Monday, March 29, 2010

Today's Jog Blog


In visit to war zone, Obama prods Afghans
US troop deaths double in Afghanistan
UK forces to leave Helmand under Afghan Plan
No 'special relationship' between UK and US: MPs
White House: No Netanyahu snub intended
Barbara Bush hospitalized

Palin to tea party rally: Don't sit down, shut up
Dems, GOP spar over Obama's recess appointments
Tensions Flare as Obama Uses 'Recess' Power
Obama plans strong hand with Congress
Rep. apologizes for anime-nuke Facebook comment
Hysteria over New York Times execs' bonuses

At least 3 arrests after FBI raids in Midwest
Militia members arrested in raid to be charged
Hu Sentenced to 10 Years Jail on Secrets

NK accuses US and SK of disturbing border
Divers try again to reach wrecked SKorean ship
153 trapped in China coal mine
Thai PM, protesters meet again after live TV talks

Moscow Metro explosions kill at least 35
Thousands protest Putin in Russia
G8 focuses on Iran sanctions

Christian pilgrims mark Palm Sunday in Jerusalem

Pope ridicules 'petty gossip'
Swiss president wants pedophile priest register

Man arrested for drunkenly giving CPR to possum
Gunmen steal six figures from Swiss casino
Police kill ax-toting man in CA market

First 'prostidude' leaves Shady Lady Ranch

2010 Final Four Schedule is set
Michigan State Returns to Final Four
Where have we seen the Butler story before?

Yankees players highest-paid in world
Cardinals’ Porter arrested for DUI
Drunk driver called 911 on self

iPad to ship out April 12
Who will buy the iPad?

"Dragon" Knocks "Alice" off Perch
'Robin Hood' to Open Cannes Film Festival

Uma's 'Motherhood' earns $13 first day

Fox cancels 24
At End of Day, Show & Hero Had to Retire

Damon gets 'mid-career' achievement award
Stars Tease Damon for Bad Breath, Hair Plugs

Sandra Bullock pregnant by Jesse James?
Father of James' 'other woman' defends daughter
Exotic Photos Of James' 3rd Mistress Surface

Kardashian, Bush deny new loves

Bieber, Rihanna perform at Kids'Awards 2010
Alyssa Milano Series Gets Start Date
Kate Spends 35th Birthday Away From Kids

Skin-whitening cream found at Jackson home
Documents: Anesthetic found in Jackson home
MJ was resuscitated for 10 mins at UCLA

Hawks win 8th straight at home
GA house votes yes to ins. over state lines
Thousands audition for Aniston movie
Man shot, killed outside nightclub