Monday, October 26, 2009

Today's Jog Blog
Obama declares swine flu emergency
Obama kids NOT vaccinated for H1N1
Gibbs admits mistake in dealing with Fox
New Life for the Health Care Public Option?
White House confronts Chamber of Commerce
Top Chamber lobbyist decries WH 'name-calling'
Wall Street Reacts With Skepticism, Anger to Cuts
Republicans Gearing Up for 2010 House Races
In Hawaii, school's out for recession reasons
Baghdad bombings death toll rises to 155
NATO probes death of four Afghan civilians
US: 14 Americans killed in helicopter crashes
Pakistan bombs Taliban after capturing town
UN inspectors visit Iranian site
Iran to Decide on Deal In A "Few Days"
Global events mark magic number
Polar Bear Habitat Proposed for Alaska
Asean Summit Turns to Widening Free Trade
Mother-in-law says the BNP leader is a 'racist'
Madoff investor drowns in Florida pool
First Day of Karadzic Trial Adjourns
Lawyer blasts release of affidavit
In Defense of the 'Balloon Boy' Dad
Police ID amnesia girl
'Mermaid' girl dies
Dallas gives tix for no English
Mobile phones linked to brain tumors
Windows 7 Upgrade: Why and How
Facebook Revamps Homepage, News Feed
Facebook Makeover: Good, Bad, & Backlash
Nigeria arrests, shuts down online scammers
Man sets record, stuffing mouth w/ cockroaches
Einstein's theory of Gen Relativity flawed?
Rethinking relativity : Is time out of joint?
NASA's prototype rocket set for launch
Yankees back in World Series
Is A-Rod Hitting Homers Due to Buddhism?
ESPN fires Phillips after affair reports
NFL roundup
Griese apologizes for Montoya 'taco' remark
Hot Pass: Hamlin gets revenge on Johnson
Staying with NASCAR , Gibbs says
'Paranormal Activity' No. 1 at box office
Review: Von Trier's 'Antichrist' an atrocity
'Antichrist' should have been deep-666'd
'Antichrist' sure to shock, but it also awes
Disney expands refunds on `Baby Einstein'

New Zealanders Cancel Dead Bunny Toss

Biker Brad Pitt Has Run-In w/ Parked Car
Pitt's Bike Crash: What Really Happened?
Andrew Lloyd Webber has cancer
Madonna to launch Malawi girls school
Jackson Fans Set Thriller Dance Record
Kanye cleared in airport scuffle
Garth Brooks Sells Out Vegas Shows
Morrissey Stable After Collapsing on Stage
U2 gig streamed live on YouTube

Of Local Interest:
Cowboys crush Falcons 37-21
Georgia Tech at No. 11 in BCS
Philips Arena gets 2012 ACC tourney
Hudson, Braves resume talks
Animal control officer located
Gwinnett crime reports go online
Good stewardship and the mayor's race
Two men shot in SW Atlanta
Man shot w/ assault rifle on street
Some Flood Victims Still w/o Federal Aid
Car crashes into flower shop
Cause of death unknown for elderly woman
SCLC set for change at top
MARTA proposal deserves debate
Family still searching for missing man
Lilburn Resident: 'I Don't Like Muslims'
Fire Destroys "Tucker Women's Club"

More than 1000 tips in girl's death
Mom: I 'won't sleep' until killer found
Space industry arrives in New Mexico
Alaska lawmaker linked to corruption
Rockslide closes I-40 near TN border
Texas Polygamist Women Called "Pimps"
Teacher charged w/ stabbing baby son
Student bludgeoned to death in CA dorm

EPA commits to set air pollution rules
Snail-mail ads in NJ race for gov
Church janitor held in priest's death
global call for climate action
Mr. President, ignore the bullies
Obama may face fight on treaties
GOP officials: We won't abandon Dede
The Obama 'Thesis' Hoax
NYC mayor breaks spending record
Meet the First Family Now

As the World Turns:
Who is Abdullah Abdullah?
Pakistan brigadier dies in attack
Carey rejects BNP Christian claim
Canada to release one of 76 Tamils
Merkel: A Political 'Jurassic Park?'
Egypt train crash kills 18
Troop-Boost Plan Gains Backing
Op-Ed Contributor We Can Do It
Darfur gunmen kidnap aid worker
Scottish police review Lockerbie case
US Plans New Talks with Burma
Zelaya talks of a 'second coup'

In Sport:
Yankees back in World Series
NFL roundup
Griese apologizes for Montoya 'taco' remark
Hamlin gets revenge on Johnson
Staying with NASCAR , Gibbs says
Machida retains UFC title in decision
Swiss rolls over Lisicki
Gunnell has choice words for Clausen
Nationwide's rookies get education
NASCAR embraces diversity

The Economy, Stupid:
Amazon surges to all-time high
Raj: Relentless Pursuit of Data
Stocks End Week on a Down Note
Banks Piling Cash At Fed
Wal-Mart Announces Growth Plans
How Social Media Can Actually Work
Obama Seeks Support For Small Business
Icahn resigns as Yahoo director
Bank failures hit 106 on year
5¢ Deposits Set For Bottled Water
Should You Roth?

Americans Skeptical of Global Warming
Microsoft Feeds Hopes for a Recovery
Apple dumps Sun's ZFS
Facebook Revamps Homepage
Nokia says iPhone infringes on patents
Amazon Drops Kindle Pricing Again
T-Mobile's Project Dark Sees the Light
Net Neutrality FAQ: What's in it for You
Who will foot bill for wolves?
Will Hulu Charge For Content?
Breathing Room for the Bear
MS' new anti-virus program

The Game:
Dante's Inferno Preview
Left 4 Dead 2 Hands On
Assassin's Creed II
Panzer General: Allied Assault
Axel & Pixel Review
Borderlands Review
Tropico 3 Review