Thursday, April 30, 2009

Today's Jog Blog
First US Swine Flu Death Confirmed
Child dead of flu in US was from Mexico
WHO raises flu threat level to 5
FT. Worth schools closed for flu season
Mexico shuts down taco stands
Questions and Answers About Swine Flu
Congress: Sebelius is confirmed
Obama 'pleased, not satisfied'
Obama looks ahead on Day 100
Obama's job, deficit claims are iffy
Chrysler talks on rocks as deadline looms
Ex-Morehouse pres. named BofA chairman
First thoughts: Specter's shocker
Obama, Biden Welcome Specter
Maine panel approves same-sex
Paterson Rankles Religious Leaders
Philly Unveils Plan To Be Greenest City
Selenium Caused Horses' Deaths
Atlanta outmuscles Miami for win
NASCAR writer Poole dies of heart attack
Many Twitters are quick quitters
Coming Soon: Wall Street 2
'Wolverine': Summer's first hit?
Porn star in new Soderbergh film
Gibson hits red carpet w/ girlfriend
Prince reveals he battled epilepsy

Cool New Vid:
Eels- Fresh Blood

Of Local Interest:
Ga. white supremacist leader executed
FBI taking lead in Athens shooting case
Bond denied for suspect in I-75 chase
Hijacked trucker from I-75 chase speaks
Mother charged in fatal BMW crash
Minivan driver targeting women for attacks
Franklin's budget proposal out today
Vick to start home confinement May 20
Misdiagnosed TB patient sues CDC
Refis good, purchases are better
Mega Millions jackpot swells to $220M
Andre 3000 pays $1,200 speeding fine
Zoo Atlanta plans exotic-bird aviary
No cut in ATL water rates
See how the garden grows
Holdings rank Atlanta firm 13th
Refugees from Iraq in new war
Non-residents billed for emergencies?

Everglades projects get $103M
Five dead in California bus crash
A Turning Point for Voting Rights Law
Three life sentences in Fort Dix terror plot
National finalist meets president

Investigator sought for torture probe
Ill. Panel Calls for Wide Political Changes
Michelle Obama honors abolitionist
Fight for single-payer health care
McAuliffe on race: 'It's all about jobs'
Berke passes on race for governor
POTUS Loses at Golf

As the World Turns:
Dozens killed, Pakistan troops battle Taliban
NKorea threatens second nuclear test
Taliban threatens attacks over US surge
Seychelles Coast Guard arrests 9 pirates
Gaza looms over Memorial Day
Japanese PM in Beijing for visit
Australia adds 450 troops in Afghanistan
Afghanistan cancels symbolic parade
UK and Libya make prisoner deal

In Sport:
IOC uncovers drug cheats from Beijing
Four quarters aren't enough in this series
White Sox need just two hits for a win
Hamels sidelined by sprained ankle
Yankees cut some ticket prices
Cardinals release James
Are crashes simply a marketing tool?

The Economy, Stupid:
Lower oil prices hit Shell profit
Patching the Foreclosure Plan
Home prices don't decline as much
Big banks need more funds

Prostate Vaccine Validated with Drama
Amazon Acquires LexCycle
EFF files lawsuit against Apple
IBM, Brocade Take Aim at Cisco
SAP 1Q net profit falls 16 pct
Societe Generale chairman to resign
Boeing upgrades 737 jet

Insatiable APP-etite
MS Responds to Verizon 'Pink' Rumor
500GB discs: Who's going to use them?
Antitrust Inquiry Into Google Books Deal
Sun fails to shine for Sun Microsystems
Windows Mobile to get voice recog.

No shuttle damage from dropped socket
Cosmic blast sets distance mark
NASA scientist warns of climate change
Ancient boat remains found
UMass Amherst gets DOE funding
Food science can be yummy
The Blob That Didn't Eat the Universe

The Game:
Hindu god as computer game hero?
Faith Fighter Pulled Over Islamic Complaint
Another murder while playing video games
Hands-on with Dark Void
Wet Video Game : Impressions
A New Business Model for Videogames ?
Most bizarre games of all time

The Life:
Heal That Shiner
Dinner At Your Place
Built for Show
2010 Toyota Prius
Financial Services To Avoid
4 Steps: Avoid People