Friday, May 7, 2010

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Dow Takes Harrowing 1,010 Point Ride
Markets on edge after Dow plunge
20-minute panic plunge stuns Wall Street
High-Speed Trading Glitch Costs Investors Billions

Pakistan says would-be bomber didn't act alone
Suspect on Homeland Secuirty list since '99
A look inside his nondescript home
ID mistake halts another Emirates flight
Coulter: Obama's plan is to hope bombs fail
Pakistani sentenced to death in Mumbai attack
Reid: Big Banks' heyday over
Obama opposes amendment to bank bill
Goldman settlement could top $5 Bln
Greece paralyzed by violence
Debt fears spread across Europe
Egypt's Mubarak vows to help poor
Russia recovers oil tanker from pirates
Nigerian leader's funeral draws crowds
2 U.S. soldiers dead after Al. base blast

First hung parliament in UK for decades
Just exactly what is a hung Parliament?
Conservatives make sweeping gains across England

Oil Starts To Wash Ashore Off LA.
U.S. won't take foreign spill help
Flag-clad students sent home on Cinco de Mayo
Field trip for black students angers parents
Va. town forces microchips in recycle bins

TSA screeners fight over small penis

Images from the Nashville flood

Comedy Central considers Jesus show
Are CBS and CNN about to partner?
FCC proposes broadband rules
10% of Digg employees laid off
Google's Goggle can translate photos
Lawrence Taylor arrested for raping 15-y-o

NBA Playoffs

NHL Playoffs

Raiders release JaMarcus
Wright felt cruel, cried during sex
Heidi Montag schedules second boob job
Kendra Wilkinson had sex tape planned

Muppets invade 'Lost' writers' meeting

Miley Cyrus' new video: Too much, too young?

2 Jailed for eating girl
Video gamer wins $1 Mln

State looking for sales tax hike
17 arrested in chicken prank
Code Orange smog predicted for Atlanta
Teens caught in Craigslist scheme
Trial for murder of ATL rapper begins in LA
Man arrested for growing pot in his TV
State grants extension in cheating probe
City nixes Islamic center expansion
Drummer in Atlanta band dies
Poll: South has most momma's boys
Police chase ends with barber shop crash

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