Friday, May 14, 2010

Today's Jog Blog
Raids In Times Square Probe Yield 3 Arrests
Suspicious NYC car investigated
DHS cuts New York funds as Obama visits

Holder Admits Not Reading AZ's Law
Small NY Town Makes English the Law

Failed oil spill plug attempt

BP Spill May Exceed Estimates

Fed fat police to track BMI of kids?
GOP introduces bill to to prevent Euro bailout
Anti-porn provision sinks Dem jobs bill
9 indicted for accessing Obama records
Two more Dem incumbents on chopping block
Republican Party Winning Back Supporters

Billboard petitions president for "a freakin' job"
Woman to Obama: 'You're A hottie, smokin' body'

Obama Says Repubs Cannot Have the Keys Back
Glee Creator demands apology from Newsweek
Laura Bush comes out to support gay marriage
Awkward Photo-Op: Kagan admires 'gorgeous' rifle
Kagan thesis shows her to be avowed socialist?
Kagan opposed military stance on gays
What are America's Most Dangerous Cities?
Thai protester shot during NYT interview
Military offers incentives for 'hold fire'
Afghan war cost now outpacing Iraq
Iran Targeting Dissidents Through Global Police
New Zealand PM roasted over cannibalism joke
Cameron cabinet holds first meeting
Mrs Cameron steps back from work after promotion
Parents' outrage as children told 'dress as a Muslim
Karzai's Tribute to Fallen U.S. Soldiers Draws Praise

Thai troops clash with protesters

Abu Dhabi hotel installs gold vending machine
Pill to Help Live Past 100 Available in 2 Yrs?
Creepy blooper at end of story about G-spot

Dad in kid-branding case is acquitted
Lizards face extinction from global warming?
Rachel Ray helps empower kids to cook healthier

Jupiter Is Missing a Stripe!
Moon Walkers Defend Spaceflight in Senate

Facebook CEO called members 'dumb f*#ks'

iPad Made of Gold Will Set You Back $189,000
M&S apologises for selling 'bra tops' to girls 6
State to force graphic anti-smoking signs
Va. Boy Dies During Dental Treatment
Reveler dies at French Facebook party

NBA Playoffs

NHL Playoffs
'Law & Order' canceled
Aguilera goes nude for GQ
Brand hired expert team for women
'Field of Dreams' site is now for sale
Mary J. Blige cast as Nina Simone

KSU student turning self in
Charges loom for driver in fatal chase
Mayor wants millions to reopen rec centers
SunTrust exec named CEO at Zoo Atlanta
Gwinnett to appeal charter schools ruling
T.I.: Happiest I have ever been