Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Today's Jog Blog
Karzai Agrees to Run-Off Election
Karzai bows to pressure over fraud
Audit Pushes Karzai Below 50 Percent
Fraud Panel Throws Out Afghan Votes
Nearly 1/3 of Afghan pres' votes voided
Runoff Expected In Afghan Election
Battle rages over Pakistan stronghold
Iran Blames US and Britain in Attack
Iran threatens revenge against Britain
Iran: US, Israel planned suicide attack
Islamic militant recruits on the rise
US Announces 'Integrated' Sudan Strategy
White House pushes to shape health bill
New Health Care Bill: 1500 Pages!
Obama spends time with students in Maryland
Democratic stars coming to NJ for Corzine
CNN Psychoanalyzes Talk Radio Listeners
Times to eliminate 100 newsroom jobs
White House Urges Otherss to Disregard Fox
Media May Be In On Balloon Hoax?

News Crew Attacked at 'Balloon' Home
Balloon Dad has Interesting Criminal Past
Phoenix offers settlement in airport death
Octuplets mom's doc expelled
Judge: Blago allowed on 'Apprentice'
H1N1 virus confirmed in Minnesota pig
CNBC falls for global warming hoax report
A federal about-face on medical marijuana
US to ease medical marijuana prosecutions
Attys told to get pot traffickers, not patients
Bankruptcy filing in church sex case
Dead Man Sits on Balcony for Days
Third DUI charge in 17 days
Child Falls 3 Stories and Lives
Doctor guilty of spiking lover's drinks
'Mouth tape' care worker sentenced
Eagle Scout Hires Lawyer to Appeal
Lots more planets found outside solar system
Microsoft Back To Basics For 7 Launch
First Microsoft Store Opens This Week
Rock Band now on iPhone & iPod touch
10 Ways to Be a Social Media A-Hole
Newspaper column sparks Twitter rage
Social networks, video coming to Xbox
Plastic Logic Offers Sneak Peek of E-Reader
Big web players pushing net neutrality
MLB Playoff Roundup
Zorn keeps job, loses duties
Brash Broncos back it up on MNF
Celebrities on Pumpkins
Leno's new time hurting affiliates
Clooney “Lonely and Incomplete”
Cyrus, Cattrall in “Sex and the City” Sequel
Larry Birkhead -- DA Tried Strong-Arming Me

Whitney's live wardrobe malfunction on 'X-Factor'!

Kanye West exorcises demon in video

Beyonce Bails on Malaysian Gig...Again
Kate Gosselin: My Kids Are Struggling

Of Local Interest:
Lawyer: I know who shot Spelman student
McKinney to pay election fines
Starved twins' mom gets 70 years
Driver charged in fatal van crash
1 year for teacher assault
Acquittal in Morehouse murder
Big gambling raid in Chamblee
Home invasion leads to shootout
SWAT called in after stabbing
Man shot dead by deputies
Ryla adding 1,500 temp jobs
No $ for Strother mistress
Burruss opens clothing boutique
How about CSI: Atlanta?
Gwinnett 'sinkhole' driver arrested
Atlanta's future depends on Kovalchuk
Call center hiring 1500 in Atlanta area
GSU president gets official welcome
No leads in Atlanta homicide
Gold Room opens on Gold Club site
New gaffe for SEC crew
Change in appraisals causing uproar
Stimulus for 'first responders'
Learning Curve: A miracle or mirage?
A day in the life of a school bus driver
Raided strip club in trouble before
Nonprofits' budgets down, need up

Crashes leading cause of teen deaths
Charges dropped against teen in beating death
Man Hospitalized After Shark Attack
Montana town revels in oil boom
Wayward manatee missing in NJ?
Power troubles in NJ delay trains
Historic Elk Hunt a Success
Police find hit-and-run truck

Dem stars coming to NJ for Corzine
Obama waits on finished health bill
School Day for Obama
Reid Acts Lax As Race Heats Up
Biden: Fix That Drafty Roof
Obama's popularity appears to be waning
Clinton, McAuliffe to stump for Deeds
The GOP's 2012 Line-Up
Black Ministers Split In Mayoral Race

As the World Turns:
Brazil vows to fight gangs
Pakistan Offensive Enters Third Day
White House Unveils Sudan Strategy
No Winner for Africa Governance Prize
Pacific Hurricane Rick weakens
Typhoon nears Philippines as toll rises
Irishwoman: Darfur kidnappers terrorized me
People smuggler crewed Tamil boat
Nigeria 'to give 10% of oil cash'
Germany sticks to guns on Opel deal
Concerns Remain High over NKorea
Japan's First Lady of Jeans

In Sport:
MLB Playoff Roundup
Zorn keeps job, loses play-calling duties
Brash Broncos back it up with a perfect record
Week 6 shows Saints are for real
Edwards' status uncertain after head injury
Cardinals' Boldin to undergo tests
Angels should try moving Vlad down
Vikings: 'Better to be lucky than good'
Johjima opts out of contract
Taylor released from hospital
Coyotes' Bryzgalov earns first star honors
Pac-10 players of the week

The Economy, Stupid:
Climate: The US Chamber's "Reversal"
IBM Puts Executive on Leave
US Launches New Housing Effort
Home builders' confidence slips in October
Are Fannie And Freddie Worthless?
CIT's $6bn loan offer from Icahn
Exxon Must Pay $104.7 mln in Damages
Hasbro Offers Optimism, Profit Rises
Oil rises on weaker dollar
Credit Woes Batter BB&T
Eaton profit tops forecast

Verizon touts Android's superiority
Twitter, Facebook CEOs Support Net Neutrality
Office 2010 to enter public beta next month
Microsoft plans to ring in Win 7
Gartner Eases Forecast for IT Decline
Nearly three dozen extrasolar planets found
Plastic Logic Offers E-Reader Sneak Peek
Mozilla Unblocks MS' Firefox Plugin
Rock Band App Hits iTunes
Sidekick Data Restoration Not Underway
What if Xbox LIVE Cost $100?
First MS Store Opens This Week
Are we due a wave of book piracy?

The Game:
Wheelspin Hands On
Resident Evil: The Darkside...
Food Network: Cook or Be Cooked
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2
Divinity II: Ego Draconis
Aliens vs. Predator Q&A
Risen Review
Lucidity Review