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Jog Blog 3-22-09

Today's Jog Blog

Historic health bill passes
Health care overhaul bill heads to Obama's desk
Obama lauds House for passing health care bill
Arrests Inside Capitol During Health Care Votes

Rove takes on David Plouffe Sunday over reform

Clinton Makes Fun of Himself, Obama, Press
Bernanke: Bailouts ‘Unconscionable,’ Must End

Tliban commanders: We train in Iran
1000s rally on Iraq anniversary
Iraqi Election Commission Rejects Recount
Blair brought back to help in UK election
Netanyahu to meet Obama, raise Palestinian issues

Chinese show attack U.S. Grid

Pope apologizes to victims of child abuse
Pope apology falls short for victims

British Airways Claims Victory over Union

Volcano erupts in Iceland
Sandstorm turns Beijing sky orange
3 killed after planes collide over Fla.

Steve Jobs Talks About His Liver Transplant

Fonda organizing World Fitness Day

Northern Iowa Beats # 1 Seed Overall Kansas
March Madness Draws Record Online Viewing

Woods 'nervous' about Masters

'Alice' Leads the Way in Week 3

Jackson's Ambulance Report Could Nail Dr

Star Jones undergoes heart surgery

Rosie working on a new daytime show
Mike Tyson's pigeon show ruffles PETA

Ivanka Trump's Stalker Arrested in Reno
16-y-o charged in Wal-Mart bias incident
12-y-o girl behind botched transient-beating game
Sushi restaurant closed for serving whale

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