Friday, March 19, 2010

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Obama Cancels Asia trip to focus on health care
Dems on track to pass $940B health bill
A look at the health care overhaul bill
GOP: Govt. Accountants Can't Predict Exact Price
Bill Would Add 3.8% Tax on Unearned Income
Health overhaul to cut deficit by $100 billion: Hoyer
Obama Team Behind Astroturf Letter Campaign?
Top Blue Dog: Bypassing health Vote is 'Poison'
Dem Whip: health care vote plan ‘disingenuous’
Repubs lose bid to have up-or-down vote
Nuns in U.S. support bill despite bishops' opposition
Beck, Iowa Rep: Sunday vote 'affront to God'
Obama signs $17.6 billion jobs bill
Obama Effigy Hung at RI School
27% of Israelis think Obama is anti-Semitic

Obama, Clinton fundraiser admits $292 Mln fraud
100,000 Fed Workers Owe $962 Mln in Back Taxes

New Congressman Sleeps in His Office

Gay soldier arrested for cuffing self to WH fence
Prosecutor investigating Walmart racial comment

Yemen preacher urges jihad on United States
'Jihad Jane' pleads not guilty
American says she didn't plot to kill artist

Putin: Russia to Start Iran Nuke Plant in Summer
Clinton, Russia at Odds over Plant
Russia to Drill for Oil in Gulf of Mexico
Russian, U.S. Astronauts Return to Earth

North Korea executes official for blunder

Fisher Price Launches iPhone Apps For 2-Year-Olds
Password-stealing virus targets Facebook users
Scammers Use Texts To Get Credit Card Info
Facebook Co-founder launches nonprofit 'Jumo'
Google Maps Test Ads in Australia
Handset Maker Vows to Fight Apple Patent Lawsuit
Amazon Releases Kindle For Mac
Viacom, YouTube air dirty laundry

Conan, FOX Talking . . .
Time Warner Weighs $1.5 Bln MGM Studio Bid
Jobless Americans will be focus of next 'Apprentice'
British Airways, union in last-minute strike talks

March Madness Roundup
NCAA tournament - Georgetown loses to Ohio
Ready for a 96-team NCAA tournament?
Big East Is a Bust on a Day of Buzzer Magic

Blockbuster CEO: Movie’s not over yet

Warren Buffett Plays Axl Rose In Geico Commercial

Porn Star Releases Tiger 'Sexts'

Oscar Curse: Win Gold, Lose Man?
How Sandra Found Out
Jesse James Still Texting Mistress?

Fess Parker, ‘Davy Crockett’ Star, Has Died

Music lovers lose Big Star
Alex Chilton Eulogized in Congress

Six Spring break Rapes Reported in Daytona
Russian Couple Dies Making Love in Cold
French woman convicted of killing 6 newborns
Man charged with pimping wife on CraigsList

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