Thursday, April 23, 2009

Today's Jog Blog
Interrogation tactics got the OK early on
Clinton mocks Cheney demand

Rice approved CIA waterboarding
Congress Debates Fresh Investigation
Torture Cases Would Face Legal Hurdles
'High Value' Info from Interrogations
Did the CIA Interrogations Work?
Clinton: Pakistan is abdicating to Taliban
US ramps up cybersecurity focus
Freddie Mac CFO found dead
Freddie Mac CFO an apparent suicide
Freddie Mac CFO faced extraordinary pressures
Obama hosting credit-card CEOs, pledges rules
GM Likely to Skip $1 Billion Debt Payment
GM Considers Shutting Factories for 9 Weeks
Wall Street Gives Back Gains In Late Sell Off
Apple Posts Best 2nd Quarter Earnings Ever
Castro: Obama Got 'Overture' Wrong
Five Ways to Speak Like Obama
Palin's ex : Court fight possible over son
French official reveals pregnancy on Facebook
Offshore wind farms get green light
Gore uses Earth Day to solicit funds
Obama portrays climate bill as economic boon
Craigslist suspect had items from victims
Accused Craigslist killer: 'Nerdy science lover'
'Morning After' Pill OK'd for 17-Year-Olds
Judge orders defendant's mouth taped shut
Apple removes Baby Shaker from App Store
Teacher sends boy home w/ bag of poo
'Refrigerator' Perry in serious condition
Double elimination on 'Idol'
Lil Rounds, Desai get the boot
Susan Boyle unveils new look
Susan Boyle: Big Plucking Deal
'Dog the Bounty Hunter'
shot at in Colo. Springs
Linday Lohan's Sideboob Peepshow
Lohan talks about Ronson break-up
Slumdog Dad Cleared in Kid-Selling Case
Billy Joel's wife rubbishes infidelity reports
Second Life cracks whip on adult content
The Most Dangerous Roads In The World

Of Local Interest:
Famed Clermont lounge, hotel for sale
D-Wade brings the Heat back
Hawks game delayed actual hawk
Cobb EMC CEO's home searched
Taxi driver dies after shot to head
Police question 3 in deadly Easter crash
Women's lingerie football leaving ATL
"Vick's ticket back is 'genuine remorse'"
DeKalb: Most property values haven't fallen
No tax break for DeKalb homeowners
Judge rules Turner must pay $281M
Grady consultant makes $1600 a day
Ex-cop accused of beating up 3 prostitutes
Cabbie shot dead in southwest Atlanta
FLA field station ‘fills a gap'

Carrying gun in open creates confusion
Judge Frees $13.4M for USS Cole Families
FLA Man Tasered Wife in Self Defense
Postcard takes 47-year scenic route
No Southern hospitality for Latinos?
2 Kidnapped Teens Found Dead
Schools in 3 states eye stimulus money
Virus samples unaccounted for in inventory

NSA chief downplays security power grab
Lawmakers to re-examine Internet-sharing
FAA to open airline bird-strike data to public
"Climate Bill Won't Be Drag on Economy"
Poll shows trouble for Corzine
San Fran Mayor Announces Gubern. Bid
New chief: EPA 'back on the job'
Obama to Host Afghan, Pak. Leaders
Rep. calls wiretap 'abuse of power'

As the World Turns:
Zuma poised to be next South African president
SAfrica prez's dilemma: 2 wives, 1 first lady
Taliban Tightens Grip
Iran accuses Israel of war crimes
Kidnappers in Mali Release 4 Hostages
Sri Lanka Says Rebels Continue to Fight
In Canada, Afghanistan not 'forgotten'
France Turns Over Pirates
Hijacked train released in India
Germany backs law against child porn

In Sport:
D-Wade brings the Heat back
Hawks game delayed actual hawk
Mutombo injures leg, playing career over
Bulls' Rose to be NBA rookie of year
Lions out to reach deal with Stafford
Helio happy, comfortable behind wheel
Smith still thinks he won Talladega
Palmer, Mickelson reflect on Masters
Couples, Els lead field in South Korea

The Economy, Stupid:
Autoworkers: 'If we go down, so does town'
Stocks struggle to gain
GM to miss $1 bln debt payment
Economy: The worst may be yet to come
Despite Economy, Google Shows Growth
8 recession fighters
Obama: Business needs to work with me
Dollar slips against euro, yen

Watch out for sinking Mac and iPod sales
28 big companies: They're hiring!
Mizuho Financial post 5.9-bln-dlr loss
Chinese electric carmaker eyes U.S.
Exxon Mobil back on top
Meet the directors
Biggest losers
Fortune 500: Top 50

Bluetooth 3.0 Goes Live
AT&T activates 1.6M iPhones in Q1
AT&T tests speedier 3G network
What It Costs To Build A Kindle 2
The 2009 Twitter Tussle
Google shows “me” profile
Virtualization Is 'the New Mainframe'
Experts: Malicious program targets Macs

Green Week: Science of Climate Change
Climate sceptics ready to storm heaven
2 planets ID'd as most similar to Earth
Science Center gets $394000 grant
No Country for Cold Fusion
Harboring History in Pensacola
Fossil of a walking seal found

The Game:
Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood
Fallout 3: Broken Steel
Patapon 2 Review
X-Men Origins: Wolverine Launch Center
New Xbox 360 Elite Bundle sales up
GameFly Launches Game Answers
Sony exec talks PlayStation

The Life:
Depeche Mode Does “Wrong”
Bluetooth headset that doesn't scream "douche!"
Be the king of 'The Swing'
7 reasons why snooker is great
Dandruff? Asthma? Addicted to sugar?