Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Today's Jog Blog

Obama signs student loan reforms into law
Fortune 500 companies push for repeal of bill
Insurers to comply with rules for children
Reform spells 'dangerously expanded' IRS?
Large cap companies charge millions for care
Feds investigate death threats to IRS agents
McCain says Obama could repeal healthcare bill
Obama energy plan would open up Gulf drilling

Meyers fired as strip-club scandal taints GOP
Fired RNC staffer recruited young donors

Karl Rove heckled by protester at book signing

Marine's dad ordered to pay protesters' court fees

Canada tells Clinton troops are leaving
Afghan Pres. ends talks with insurgents
Top U.S. military officer gets earful from Afghans
Pakistan: Troops kill 30 alleged militants
Kenya vetoes Somali wish for troops in Mogadishu
US general apologises for anti-gay remarks
CIA: Iran capable of producing nukes
Rebels in Colombia release captive held 12 years

Twelve killed by twin bombings in Russia
Putin: Bombing masterminds will be caught
NYC rail cops carry automatic weapons
Final suspect in raid on militia group arraigned

Obama, Sarkozy chummy at meeting
French burka ban 'unconstitutional'
Report shows G20 split on bank pay
Volcker 'optimistic' regulation will pass
Ireland lays out plan to help banks
Man jumps from Empire State Building

German Catholics Set Up Abuse Hotline
Cardinal accuses Chavez of persecuting foes

Palin’s ‘Stories’ debuts Thursday
Frat boys prank Glenn Beck fans
CNN ratings drop 50% in past year

Japanese rape fantasy video game under fire
Remains of 21 babies found in Chinese river
Robbers tunnel into Parisian bank
Hotel staffer calls bomb threat for day off
Girl's suicide increases urgency to prevent bullying

More flooding threatens storm-weary East
Mass., RI declare rain emergencies
United Jet Comes Within 200 Feet of Plane

Chinese boy has 15 fingers and 16 toes?

Speeding 'cushion' may dwindle due to recession
Charter school moonlights as a nightclub

Google CEO pay down 52%, stock worth $5.3 Bln
Yale, Google can't agree on email switch
Fla. deputy uses Google Earth to make arrest
US tech coalition calls for new online privacy law

Geneva atom smasher fires up to unlock Big Bang
Australia reveals prototype 'bionic' eye
NASA to help find cause of acceleration problems

Pa. university to give all students iPads
The Next Generation iPhone May Be HD
Twitter unveils a brand new homepage look

McNabb rumors swirl in Oakland
Pondexter Heads to NY in Big WNBA Deal

MJ's Father Plans Wrongful Death Suit

`DWTS' Dismisses Its First Celeb
Kate: "I Definitely Checked Out"

Idol Alum Arrested in Girlfight
'Stand and Deliver' teacher dies

Lohan Tweets Her Rage at Lopez

Heidi Montag moves out on Spencer Pratt?
Mixed reaction to Ricky Martin's gay revelation
Rare comic of Superman debut fetches $1.5 million

Jesse James Seeks Professional Help
James' 'friend' doesn't like word 'mistress'

Rip Torn Exits Rehab and Pleads Not Guilty

Tourist actually tried to stay at Schrute Farms
'Lost's' Yunjin Kim gets married in Hawaii

Wilson a 'diva' while shooting AT&T ads?

Deal: Complaint part of political conspiracy
Georgia courts to bar jurors from Web
Gwinnet tree-trimming bully arrested
Dalai Lama to return to Emory
Sen. Johnny Isakson back in hospital
Parents stand by teacher at 'dirty dancing' trial
Georgia GOP files impeachment against Baker