Thursday, November 19, 2009

Today's Jog Blog

Obama to end tour w/ talks on N. Korea
Obama calls on NK to end nuclear provocation
Obama brothers meet in China
Obama: KSM will get death penalty
Holder defends plan to try terrorists in NYC
Six-year jail term for Sears Tower plotter
Mother refuses deployment to Afghanistan
EU, Russia agree on climate, energy fields
Israel brushes off criticism over Jerusalem
Iran rejects sending uranium abroad
Obama says he's not losing weight

Graham to Holder: Mirandize Osama bin Laden?

Karzai sworn in, vows to combat corruption

Senate Health Bill Totals $849 Billion
At 2074 pages and $849 billion, bill arrives
Stimulus official: Can't certify job stats
Madoff yachts net 2 mil dollars at auction

Palin: Newsweek cover is sexist
Tina Brown: Palin Newsweek not sexist
Crowds Flock To 'Going Rogue' Tour
Karl Rove memoir coming in March
S.C. gov. to face ethics charges

Byrd longest-serving
member of Congress... ever!

Maersk Alabama Evades 2nd Attack
Somali pirates can't be beaten at sea?

Study: No clergy abuse, gayness tie

New CA Rules Ban Inefficient TVs
Postal Service ends Santa letter program

Driver texting drug deal hits biker
Toddler helps mom give birth

Browns would give LeBron a shot
NFL Coach Man Enough to Cry

DJ w/ dark makeup
kicked out of Sosa party

Depp named People's "sexiest man alive"
Tim Burton unveils his artwork at MoMA

Janet: MJ 'May Have Been In Denial'
Dupri, Jackson breakup confirmed

Richie Hospitalized For Pneumonia

Martha Stewart Slams Rachael Ray

Bon Jovi Tops Albums Chart

Of Local Interest:
Lowery endorses Reed, blasts turnout
Ex-fiancé of 'Housewife' died of sickle cell
Students caught having sex
Channel 2 truck explodes
Murder suspect cuts bracelet, flees
DeKalb invasion leads to chase
Fighting Facebook teacher quits
Deadline approaches for flood loans
Researchers discover kudzu-muncher
Sony Ericsson to Move HQ to Atlanta
Coca Cola Debuts Sustainable Bottles
Fulton courts fear deep cuts
Fees going up for GA college students
Rockettes kickin' it at the Fox
Georgia's tax system hits poorest?
Child poverty spreading in Georgia?


Teen to be tried as adult in death of girl
UC fee raises go beyond reason
Police seek TJ Maxx robbery suspects
Sunflower crop could set record in Dakotas
Stuck barge freed from Virginia beach
Icy oil spill easier to clean: scientists

Barr: Gitmo Detainees
Obama sits down with FNC
Senate panel oks food regulation
Abortion-rights backers join ad fray
Crist to attend RGA meeting after all
Hutchison Chases Texas Right
Conservative 'unconcedes' in House race
Obama: Key to success is improvement

As the World Turns:
Afghan corruption a political obstacle
UN official questions commitment
'Critical moment' for Afghanistan
Iraq January Election on Hold
Nato delays talks on Afghan forces
Poor women 'bear climate burden'
Ukrainian gas fees to rise
Obama Calls for Tibet Talks
Tamils end asylum ship stand-off
Germany to extend Afghan mission

In Sport:

Scioscia tops in AL
Rockies, Tracy agree to extension
Algeria gain World Cup revenge
Eagles' Westbrook out vs. Bears
Executive Editor, GolfWorld
Galaxy logo makes Space Needle debut
Gap play is working against USC
Cent. Arkansas-Kansas Preview
Subtle tweaks elevate Greinke's game
Shanahan still shines after retirement

The Economy, Stupid:

Hershey Hungry, Kraft Has Cash
DirecTV appoints Pepsi exec White as CEO
Wells Fargo to Buy $1.3 bln in Debt
Shut up, Lloyd Blankfein!
Slow rate hikes of '04 may haunt Fed
Fewer 2010 Cars Pass New Safety Tests
Russia ready for deeper emissions cut: EU
Thanksgiving travel will be up this year
Gold Glitters for Investor Paulson
Housing starts, permits dip in October
US stocks sink on construction decline


MS unveils Office 2010 public beta
Rumors of a GPhone refuse to die
Nokia to Stake Its Future on Maemo
Shuttle Atlantis arrives at space station
IBM lab builds computerized cat brain
Azure: MS' Next Great Product?
Google set to promote Chrome extensions
Apple and China Mobile still in talks
EU Rebuked Over Intel Case
Sony Ericsson slashes US presence
Police make "trojan" virus arrests

The Game:

College Lacrosse 2010 Commentary
Napoleon: Total War First Impression
3D Dot Game Heroes Hands On
Raskulls Hands On
Maestro! Jump in Music
Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight
Need for Speed: Nitro Review