Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Jog Blog 3-3-2010

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Senate vote extends jobless aid
Bunning's one-man filibuster is over

Bunning: "This is a Senators-only Elevator!"

Obama Poised to Amend Health Care
Obama says he will go for nuclear route
Dems Ready for Final Push
Romney's Book Hints at 2012 Run
Zuckerman says not running for Senate
Paterson Says He Won't Resign Gov. Office
Rangel: No plans to step down from committee
Jerry Brown will try to be Cali's governor again
Perry defeats Hutchison in Texas GOP primary

Senate taking whacks at NHTSA, Toyota
Toyota Sales Drop 8.7% in America
Toyota's pain Equals Others' Gains
Ford Beats GM for First Time since '98
AIG Execs May Get Bonuses
Post Office Pushes Halt for Saturday Deliveries

Porsche Unveils 'Green' Supercar

High court looks at reach of 2nd Amendment
High Court Leans to Gun-Rights Side
FCC to Call for Government Data Overhaul
Coffee Party wakes up US radicals
Coffee Party movement : Alternative to tea
Coffee Party: Calmer, Cooperative, Boring Tea Party

ACORN Cleared of Prositution Scandal
'Climategate' Head Admits 'Awful Emails'
Sen. Graham: Cap and Trade Plan Dead

D.C. Gay Couples Can Marry this Week

BBC presenter Dies from 'Solo Sex Game'
Cheese Shoplifter gets 8 Years for $3.99
Student Kills College Roommate for Snoring

Chile struggles to stop looting
Bachelet urges Chile survivors to stay calm
Uganda landslides kill dozens
Drought Threatens Syria's Economy

Dubai Limits Israeli Entry After Killing
Pakistan Charges 5 Americans with Terrorism
Gen. Petraeus Sees Progress in Iraq

Topeka Renames Itself 'Google'
Google Defends 'Street View' in Germany
Five European States Back Burka Ban

Missing teen's body believed found

Insurer launches medical marijuana coverage
Pot found in 5th grader's Fruity Pebbles
Man arrested snorting drugs off police car

Hundreds of fish fall out of the sky
Priest spent €17k on chat lines & whores

Apple trying to store your video in the cloud
‘Boobie’ App Slips Past Apple’s Sex Ban
How Apple, Google Romance Turned To Hate
Google Wave Gets a Smarter API

Tiger Woods out of therapy, focusing on golf

LeBron switching numbers?

RoboThespian I am a Machine

Leno Crushes Letterman in Return
Dustin Hoffman cast in new HBO series

'American Idol' Top 10 Men Step It Up
'Idol' judges give male semifinalists praise
Woman claiming to be Diddy's wife jailed

Courthouse fire delays Lil Wayne sentencing
Jessica Simpson `little bit angry' with John Mayer
Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood vie for ACM award

Smithsonian refuses O.J. Simpson suit

Police Want Naomi Campbell After Limo Attack

MJ Nephew Investigated for
Shocking Cousins with Stun Gun

'Dancing With the Stars' lineup announced
Disney and Cablevision Take ABC Fight Public

Roger Ebert goes on Oprah

Timberlake cast in 'Bad Teacher'

Kevin Smith on media coverage of Fatgate
Spider-Man sent to unemployment line
'Hurt Locker' producer barred from Oscars
World of Letters, Oxford, Mourn Loss of Hannah

Axl Rose NYC's Biggest Party Boy?
Garth Brooks Sells Out Concerts In Vegas

10 Incredible Geeky LEGO Creations

17 Images You Wont Believe Arent Photoshopped

AirTran swimsuit plane riles some
PETA claims animal abused at circus
Georgia ranks high for foodborne illness

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