Thursday, March 5, 2009

Today's Jog Blog
Let Them Eat Logos!

Brown: U.S., Britain to tackle world ills
Brown tells Congress of 'econ hurricane'
"US should lead world out of recession"
Did Brown succeed in Washington?
China ups budget spending; Europe awaits rate cuts
Stocks move higher after 5 days of selling
Obama names FL boss as FEMA chief
Prez Obama is more popular than ever
Moderates Uneasy w/ Obama Budget
"Most US voters question auto aid"
Feingold to Oppose Spending Bill
1 in 5 mortgage holders are underwater
New health reform effort begins
Summit to study road ahead on healthcare
The Geography of a Recession
Estrich To Dems: Don't Attack Rush
Kennedy to receive honorary knighthood
Barbara Bush has open heart surgery
Iran's 1st nuclear plant in summer
Obama targets waste in contract process
Leahy calls for truth commission on torture
Specter Opposes Commish on Interrogation
Professor Calls Cops After
Student Gives Pro-Gun Presentation
Medical marijuana passes IL. House
OMG! Italy not to text during Lent
TV linked to higher asthma risk
Barbie Ban Going Too Far?
Octu-mom made frantic 911 call
Report: Cowboys cut TO
A-Rod to skip Classic?
'American Idol' selects 3 more finalists
Blind singer advances on ‘American Idol’
'Watchmen' forgettable after opening blast?
True confessions of a 'Watchmen' fanboy
Robin Williams hospitalized!
Rihanna's Blood In Brown's Car
Rihanna: Role Model No More?
Miley Tells All in New Book
Paul & Ringo Together
Ex-NASCAR driver
busted, made moonshine
Producer: 'Bachelor' finale not fixed
Twitter & the Fallon Experiment

Of Local Interest:
ATL On Top 10 List of Unhappy Cities
Man commits suicide at state Capitol
Sunday alcohol sales bill withdrawn
Bill would limit number of embryos
House & Senate agree on voter proof
Feds give small GA banks $88.5 mln
Alleged ATL terrorist to represent himself
4 charged in flat-screen theft ring
Cop implicated in Wachovia Bank heist
Councilman puts toilet to good use
Woman's BF jailed in infant murder
Officer Saves Two Men from Burning Apt.
Dhawan: Econ. turnaround by mid-'10

Minn. wrestling tourney starts w/ 1st girl
Mexico troops enter drug war city
Sup. Court rules amputee can sue Wyeth
Man can sue Vatican for alleged abuse
Tim Cahill flip-flops on lottery
Levy suspect kept her photo in his cell
Cal. court reviews gay marriage ban
33 Towns Want Nuke Plant Closed
Arrests in 4-year-old's abduction in Maine
Man trying to save parking spot run over
California featured at world IT trade show
Insurance staffers claim $216M jackpot

Libertarians lose anti-stimulus fight in NH
A national healthcare reform primer
Obama names Genachowski as FCC chair
Obama takes aim at US defense contracts
Obama Takes Heat Over Tanking Markets
Co. Official Leads Race for Emanuel Seat
Gun amendment clouds voting rights bill
Ignorance, racism and ' gun control'

As the World Turns:
Ukrainian sec. service raids gas firm HQ
Tribunal OKs warrant for Bashir's arrest
Sudan's Bashir says 10 aid agencies expelled
Iran Denounces US During Gaza Meeting
Dozens detained over Pakistan attacks
Bad altimeter in Netherlands crash
China Boosts Military Spending
Appeal for return of Gandhi memorabilia
East Europe banks back economies

In Sport:
Report: Cowboys cut TO
Yanks may ask A-Rod to skip Classic
Zito glad Ramirez returning
A-Rod to visit hip specialist
Santana still open to 1st Day start
Air Force w/ NASCAR for recruiting
NASCAR: Gear rules get a closer look
Danica not too sure about F1

The Economy, Stupid:
Gov't Plans to Thaw Consumer Credit
Trsry says mortgage plan may help 9 mln
ADP: Private Sector Sheds 697000 Jobs
ADP Says Job Market Worsening
US oil stocks fall unexpectedly
US Feb. ISM services index falls
Dollar down as risk appetite returns

Blockbuster: No Plans for Bankruptcy
Hollywood mulls life w/o Blockbuster
Toll Brothers cuts loss, shares rise
Costco Q2 earnings, Feb. sales fall
US Bank parent slashes dividend
Cox Radio posts $404 million loss
Auto Sales Down, Buyers Snub Incentives
Liz Claiborne outlook grim
Joy Global 1Q profit rises 21 percent

What Does Kindle Really Do for iPhone?
Facebook to compete w/ Twitter
Google Disses Twitter
Why Twitter walked away Facebook
What Does Kindle Do for iPhone?
Apple Refreshes Mac Line-up
RIM names store BlackBerry App World
Sprint Treo Pro Goes On Sale March 15
3 MySpace executives leaving for start-up
Facebook's Response To Twitter
Vid-on-demand matches ads to viewers
Internet TV box to please all
Intel and TSMC: What are they thinking?
Smartphone sales pick up steam in US
EU ends full-time monitoring of MS
Gates bans progeny from iPhone Nation

Congress To Give FDA More Muscle
Gel prevents AIDS-like infection
Compound may block HIV infection
NASA Spots New Moonlet Near Saturn
NASA searches for other Earths
Chimps craft ultimate fishing rod
Saliva a possible new biometric mode?
Archaeologists Rediscover Tomb

The Game:
Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard
Gibson Loses 'Guitar Hero' Case
Jonas Brothers Want Their Own Game
Game Over for GameStop?
There's still hope for gamer movies
50 Cent Battles Middle East
Game Helps Kenyan Youth Avoid AIDS

The Life:
Inside Obama’s Game
Chili Three Ways
Baghdad on Our Border?
Evan Tanner’s Final Test
The Steve Jobs Of Meat