Monday, October 5, 2009

Today's Jog Blog
National Security Adviser Chides McChrystal
Advisor doesn't see Taliban back in power
A Voice Worth Heeding on Afghanistan
US soldiers killed as Taliban storm outpost
Bomb at UN Office in Pakistan Kills at Least 3
Soldier Donated Organs And Tissues To 75 People
Iran can build a nuclear bomb?
Iran To Obama- Take Opportunity
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is secretly ... Jewish?
Greenspan: Growth to come in 3rd quarter
IMF makes little headway on power shift
Todd Palin resigns from oil job

CNN in disbelief as
Chicago ousted from Olympics

Mudslides Follow Indonesia Quake
Heavy rains hold up search for bodies
Padang rescue efforts to last 10 days
Little hope of finding more alive
McDonald's Opens at the Louvre
Gas mask bra traps Ig Nobel prize
After Rescuing Boy, Man Proposes on TV
The bra that is meant to be taken off
Nearly Blind Gorilla Undergoes Eye Surgery
Nobel prize for chromosome find
Suspect arrested in Erin Andrews case
Alleged Peeping Tom Used Cell Phone
Judge to rule on bail in taping of Andrews
Swiss say would have arrested Polanski earlier
Polanski said he'd pay to end victim's lawsuit
Second Letterman lover steps forward
Secret pad is Letterman's top den
'SNL' zings David Letterman's difficulties
Dave Becomes Late Night Punching Bag
Ex-Gotti lawyer can't wait to grill Letterman
NFL roundup: Week 4
Week 4 in NFL Quotations
Dislocated kneecap for Stafford?
Brett Favre to Packers fans: 'Let it go'
Twins, Tigers set for 1-game playoff
History favors the Twins on Tuesday
Book says Ted Williams ' head battered at lab
Lady Gaga wrastles w/ Madonna
'Zombieland' top destination at box office
Moore's 'Capitalism' Makes Little Money
'Curb Your Enthusiasm' 'Seinfeld' reunion
Report: Jon clears out joint account
'Sesame Street' Meets 'Mad Men'
Maya Angelou well — despite reports
Rapper Bounty Killer banned in Trinidad
'Housewives' cast member's ex-fiance dies in fight
Suspect Arrested in Death of Housewives' Ex-Fiancé
'Housewives' stars react to beating death

Of Local Interest:
Fulton to inoculate kids first for swine flu
Woman, 21, found dead in her home
Atlantan accused of vandalizing airport
4 busted in 'stash house' case
Girl hit by bullet stable
New mother of triplets has stroke
Bible verses banned from GA. HS field
Cooler weather, chance of floods
Georgia hospitals rated ‘weak’
Ex-Falcon QB died alone
Atlanta Dream may have buyer
Good start to Thrashers tenth season
Tech students robbed at gunpoint... again
A response to Judge Arrington's response
Gospel music stirs crowd at Philips
Coke outsourcing data center to HP
RAIN: A Tribute to the Beatles
Atlanta hires Milwaukee parking firm

Plane stolen from Idaho found in WA clearcut
Calif. forest fire grows to 3500 acres
Authorities: Abducted newborn found in AL
1 mln 'Preemie' Babies Die Each Year: Report
Texting while driving cause for concern
No. 1 with a bullet train
Countdown to canonization
Domestic violence event will be Thursday
Texas Mayor Suicide?

Obama: Health Plan Will Boost Economy
The Supreme Court, Appealing
Obamas celebrate anniversary
Dems see rise in Jersey, fade in VA
Inquiries Sen. Ensign Are Anticipated
DNC gives Deeds $1 mln boost
Support for abortion rights down in survey
War of Words Over Health Care Cools
Why They're Wild About Palin
Four months & counting: Budget gets epic

As the World Turns:
Greek Socialists set for poll win
Why the Chinese support Communist party
Hamas slams 'reckless' delay of UN Gaza report
Cameron 'working for Euro vote'
Typhoon Parma kills 15 in the Philippines
Former Japanese Finance Minister Found Dead
Berlusconi visits Sicily after landslide kills 22
Nigerian rebels opt for peace
Washington Post Foreign Service
Pakistan in video beating probe
NK leader greets Chinese premier
Climate talks stall on targets, finance
Suu Kyi in Burma government talks

In Sport:
NFL roundup: Week 4
Week 4 in NFL Quotations
Dislocated kneecap for Stafford?
Brett Favre to Packers fans: 'Let it go'
No Olympic Armageddon
Twins, Tigers set for 1-game playoff
History favors the Twins on Tuesday
Spartans take two in a row
Donald grabs Dunhill Links lead
RB Smith active for Lions
What we learned in the Pac-10

The Economy, Stupid:
Blackstone Nears Parks Deal
Support for benefits boost, not stimulus
Huntington to take over Warren Bank
Meltdown 101: Unemployment by the numbers
Geithner: Too Soon to End Stimulus
T. rex fossil looking for new home
Jobs Data Hold Stocks Down
Credit Rules May Move Up
Madoff relatives sued for $199 million
Broken tax system defies easy repair
End to the Klamath War
Mayors tout diesel emission reduction plan
IBM Unveils A Web-based Email Competitor
Chip Sales Rose 5% in August
More businesses discovering social media
Mortgage delinquencies still rising
Senator questions 'smart' electric meters

Did Early Humans Start Walking for Sex?
Shortages on several Mac models?
Rolling Review: Win 7 Deployment Tools
Ardi explodes a human myth
Eric Schmidt's glass-half-full look at tech
iphone Better Off Without AT&T?
Facebook Attack Launches
Volcano's Inner Workings Visible in Rocks
Should Apple Open a Paid App Store?
FCC to revisit Net Neutrality in the US
Robot fish could prevent crashes
Probes' moon dives 'all about the water'
Apple plans Mighty Mouse makeover

The Game:
Gridrunner Revolution
Half-Minute Hero Hands On
The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings
Stoked: Big Air Edition Hands On
MySims Agents Review
Heroes Over Europe Review
Sony PSP Go Hands-On
PSP Go Hacked