Monday, April 27, 2009

Von Haessler For Senate 2010?

Today's Jog Blog
Flu epidemic fear grips world
US Declares Public Health Emergency
Warnings as swine virus spreads
Europe: Avoid US and Mexico Travel
Swine flu fears close U.S. schools
Suspected swine flu deaths in Mexico top 100
Questions about Mexico's response to the crisis
US says not testing travelers from Mexico for flu
Fiat-Chrysler talks still up in the air
Chrysler in cost-cut union deal
Obama Calls for Return of 'PAYGO'
Looking for a Few Good Ways to Save
Shortage of Doctors Proves Obstacle
F-16s take down lost plane (gently)
Obama Relocated When Plane Strayed
A little lockdown at the White House
Biden On Governing, Gaffes, And His Boss

Gore Gets Snippy with Congresswoman

Allies split with US over torture
Pentagon to Release Detainee Photos
Pakistan Taleban talks 'halted'
Two Men, Suspect, Shot in VA Dorm
NBA Playoff Roundup
Heir Jordan? - LeBron's push for MVP

Carl Edwards Goes 'Wheels Over Heels'

7 fans injured at Talladega speedway
Pregnant Woman Escapes Bear Attack
Beatrice Arthur dies at 86
Fans Remember Bea Arthur
Miss CA Dating Michael Phelps?
Miss CA becomes Right-wing pin-up
Murdering Miss California?
'Obsessed' knocks out competition
Spencer and Heidi officially wed
Police Holding $1.4M In Rihanna Bling
Rihanna : Give Me Back My Bling !
Pussycat Dolls lead singer quits?
DMX Joins Cast of Celebrity Rehab
Naked Wizard Tasered At Coachella
Police Taser Naked Man at Coachella

Of Local Interest:
Manhunt for professor continues
Conyers mom gunned down in parking lot
Falcons pick Missouri safety Moore in draft
Tony Dungy to visit Vick in prison?
Going forward after layoffs
AirTran CEO eager to offer Cuba flights
Short sale eliminates need to foreclose
CDC sits on documents
King Tut is life of party at Civic Center
Westin's new windows on way
No decisions yet on school reforms
Beloved sculpture to mark expansion
Boost for Tech's nanotech presence
Local Anglers Learn Ins, Outs Of Trout
Mayor Franklin “knits,” ATL suffers

Dalai Lama Calls USA 'Champion of Freedom'
Iowans unsure of gay marriage benefits
Police fire baton rounds at Kent State rioters
Brother pays 2d visit to Markoff
Airplane 'bird strikes' climbed dramatically
In Iowa, a historic day for gay couples
Presbyterian 'gay' initiative close to defeat
From fired to fire, bad day for Oregon man
Man Shot Dead After Killing 2 Deputies
Doctors urge baseline test for prostate cancer

Meghan McCain to Karl Rove: 'Go away'
McCain campaign chief gets candid
House panel eyeing Apr. 28 for budget
Amid turmoil, Dems back propositions
Lack of unity fatal to Tedisco
Dems May Ease Bill's Emissions Rules
McAuliffe lays out transportation plan
Hawaii holding its first all-mail election

As the World Turns:
Pakistani forces move against Taliban
Zuma's challenges
UN's top humanitarian goes to Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka army 'to stop shelling'
Centre left wins Iceland election
Italian liner repels pirates
UN racism event highlights divisions
US blasts NKorea for reactivating nuke prog.
Thai protesters hold 1st post-crackdown rally
In pictures: Gallipoli commemorations

In Sport:
NBA Playoff Roundup
Heir Jordan? - LeBron's push for MVP
NFL draft full of surprises
Giants trade w/ Eagles, get big receiver
USF's McKenzie drafted by Patriots
Brad Keselowski crashes victory lane
David Ragan wins first NASCAR race
Sprint Cup TV ratings dipping
Button sizzles with Bahrain GP win
Woods comes to Charlotte a man in full

The Economy, Stupid:
Pontiac: RIP
GM to cut production
Chrysler in talks, GM draws loan
The Stress Test Results
World Bank Protesters Clash w/ Cops
Bad year for banks: Failures surpass '08
Americans Rally Nationwide to End the Fed
China's Hoarding Gold

MySpace's New No. 1 Friend
Amazon Profits Amid Recession
Harbinger's Times Stake Gets Interest
Moody's cuts AMEX's debt ratings
Netflix profit up but growth targets lag
Low chip and TV sales hit Samsung
Small businesses in line for tax cut
Is Your Small Biz Goal to Grow or Not?

Too Soon to Write Off Microsoft
Billionth iPhone App is a Freebie!
Bye, GeoCities: We Forgot You Still Existed
Facebook Users Approve Terms Of Use
But rivals question Oracles' motives
T-Mobile Sells 1 Million G1s
Twitter Has a Great Week
Congress Comes to 'Help' Run Internet
Jobs tries to demolish historic mansion
Bluetooth Headset Battle

Happy birthday, Hubble
Night owls have more staying power
Fires Fuel for Climate Change
Park Service warns of solar projects'
How Hawking became "sage" of science
Metal toughens up spider silk
Space goal set early
Events Overtake NASA Accel. Study

The Game:
Computer scientists add smell to games
Nintendo's Got Game , and Then Some
Game Writing So Bad, Not Even Funny
Dark Void Hands On
Red Faction: Guerrilla Hands On
Dante's Inferno First Impression
Video Game Cheats Blog

The Life:
Top Skateboarding Parks
Video Game Vixen
Indoor Adventure Destinations
The Rules: AFL vs. NFL
Getting A New Look
Cool Gear For Motorcycle Riders