Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Today's Jog Blog
Obama heads to Europe with 500+ entourage
Obama, in Europe , Faces Big Challenges
Obama popular, but Europe seeks results
London prepares for 'unprecedented' protests
Add Sebelius to list of picks with tax troubles
Romney's on the run . . . for 2012?
New York House Race Is Too Close to Call
Major battle shaping up over budget
House fast-tracks major changes on climate
House Introduces Draft Climate Change Bill
8 reasons why cap and trade harms economy
A bill to let Big Government set your salary
Obama Budget Revives the Death Tax
WH site addresses mental side of downturn
Tax increase on tobacco takes effect Wed
Countdown begins for GM and Chrysler
GM to Restructure, in or Out of Court
Incentives To Jump-Start Auto Sales
GM, Ford roll out incentives for unemployed
Detroit Plan Has GOP All Over The Map
Too-Big-To-Fail Problem:
Another Look
Anti-Limbaugh Billboard Hits The Road

Milton Friedman - Other People's Money

Clinton warns N.Korea on missiles
High-Level US and Iranian Officials Meet
Many killed in 'US drone attack'
Afghan-Pakistan meeting due
Abbas says Net 'does not believe in peace'
Miss Universe says trip to Gitmo was "relaxing"
Chinese beer leaps Bud Light to become No.1
Detroit Electric
resurrected as $25K electric car
Behold the 48 mph Barstool
NASA Contractor Pleads Guilty
FBI: Internet Crime Up 33 pct
Conficker Is Much Ado About Nothing
Man completes Twitter world trip
Device allows plants to Twitter
Oprah's school lands in sex scandal
Porn King Loaned Lohan a Maserati
Leachman book details sexcapades
Woman has sex with pine cone
15 Fired, Snooping At Octo-Records
Police find 21 cats living in hotel room
Judge rules for girls in "sexting" case
Dancing's Double Drop-Off
Osbournes Show Sparks
1st Amendment Battle in FL
'Angel' actor dies of heart disease
Madonna says following
rules in Malawi adoption
'Daisy Of Love' Coming To VH1
Countess 'Housewife,' hubby split

Of Local Interest:
Vick to pay Falcons $6.5 million
$42M deal for Chipper with Braves
Mark Richt's son visits Georgia State
Book delves into UGA controversies
Delta drops ad ties to Falcons
Stafford wows at private workout
Missouri coach won't be coming to UGA
Cash-strapped ATL looks at DeKalb's tax
Parents split on school discipline controversy
Gym manager accused of locker break-ins
Andre 3000 clocked at 109 mph in Henry
2nd man arrested in store clerk’s killing
Emory employees help hospital cut $30M
Feds sue Marietta lawyer for Ponzi scheme
Comair worst for tarmac delays
ATL resists plans for extra reservoir
Oxendine blames rival Cagle for budget cut
Mother seeks cop's firing over use of force
U2 coming to Georgia Dome In October
Youths seeking work get some help
Student dies after jog in PE class
Take spring break for family fun
Accident closes all lanes of I-85
Sex Offender Crackdown In Limbo
Clogged pipe erodes park
How To Get The Yellow Off Your Car
New Ga. Tech prez starts this week

US court dismisses smoking appeal
Woman Accused Of Dragging Trooper
Boy Scout, Man Attacked By Bobcat
Men freed on basis of DNA ask for help
Pit bulls kill infant, injure grandmother
2mln Acres Gain Wilderness Protection
More blizzard woes in Dakotas
Corn Ethanol Concerns Spread to Oregon
Mississippi wheat crop good so far

House Dems to unveil pollution plan
Ex-Nominee Now Top Budget Critic
Sebelius Confirmation Hearings Start
Crist softening stance on ciagrette taxes?
"Michelle Mania" Takes Over Britain
Daley takes stand against Quinn tax hike
$296bln in Overruns in Weapons Programs

As the World Turns:
British troops begin Iraq withdrawal
British hand over Basra to US
200 migrants feared drowned in Med.
Netanyahu "wants full peace w/ Arab world"
Insurgent Threat Shifts in Pakistan
US and Iran hold 'cordial' talks
Khmer Rouge prison chief takes stand
Philippines Hostages Still Alive
France Hints at Leaving G-20 Summit
Caterpillar Workers Detain French Bosses

In Sport:
Tigers release Sheffield
Calipari accepts Kentucky offer
NFL: Broncos say they will trade Cutler
Broncos fans stand divided
Greg Norman: The Shark is Back
Plaxico Burress' gun case adjourned
Tiger's all the way back now
Yankees Complete Pitching Staff
A-Rod ramps up his workouts
North Carolina Is the Early Favorite
Can Denny Hamlin save NASCAR ?

The Economy, Stupid:
Home values sink at record pace in Jan.
Consumer Confidence Near Record Low
Wall Street rebounds on last day of quarter
Dollar pulls back as equities bounce
Corn, Soybean Acres Steady for 2009
China extends currency's global reach
Dollar Hits 3-Wk High Vs Yen

Disney reaches deal with YouTube
USA Today publisher to retire
Sun confirms second round of layoffs
Gottschalks heads for liquidation
Google rolls out venture-capital fund
Genzyme inks $2.8B pact w/ Bayer HC
Hancock Tower gets a new owner
Off-road vehicles recalled, 46 deaths
Where the Tech Jobs Are

Skype App For iPhone 'Buggy'
American Expands Wi-Fi Service
MSN Encarta to be discontinued
Intel adds crush of new mobile chips
Netflix to hike up monthly Blu-ray fee
Microsoft, Dutch company settle
IBM encourages open "cloud" computing

Hubble-Saving Shuttle to Launch Pad
NASA Prepares Orion Test
Cosmonaut bemoans ISS toilet row
Archaeologists dig into Knoxville's past
Giant laser experiment powers up
Tracing an Engineer’s Legacy
5-in-1 Pill May Prevent Heart Disease

The Game:
Sony dropping PS2 price to $99.99
Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood
GDC 2009: Dragon Age Origins
Fight Night Round 4: The Heavyweights
GDC 2009: Battlefield 1943
Company of Heroes Official Trailer
Stormrise Review

The Life:
The Best Tequilas to Sip, Not Shoot
Straight Talk on a Clean Shave
Between Heaven and Heli
Diet Saboteurs
Stress-Proof Fatherhood
Cheat Sheet
How to use bacon to make life incredible