Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Today's Jog Blog
Gov. Perry Asserts Texan Sovereignty
Texas Tells Federal Government To Back Off
Homeland Security warns of right wing radicals
Somali pirates seize four more ships
Thousands of dolphins block Somali pirates
Rescued captain to reunite w/ crew
Freed Capt Not Reuniting With Crew
Taliban executes 14-year-old
girl for planning to elope
Bernanke: 'Tentative Signs' of Recovery
Bernanke sees signs of economic stability
Fed Officials Divided on Recovery
TALF Could be Expanded, Bernanke
Goldman Sachs Raises $5bln to Repay TARP
GM Chairman Says Bankruptcy Looms
‘Surgical’ Bankruptcy Possible for GM
US could get shares of GM and Chrysler
Can Sergio Marchionne Save Chrysler?
Lifting Cuba's Travel Embargo
Obama Builds Tech Bridge to Cuba
Obama and flawed logic
Cuba travel law ruled unconstitutional
Woman arraigned in
death of girl found in luggage
Phil Spector convicted of murder
Verdict blights Spector's legacy
Speculating About Spector’s Fate
Burger King apologizes to Mexico
Cash in bra slows bullet
Angry neighbor sends porn as payback
Woman ate baby’s placenta in a sandwich
Oscar de la Hoya retires
Marlon Brando's Gay Sex Photo?
Foxx tells Cyrus to make sex tape
Lohan makes mock dating ad
Gay Titles Deep-Sixed at Amazon
Sex fair and masturbate-athon

Of Local Interest:
White supremacist's Ga. execution set
Vick Leaving Atlanta Prison
Braves' Glavine has inflamed rotator cuff
Falcons play two primetime games in 09
Regents suspend fixed tuition program
Speculation continues on a Gingrich run
College degrees in demand
Trial begins for 6 murder suspects
6th-grader falls off car trunk, dies
Tucker moves to new stage
Grip tightens on Silverton
Cop accused of sex attack resigns
Emory lauds Curran w/ chair

US 'set to detain' Nazi suspect
Pike’s ‘wave-through’ policy long gone
Child in luggage may have been raped
CA's new power source a solar farm
Sebelius lowballed abortion donations
Arson suspected in weekend fire
Pair too drunk to notice baby's death
Maine's lynx-protection standards eyed
Idaho city evicts geese from local beach

US protesters brew 'tea party' tax revolt
Toomey resigns as
anti-tax group head
Franken Ruled Winner, Again
Paterson To Push Same-Sex Marriage Bill
Blagojevich pleads 'not guilty'
The Poop on the New First Dog
"Pig Book" calls out congressional porkers
Michelle Obama Speaks to DHS Employees
McCain-Palin rift grows wider

As the World Turns:
US: N. Korea must return to talks
Poland asks for $20.5 bln credit line
Thailand issues Thaksin arrest warrant
Iran plans to launch bigger satellite
Fiji's military tightens control
Swat sharia deal worries Afghans
Georgia resists Moscow-inspired unrest
Police: Taliban executes eloping lovers

In Sport:
Oscar de la Hoya retires
Isiah Thomas to Coach FIU
Seattle set to welcome back Griffey
Three home runs in Citi Field opener
The receding passion of the NASCAR fan
Remembering Mark Fidrych
Fidrych: A one-of-a-kind phenomenon
Fans offer their tributes to Kalas
Colleagues agree: Kalas was a joy

The Economy, Stupid:
Stores suffer big drop in March sales
GM bankruptcy fears drag down stocks
Madoff investors go after his assets
Fifth Third fined by FINRA
Gas prices to stay in $2 range this summer
Fannie Mae Chief is Top TARP Candidate

Cancer vaccine makers rocket on news
Johnson Controls-Saft to build plant
Zimmer, Stryker get boost from J&J
WW Grainger soars on Q1 earnings
Philips Trumps Rocky Quarter
Ebay Skype sale unlikely
Deere to combine divisions, cut jobs
Cargill’s Q3 earnings down 68 percent

Can Facebook Make You Flunk?
Google goes after iPhone 3.0
Twitter Worm: A Closer Look
Linux to overtake Windows on netbooks?
IT pros prefer old XP over Windows 7
Apple 'indifferent' on Korean iPhone?
Symmetrix and death of monolithic arrays
Nikon Debuts Entry Level SLR

PG&E makes deal for space solar power
Benefits of the space program
Courtship of the spyglass
Tests show gasoline savings can risk safety
Eureka! Cold fusion reheated
NASA mulls 2010 shuttle retirement plans
Weird science at Tattered Cover

The Game:
Six Days in Fallujah First Look
Saw Hands-On
Bionic Commando Updated Hands-On
Ant Nation Hands On
Guitar Hero Metallica Review
New Terminator Salvation Game Trailer
Video Games Live returns to LA at E3

The Life:
Sexual healing
An office and a gentleman
Chris Cornell's 'Scream'
Money minefield
Beat the Reaper
Supercharge your smoothie