Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Today's Jog Blog
Obama eases restrictions to Cuba
Unlimited travel to Cuba by relatives
White House Fact Sheet: Cuba Policy
Journalist goes on trial in Iran
US to drop key condition for Iran Talks?
Goldman Raising $5 Billion to Repay US
GM recalls 1.5 million cars
Somali pirates hijack freighter
Pirates vow to kill US, French sailors
Obama expresses admiration for Capt.
Sailor: World needs to 'wake up' to piracy
General amasses Facebook following
Shells fired at Somali airport
Al Shabaab behind Congressman attack

Man Faints on Glenn Beck

Transgendered Mayor on Reality TV?
Bobby Jindal Inks Book Deal
U.S. record # of visitors in 2008

Refunds to more bills less frills

Phil Spector Found Guilty of Murder
Prosecutors Seek Death
Penalty in Casey Anthony Case
Pilot dies, passenger lands plane
Face Transplant Patient Recovering Well

Polar Bear Attacks Woman in Berlin Zoo

The Duggar Family Adds One More
Want to Live Longer? Stop Worrying
Honda unveils dog-friendly car
Library to ban people with body odor
Swedish church unveils Lego Jesus statue
Limited edition Prince iPod $2,100
The 24 Hour Party Tweeple
Google Disables Comments on YouTube Korea
Mel Gibson's Wife Files for Divorce
Roger Ebert on Joke Telling
Marilyn Chambers dies at 56
Power Ranger Faces Death Penalty

Harrelson mistakes photog for zombie

Jersey mom denies affair with Springsteen

Britney Yells Wrong City During Concert

Julianne Hough 'Dancing' off TV
Lil ' Kim for Mayor of Hoboken a hoax
Marlee Matlin Alleges William Hurt Abuse

Of Local Interest:
78,000 people still without power
Clayton school board impresses auditors
Assessors begin notifying property owners
Tommy Tolbert, 79, former lawmaker, dies
Braves' Glavine to see doctor for shoulder
Ex-UGA QB Stafford paying visit to 49ers
F-22 jet program could be grounded
Chemical accident forces evacuation
Atlanta cop accused of sex attack resigns
Friends struggle with 5-fatality wreck
Silver Comet jury selection faces snag
Trial begins for 6 murder suspects
Mistress battles dead Cobb millionaire's kin
Tough year for collecting taxes feared
Mixed thoughts linger over CRCT
Riverdale man drowns trying to save others
As traffic snarls, state loses its way
Emory cancer center gets national honor
Fed limits Silverton Bank actions
Police Find Another Victim in Car Wreck

Man killed at Alcoholics Anonymous
350 rally against gay marriage in Iowa
Five die in boating accident in FLA
California returns 'looted art'
Fatal police shooting protested
A piece of Afghanistan in Mississippi

Court says Franken won Minn. vote count
Judges rule Franken winner; Coleman to appeal
Obama extols virtues of stimulus
About your new dog, Mr. President
Obama dog makes critics whine
What is a rescue dog?
US Rep. Fossella Pleads Guilty to DUI
1st woman to head DOT steps down
Will Palin Ask Ross To Withdraw?
Detroit's New Budget Includes Job Cuts
Suspect in student shooting sought in CA
Senate seat fight drags on
No need to protest Obama’s grad speech

As the World Turns:
North Korea 'quits nuclear talks'
China urges calm after NK leaves talks
China Issues Rights Document
Thai protesters suspend rallies
Bangkok protests 'under control'
Sri Lankans stay in war zone
Georgia protests enter fifth day
'No news' in Fiji as media protests
Boat explodes off coast of Gaza
Iraq accuses media of provoking strife

In Sport:
A Master’s Victory w/ Global Reach
Phils announcer Harry Kalas dies
Mark "The Bird" Fidrych dies
Boxer, uncle come to blows in training
A "NASCAR" Dynasty Still in the Making
GoDaddy.com hooks up w/ Southern 500
Merrick now known - by bird-watchers

The Economy, Stupid:
GM stock hit by bankruptcy report
Buffett's Goldman Investment Locked In
Venture Capital Fundraising Down Nearly 40%
Banking on Earnings
Demand Fears Weigh Down Crude
Spring fuel price hike may be minimal
Dollar and the Euro to Go Toe-to-Toe
Deflation Spreading in Japan

SPX cuts forecasts
Seagate: Q3 revenue better
InFocus sold for $39mln
Total raises bid for UTS
Tuesday Morning sees wider Q3 loss
Only 40 VC firms raised cash in 1Q
A123Systems raises $69M to expand

Twitter Squishes Worms
Fandango for IPhone
Jobs heading up netbook project
Microsoft's search begin in Redmond
Amazon denies it censored rankings
What caused the Amazon firestorm?
Worm Infects Twitter Tweeters In Four Attacks
Palm Pre could launch on May 17
New Shuffle costs $22 to build
Conficker's next moves

Space Station Nears an Extension
NASA gets pwned online
Post-Relativity Physics
Electron spin control: A triumph
Budding astronomers enjoy starry night
Cancer Grants Aid Local Entities
"100 Hours of Astronomy "

The Game:
Diesel powered
Video game disrespects ‘Godfather’
NAB 2009: Viva Las Vegas!
When politicians tax violent games
'Ghostbusters' game update
Spore Creator Wants to Make Toys Fun
Why OnLive Will Fail

The Life:
TV's ten hottest news anchors.
Skinny Guy Workout
Learn the Signals, Get Some Play
2010 BMW X6 M
Spring-Clean Your Diet