands-On

The Life:
Ejaculation Etiquette
Grooming Goddess
4 Steps: Write A Screenplay
Blaze Your Own Trail
Top 10: Celebrity Bands
2010 Lotus Evora