Friday, March 13, 2009

Today's Jog Blog
Dow gains nearly 240 on a day of good news
China's premier worried for US investments
GM 'does not need March funding'
Obama: Economy not as bad as we think
Geithner: ‘Many’ Banks Will Repay TARP
Tough Going for Geithner on Capitol Hill
Pelosi dampens idea of second stimulus
Chanting Teachers Take Over Building
Stewart, Cramer square off over meltdown
Judge orders Madoff jailed immediately
Madoff leaves in handcuffs
Madoff admits $50bn fraud scheme
Victim wishes long life for Madoff in jail
FBI raids office of Obama appointee
Technology chief on leave after FBI raid
Iraqi Shoe-Thrower Sentenced to 3 yrs
The Arrogance Of Newspapers Is Astonishing
Space station has close
call with piece of junk
Showered w/ gifts on Dr. Phil
TMZ watched Octomom's birth tape?
Missouri Family Will Keep Cave
Man survives Niagara Falls plunge
Cooper Fam. Files For Death Certificate
Anna Nicole's ex-companion, doctors charged
Anna's Creepy Doc: Revealed Here First
Chris Brown Fires Entire Staff

Joaquin Gets Wacky w/ Heckler

New "Idol' judges" veto divides fans
McCartney Ticket
Sales Break World Record
Hasselhoff's Ex Arrested for DUI
Miley Cyrus fan club OKs settlement
Sting to sell wines from his vineyard

Of Local Interest:
End to new car taxes clears Ga. House
Atlanta climbs on late-loan list
Court upholds handgun ban in airport
Probation officers arrested in porn sweep
Man arrested for streaking through lobbies
A Tech surprise at ACC tourney
Ga. 400 overpass jump kills woman
Michael Vick To Play In The UFL?
Device destroyed in car was propane tank
Can Clayton schools make the grade?
Burglars hit dep't store 2nd time
Board member: Ethics law unconstitutional
Rain could dampen St. Pat’s parade
Atlanta clan has ties to casino firm
Three sue Kennesaw, allege racism
Trees take root on Beltline
Flat-screen TV grabbed from pizza rest.
Atlanta Ballet director stepping down
Songbirds swoop in from overseas

Town pulls together after killings
Gunman had lists, others targeted
Shooter killed 10, then himself
Tallest US building to get new name
Hit-And-Run Suspect At Airport
VA - $164 Mln for Energy Efficiency
Group finds carcinogens in bath products
TX man executed for stabbing neighbor
Blizzard hits Dakotas, Minnesota
Maine to get $158M for schools

Senate Panel Backs Kirk for Trade Post
Legislators plan to evade stimulus rebuff
NYC mayor denies wealth is intimidating
Steele says he supports choice in abortion
Murphy Gaining Fast on Tedisco
Coleman vs. Franken contest drags on

As the World Turns:
Aid workers abducted in Darfur
Pakistani police stop protest convoy
Pakistan Lawyers Vow to Hold Islamabad Rally
Pakistanis describe rising tension
Helicopter crashes off Canada coast
Shooting Previewed in Chat Room?
Doubts arise over threat by gunman
German gunman 'warned of attack'
Why should N. Korea launch a missile?
Widow 'numb' at policeman murder
Hamas issues criticism of Gaza rockets
Understanding the 'Scholar Pope'
Zimbabwe cabinet nominee is freed

In Sport:
Syracuse tops UConn in 6-OT epic
Oklahoma, Kansas fall in Big 12 openers
Mickelson leads
Papelbon calls Ramirez 'a cancer'
Vonn wins Super-G title
Drivers: Goodyear has improved tires
NASCAR Hits the Fan
Tiger making stroke-play debut
Compromise plan to help PGA sponsors
Fujikawa confident after play in Honda

The Economy, Stupid:
PA foreclosures outpace nation
Retail Sales Show Some Stabilization
Obama, Geithner on Global Economy
Chu to OPEC: Cutting prod. will harm econ.
Putnam CEO puts posi. spin in economy
Canada feeling US downturn, RBC says.

BofA Officially Biggest Bank in US
BofA stops offering 'doctor loans'
EBay Outlines 3 yr Revival Plan
Pfizer rallies on cancer drug
GE Loses S&P’s AAA Rating
The world's billionaires
Roche finally wins Genentech
Steel producer shares tumble
Nortel could sell biggest divisions

Apple plans iPhone 3.0 preview
Apple releases iTunes 8.1
GrandCentral will be Google Voice
"Stop complaining about iPod Shuffle"
Sprint builds on the (LG) Rumor
News Bits: Hulu Gets Social
New Facebook home page
Californians Love Their Landlines
"Netbooks" Play Sidekick To Laptop
Suit: Airline lost Xbox 360

Obama: 'Sense of drift' ails NASA
MIT chips away at lithium ion barrier
Space junk threat worries space station
Scientists warn: 'irreversible' shifts
Pfizer Hopes To Keep Sutent Successes Coming
Copter offers practical physics lessons
New record for kidney transplants
Mental stress spirals with economy
Heart Disease And Salt Intake

The Game:
MadWorld Review
Family group slams Nintendo
Disney reveals new racing game
Tom Clancy's HAWX Review
X-Men Origins Trailer
Res. Evil 5 keeps the franchise alive
Disability no barrier to gaming

The Life:
Seasteading: The New Frontier?
Most Unique Golf Courses in N. Am.
Roselyn's Rules of Attraction
Wingman Tips
Manly Vegetarian Meals?
Unhealthiest Seafood