Thursday, March 18, 2010

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Obama says he's confident HC will pass
Dems, Shy of Votes, Hunt for Health Care
Kucinich, Others Jump on Board Healthcare
Pelosi: No CBO score yet, Sat. vote unlikely.
Carter Laments 'Unprecedented' Partisan Divide
Hawaii considering law to ignore Obama 'birthers'
Levin to Sue If Dems Pass Healthcare Without Vote
How the use of procedural tactic works
Senate approves jobs bill
NY to holdback $500 million in tax refund checks
Clinton in Russia for nuke, Mideast talks

Obama Says ‘Louisiana Purchase’
Will Help With the Earthquake in Hawaii

Bachus Wants TARP Hearing over SEC's 'blind eye'
$160M Wachovia fine a record

Biden mistakenly blesses Irish leader's mother

Obama hoping Tiger, family work it out

'Jihad Jane' due in court in Philadelphia

Defamation suit against Winfrey to proceed
44 of 172 Detroit schools slated to close in June
Thieves steal $75 million in prescription drugs

'Leprechaun' shot, killed in robbery
Nation, World Go Irish for a Day

Swiss priest resigns after confessing sexual abuse
Irish Cardinal Apologizes for Sex Abuse Scandal
Episcopal Church OKs 2nd Gay Bishop
Woman tries to be world's fattest
Man arrested for urinating on women in NJ

Thai PM's House Latest Bloody Target
Pakistan Indicts Five Americans
US drone 'killed key al-Qaeda man'
US: Ties with Israel "unshakable"

Cuba Arrests 30 Dissidents in Havana Protest

Blockbuster close to bankruptcy
State suspends hunt for wolves that killed teacher

Glenn Beck Denounces 'Born in the USA'

Sandra Bullock blindsided by husband?
Bullock Skips London Premiere, Hysteria Ensues
Poor Sandra! Hubby's alleged mistress tells all

Amanpour, ABC Reach Deal
Sandler to Produce Show?

Sony Wants Fruit, not Popcorn in Cinemas
Panasonic Sells Out of 3-D TVs
Anne Frank remained a storyteller

New York to LA in 37 minutes?

Airline Crew Face Jail In Dubai Over Sexy Texts

'All Black People' Asked to Leave NJ Wal-Mart

Lacey Booted, Urban survives on "AI"

Alex Chilton of 'Big Star' dies
Chilton: SXSW mourns late Big Star singer

Pets found in filth in Norcross
No suspect in fatal MARTA shooting
State jobless rate hits record 10.5%
Conyers woman is Playboy's Miss April
1 dead in recording studio invasion

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