Thursday, October 22, 2009

Today's Jog Blog
Man charged in alleged terrorist plot
Iran agrees to draft deal on uranium
Rival Ready for Runoff w/ Karzai
UN begins distributing Afghan ballots
Gunmen Kill Senior Pakistan Army Officer
Poland to Accept New US Missile Shield
Obama to aid small businesses
Fed: Improvement in housing
Obama to order sharp exec pay cuts
Does Obama have 'enemies list'?
Obama hits trail for NJ Gov Corzine
Obama, Hu vow to work for climate success
Airport guard accused of threats against Obama
Olbermann, others invited to WH. No Fox allowed
Grade schooler asks Obama where he was born
Bill blocked raising Medicare fees for MDs
Swine Flu not as prevalent as thought?
Dems Lock GOP Out of Committee Room
First Lady hula hoops & swivels for health
Get Motivated w/ George W. Bush!

Brewer Confuses Jackson for Sharpton

Atheist ads to adorn NY subway
Don't tase me in the chest, bro
UN: World failing to dent heroin trade
Gunman prays w/ clerk during robbery
Horse-sex scandal man in trouble again
Woman Sees Rudolph the
Red-Nosed Reindeer in Pork Chop
Microsoft Launches Windows 7
Google to unveil music search
Facebook to Take 1st Musical Step
Man actually buys wolf on Craigslist
Phillies blast Dodgers
to return to World Series
ESPN's Phillips 'mistress' taunts his wife
Fisher explains wearing Manning jersey
12 Cleveland Browns are sick with flu
Obama urged by Hatch to investigate BCS
Polanski May Choose to Face Charges

Retrial for Travolta Bahamas case
Rosie O'Donnell to Splitsville?
Nicole Richie Debuts Son "Sparrow"
Goss wants big money for appearances
Kanye West Is Not Dead
Ninja Turtles Movie Set for 2012
New Stephen King e-book delayed

Of Local Interest:
Dozens arrested in drug raids
Corps to release Lanier water
State employee sues Perdue over lost pay
Georgia job loss fifth worst
Parts of new Delta lease "anticompetitive"
Borders pushes eminent domain
Reed pushes Norwood to remove TV ad
Accomplices in Standard killing sought
Developer: Wife killed herself
Falcons release DJ Shockley
State executes pizza store killer
FAA probes jet's taxiway landing
Two Children Hit by Car
Three Teens Shot in Clayton County
SCANA seeks funding for expansion
'Other' voters emerge in ATL races
Jailed cop had history of exposing himself
Metro Atlanta gears up for census
Roswell man arrested in FBI sting
Masked man robs Statham food mart
My $290k home's worth what?

Jack Nelson, Famed Journalist, Dies At 80
Kerik's Mug Shot Is Released
PATH train accident injures 10
Sentence due for man in Ohio terror case
Idaho Man Charged w/ Poaching Wolf
Where does FLA stand on med. marijuana?
NC inmate speaks out about release

McDonnell up 12 pts. in new poll
Obama Gives Shout Out to "Friend"
Rubio gaining on Crist for Senate
White House Pulling an Alinsky on Fox?
Consumer advocates may join overseers
Voting Easy w/ Absentee Ballots
The gop's 2012 Line-Up
Brown's primary road gets smoother

As the World Turns:
22+ dead as trains collide in India
ASA to probe drowning dog climate ad
Rome goes fishing in Anglican pond
UK lawyer says Lockerbie bomber still alive
Patience in Afghanistan is a virtue
Fearing fresh attacks, Pakistan shuts schools
"Climate cooperation to help ties"
Man holds eight WCB staffers hostage
Israel should probe Gaza war - deputy PM
In Japan, Gates talks tough
Poland signs up to new US shield
Iraqi MPs fail to agree on election law
FBI nabs scientist on espionage
A Leader Delaying Lisbon Treaty?

In Sport:
Phillies blast Dodgers to return to World Series
Green returns to Green Bay
Ochocinco praises Tillman, Bears
Is Alabama a bunch of cheaters?
Penn State-Michigan at a glance
Marc Savard out w/ broken foot
Kiffin finally signs deal w/ Tennessee
Sympathy for the Umpires
Browns hammered by flu
NFL facing international crisis?

The Economy, Stupid:
Former 'car czar' slams US auto bosses
Bailout's hidden costs
Wells Fargo reports record profits
Morgan Stanley Returns to a Profit
States Post Widespread Job Losses
Obama to announce small biz aid efforts
Omnicom Group 3Q profit declines
Galleon to Wind Down Hedge Funds
US crude stocks up; gasoline off sharply
AMR swings to 3Q loss
Mortgage applications plummet

Apple's new unibody MacBook
Windows 7 ready to launch
Verizon CEO slams Net neutrality
Not much to tweet about in Twitter CEO talk
Microsoft CEO Talks in Fargo
Tiny Dinosaur Lived Among Giants
Can a Droid take on the Death Star?
'Giant' orb web spider discovered
GE unveils handheld ultrasound machine
Barnes & Noble's Kindle Killer?

The Game:
EA's Need for Speed joins 100 mln Club
The Games Industry's Redeemer: Halo
Astro Boy: The Game now available
Arts, Briefly Not-So-Fab Sales for Beatles
Heavily armed "Borderlands" hits US
Miyamoto talks Wii and future of gaming
GameStop Tumbles on Video Game Sales