Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Today's Jog Blog
Obama rules out cutting troops in Afghanistan
Obama Talks Up Counterterrorism Efforts
Obama: Terrorists "Still Plotting" Attacks
Reid: Both parties assured war support to Obama
Obama Praises US Intelligence Efforts
Obama thanks counterterrorism employees
McChrystal is the talk of Washington
Key health care vote to be delayed
Gay Marriage Bill Introduced in DC
City to restaurant: Hands off Big Boy

Michael Moore And Hannity Face Off

Oil, gold surge; $ dominance questioned
Justices question animal cruelty law
Czar criticizes schools for heterosexuality?
Ohio governor halts executions
Scientist reproduces Turin shroud
Venezuela's video game crackdown
Andrews 'hell-bent' to testify in case
Nude Filming Suspect Out on Bail
Woman mistakes hearing aid for Milk Dud
Twins' resiliency leads them to postseason
A game so compelling no one will forget it
Limbaugh, Checketts bid for Rams
Source: 49ers, WR Crabtree reach deal
Swiss refuse bail for Roman Polanski
Mel Gibson's DUI Erased
Chris Rock Sued for $5 mln
'Fantasy Island' Reality Show Unveiled
Unreleased Jackson 5 songs set for release
Family may have tried to sell baby
Fishermen hook 748-pound shark
Woman throws dog at arresting officer

Of Local Interest:
DeKalb man wins $9 million for damaged penis
Man Held in Spelman Co-ed Death
School tells boy he can't dress like girl
Deal sorry for ‘ghetto' remark
Man killed 2 days before parole
U2 rocks Georgia Dome
Cop arrested in domestic dispute
2nd arrest in auto shop killling
Exorcism claimed at Berry College
Lottery jackpot hits $145M
DeKalb jury: Man didn't kill tot
Road rage spurs assault
4 kids burned in apartment fire
Board OKs Midtown club plan
ATL gets Black College Football HOF
Caleb King breaks jaw vs. LSU
Death for 6-year-old's killer
New Details in 'Housewives' Death Case
Tyler Perry reveals childhood abuse
Reed campaigners robbed at gunpoint
Judge Not Keen on GA Water Appeal
Falcons hold Hometown Huddle
King's jaw fractured in LSU game
SW ATL home invasion wounds two
Beluga Whales Move Due to Noise

BET Co-Founder Apologizes for Attack
Ex-Liberal Party Boss Pleads Guilty
NY power broker guilty in pension probe
Two More Guilty in Pay-to-Play Probe
Former Yale lab tech appears in court
Machete, Knife Used In Brutal Slaying
US to detain migrants in converted hotels
Motorcycle Gang Indicted in W.VA
Trial begins in girl's hypothermia death
Lawsuit says TX must regulate CO2
Cooler weather aids CA firefighters

Paterson orders state agencies to cut 11 pct
Castle boosts GOP chances in Delaware
US Making 'Real Progress' in Terror Fight
ACORN: A Cautionary Tale
Perez Confirmed by U.S. Senate
Bloomberg Picks Up Liberal Support
President to Address Gay Rights Group
Ensign's 1st words regarding ethics invest.
Grayson Unlikely to Face GOP Reprimand

As the World Turns:
US warns Iran may face more sanctions
Iran Plans Centrifuges at Nuke Site
Dalai Lama urges US to address rich-poor
New Greek cabinet named, focus on econ.
Migration reform needed, says UN
A look at key suspects in Rwanda's genocide
Scepticism over N Korea's talks offer
Submerged Manila faces disease threat
Sumatra quake: Aid worker's diary
Taliban claim responsibility for UN blast
Britain betrayed over Lisbon referendum
Cameron confesses to history of hunting
Zelaya mistrusts Honduras talks
Zimbabwe: Land - Why We Deserve Justice

In Sport:
Vikings win a tale of two stars
Sources: White Sox stick with Garcia
Most basic throw beyond Romo's range?
Battle for Palladium: More than a trophy
If Crabtree's talking, what's changed?
Serena Is Back At No. 1
Sure, Huskies lost, but what a game
More injury issues for Oregon

The Economy, Stupid:
A Greener, Cheaper Winter
Retail sales to show slump may persist
Hybrids less costly at pump, not shop
Emerson to buy Avocent for $1.2 bln
Commodities surge drives stocks higher
Discord In Chamber Of Commerce
For Gourmet, The Unkindest Cut of All
Michelin Man, tire-tossing superhero
US Treasury sells $39 bln of 3-year notes
Pepsi Bottling Reports Weak Quarter
Playboy promotes company insider to pres.
St. Jude tumbles on weak sales report
NY jury hears Vivendi class action case
Sternlicht, Ross Strike Deal

Win Mobile 6.5 Woos Enterprise
FTC Sets Endorsement Rules for Blogs
Verizon to sell 2 Google phones this year
Gmail also hit by e-mail phishing scheme
Palm's Full Monty
Study Asks $10 Trillion for Climate
Wireless carriers uneasy on 'Net neutrality'
IBM Invents Gene Sequencer On A Chip
HTC HD2 revealed with HTC Sense
EPA planning retest of water
Sitting out Google Wave
Toyota - green sportscar w/ Subaru engine
Ceatec--gadget extravaganza in Japan

The Game:
Call of Duty the Movie?
Lust for LEGOs?
'ODST' refreshes Halo franchise
PopCap lands $22.5 million
Wal-Mart selling used video games
Wii sales get price-cut boost
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Review