Monday, March 2, 2009

Today's Jog Blog

Paul Harvey Dies at 90
George W. Praises Paul Harvey
Ex-Colleagues Praise Paul Harvey
Budget Battle Begins: Historic Ideological Shift
Budget chief: Obama will sign spending bill
White House Poised for Budget Fight
US economy contracts 6.2 percent
Obama vows to take on vested interests
Chief of staff criticizes ailing automakers
Obama worries charities
Gov. Sebelius sized up for health post
Burris says he's working hard to represent
Transcript of Limbaugh's Address at CPAC
Stocks Drop From Tokyo to London
Great Depression Cooking with Clara
Feds will help with COBRA payment
More bailout funds to AIG
Rating Agencies Endorse AIG Bailout
Banks Asked to Pay More to Boost Fund
Excerpts from Buffett's annual letter
California Unemployment Tops 10%
EU leaders to pledge to avoid protectionism
After a layoff, what to cash out first?
Osama bin Laden's current location?
Terrorism Suspect Headed to US Court
Iran upset with 'The Wrestler'
Iran Enough Material for Bomb
Iran "not close" to nuclear weapon: Gates
Chinese probe crashes into moon
US 'cell assault' video released
US will not attend
UN conference on racism
Guard Joins Fight Against Texas Fire
2 Former Bucs Among Missing Boaters
Coast Guard got no SOS from players
More than 100 passengers sick on cruise
Placentas found in Ill sewage system
Announcing the $2.5 Million iPhone
“Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”
Advice for Fallon: Be yourself
'Madea' tops 'Jonas Brothers'
Jonas Brothers film lacks dimension
Siegfried and Roy take final bow
Rihanna, Brown hiding at Diddy's?

Of Local Interest:
Thousands without power, roads to ice
Storm targets NE after dumping on South
Hunger Walk Cancelled Due To Weather
Driver killed in five-car pileup on I-75
Doc In Assisted Suicide Case Speaks Out
Final Exit criticized by suicide supporters
Mother: Asst. suicide should be legalized
'Fingerprint' key to salmonella source
DOT to spend stimulus money quickly
Brooking signs with Cowboys
Immigration rally focuses on families
Clark Howard's mom gets married at 85
Georgia Power wins big; opponents fume
Having a high time getting low
‘Rosies’ reminisce about jobs, plan outreach
ATL hotels hit as travel falls off
Jonas Brothers surprise Atlanta fans
Outside Atlanta, a Utopia Rises
Couple killed as pickup lands on car
Each theater has a role it fills
Chamber music: Small space, big emotions
‘Re-Kast’ cartoon takes to the stage

Cities face 20% cuts in water use
Utah river searched for car w/ girl
California declares drought emergency
Big avalanche kills snowmobilers
NJ hospitals may have errors publicized
Coast Guard rescues stranded fishermen
Oregon courts to close Fridays

Fears bailout is part of move to socialism
The socialists are coming!
Socialism slowly takes root in US
Coffin photos stir debate
Big job awaits Sebelius as health chief
Congress's coal-fired power plant
Americans close books way too early
FLA Legis. set for stimulus clash
Death Threats Alleged in LA Mayor's Race
Steele pledges to fight for black vote

As The World Turns:
Clinton in Egypt for Gaza aid meeting
Hariri Tribunal Opens in The Hague
'Iron curtain' fears over EU summit
Charges for Bangladesh mutineers
At Asean, reaching out to regular people
Flights in Amsterdam to fly over wreckage
Concern grows over Karzai poll call
Russia in first 'downturn' vote
'US drone' launches Pakistan raid

In Sport:
Kyle Busch rallies for first Vegas win
Kyle Busch wins race on home turf
Broncos sign 7-time Pro Bowl safety
Nationals' GM Bowden resigns
Brooking signs with Cowboys
Visiting Pistons shock defending champs
Shaq and the Suns eclipse Kobe Bryant
Several key Sox depart for WBC
Lindsey Vonn wins super-G race
Ogilvy to face friend in final
Van Pelt grabs lead in Mexico event

The Economy, Stupid:
Chief of staff criticizes ailing automakers
Ratings Agencies Endorse AIG Rescue
Ford Meets With US Task Force

Strike averted at Sunoco
Rocky Mountain News, You'll Be Missed
Yahoo's Bartz Shows Who's Boss
Girl Scout cookies arrive in Huntington
GE Joins Parade of Deep Dividend Cuts
TSMC to announce Intel deal
Dell Chips Away At Costs

Obama's heli data breached via P2P?
Phishers Target Facebook
Facebook answers critics on privacy
Windows 7 RC Gets 36 Changes
Deal between Microsoft and Yahoo back on?
The Cloud Is The New Dotcom?
Google joins Twitter
Announcing the $2.5 Million iPhone
CBS App Lands In iTunes Store
Verizon, LG Launch Touch-Screen LG Versa
Sony Does Not Deny PSP2 Rumor

Walk This Way: Man's First Footprints
Obama Plans To Retire Space Shuttle
New species: Hopping, psychedelic fish
Self-assembling nanoscale discovery
Explorers begin epic Arctic trek
There’s still time to stop the flu
Antibiotic Combo Fights Resistant TB
Caffeine May Kill Some Cancer Cells
Anthropology Dig at Elem. School

The Game:
Original Xbox slowly Dying Off
Court urged to review game law
Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li
Microsoft grows another ‘Halo’
Quake boosts browser video games
'Grand Theft' upgrade attacked

The Life:
How to Buy a Watch
Eye Ball Capabilities
Inside the Lamborghini Gallardo
iPod docks get serious. And wireless