Tuesday, May 18, 2010

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High stakes in primary elections
2 senators in jeopardy on big day of voting
4 States Hold Primaries, One House Election
Primaries today may give hint of voters' mood

Best ad ever for Agriculture Commissioner

BP siphoning off 40 pct of oil leak
Current could take oil to Fla. Keys
Fla. county hires top natural disaster law firm
Sen. Reid: $10 Bln damage cap for BP not enough
Top official for offshore drilling resigns
Homeland Chief Defends Oil-Spill Response
White House to Create Panel to Study Gulf Oil Spill

FNC's Smith to BP CEO: At least act like you care

Sup. Ct OKs civil commitments for sex offenders
Court rejects Cablevision's programming appeal
SC limits life sentences for non-murder convicts
Kagan campaigns for her potential seat
DHS considers eminent domain for border security
Obama's aunt granted asylum
Obama signs press freedom act, declines Q&A
Drama lingers before second state dinner
Thousands of bees swarm White House

Hundreds protest outside banker's house

Anti-K Street protests snarl DC traffic
BofA tellers leave posts amid flash protest
Goldman "supports" reform, lobbies differently
Reid calls for cloture to advance Wall St. reform
U.S. takes $1.6B loss on Chrysler loan
Blumenthal’s Words Differ From His History

Ca. Gov. ad attacks Whitman's porn dealings

McCain loses two top staffers
Bristol Palin to join speakers' circuit

Miss USA's unearthed pole-dancing pics
Miss USA Rima Fakih in raunchy video spoof
Miss OK Fields Controversial Question At Pageant
GM posts Q1 profit
Stocks slide on manufacturing report
Cockpit fire prompts emergency landing
Smuggler soaked clothes in cocaine
Iran, Brazil, Turkey sign nuclear agreement
Iran will continue enriching despite accord
Israel wargame assumes Iran has a nuke
Anti-nuke film sounds warning at Cannes
Massive snake collection destroyed in fire
Europe chastises Google for keeping private data
Waitress fired for griping over tip on Facebook
MySpace promises users simpler privacy settings

NBA Playoffs
Kobe makes opening statement

NHL Playoffs
Versus Finds Growing Audience

Tiger's first mistress spells out Playboy terms

Travolta's dogs killed in airport mishap
Fox unveils lineup, shrinks 'Idol'
'Buffy' actress files for divorce
Daughtry, wife expecting twins
Meyers banned from airline for N word
Family Guy offends with joke Vietnam vets
Kendra's manager secretly met Vivid
Dio Remembered By Slash, Others
Dio documentary had been planned
Metal Community Pays Tribute
Country Stars Help Flood Ravaged Nashville

Dekalb police kill 2 with Tasers
Wife, stepdaughter found shot dead
Delta pilot charged with gun in airport
Gov. candidate, wife in wreck
Schools chief Cox steps down
Gov. candidates weigh in on KSU drama
Four GT employees suspended
ATL sues to keep Fulton from students
Wife, stepdaughter found slain
Home Depot files dumpster suit
Police review board gets more clout
Marietta Bar Hangs Controversial Sign

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