Monday, August 31, 2009

Today's Jog Blog
Kennedy funeral marked by pageantry
Obama's eulogy for Senator Kennedy
In healthcare both sides cite Kennedy
Notables who attended Kennedy funeral
Many in presidential line attend funeral
Kennedy's Gravesite Is Near Brothers
Cheney Calls Inquiry 'Political'
Probe cooperation "will depend"
Lockerbie bomber set free for oil?
Bill would give Prez control of internet
Prez Makes Stop for Candy, Ice Cream
Jenna Bush Hager
Becomes Member of Press
GOP thinks Sanford impeachment
SC Reps vent anger over Sanford
GOP offers no support to Sanford

WYSR: Rod Wood Bee Sting

Japan Dems win in historic landslide
DPJ has clear shot at 2/3 majority
US confident ties to Japan will flourish
Reality TV contestant dies in challenge
L.A. Fire: 10k homes threatened
2 firefighters die in Calif.
Schwarzenegger visits wildfire
Boaters Rescued After Guard Gives Up
51% believe alcohol more dangerous than pot
Victim worked at suspects business
Computer hacker to get 15 years
New KFC “Double Down” dumps the bun
The girl with two vaginas
Girl Guides group for teenage mothers
Single molecule
photographed for first time
'DJ AM' Found Dead
The short, strange life of DJ AM
'Final Destination' wins box office
'Halloween 3D' coming in 2010
Spike Lee throws MJ birthday bash
Jackson Fans Stage Massive 'Thriller'
Francis denies Jenner assault claims
Gosselin Makes Big Splash in Vegas

Of Local Interest:
GA students lag on SAT tests
Atlanta schools soft on cheats?
Brunswick uneasy after killings
Woman set afire dies from injuries
Missing patient hid in nursing home
Race Enters ATL Mayoral Vote
Airport delays more than 2 hours
Local pool might be hazardous
Staying one step ahead of storms
Going green with homebuilding
Frontage Road becomes 'roads'
Rain drenches Atlanta

NY reactor online after shutdown
Kidnap victim "faces difficult recovery"
How To Remake New Orleans
Child accused of murdering dad
Missing boaters alive off TX coast
Merc union members still voting
FBI Identifies Serial Bank Robber
Gadhafi cancels New Jersey visit

Obamas' trip, an island stimulus deal
RNC Uses New Scare Tactic on Reform
LeMieux may reach across party lines
Blackwater Founder "Had Intent" to Kill?
'Tea Party Express' trucks on w/ tour
Christie: Speed ticket a mistake
One year anniv. of Palin nom.

As the World Turns:
Fraud allegations double in Afghan election
Blast Kills 15 Pakistani Police Recruits
Taiwan pres. seeks to save rep. after storm
Megrahi trade deal untrue - Straw
Myanmar refugees stream into China
'Still no justice' in East Timor
Saudi prince defends militants policy
Cabinet debates begin at Iran's parliament
Pakistan in US missile refit row

In Sport:
Slocum makes name with win at Barclays
Peavy's elbow delays Sox debut
Online reaction to UM football allegations
Nadal back to pre-injury practice routine
Randy Couture Vs Nogueira Fight Video
Brady's Injury Reportedly Not Serious
Raikkonen wins, Button crashes
Smith finally signs with Bengals

The Economy, Stupid:
GM, China FAW Form Joint Venture
EMC co-founder Richard Egan dies
Police: Gunshot wound self-inflicted
Think ID theft can't happen to you?
“End the Fed” Mov't Gaining Steam
Stocks Finish Mixed
August Auto Sales Up for a Change?
Feds seize Bradford Bank
France Gets Details on Swiss Accounts
Debit card v. credit card: Pros and cons
Lawsuit: Coal-fired plants violating law

Comcast Wins FCC Appeal
Bud's fan can promo losing its fizz
Sun Micro Swings to Loss
Marvell shares spike on forecast
Free money for small business
Counter cull hits small business
LGI balances your business ' books

Snow Leopard: What's gone where
Apple App Store Rigors Defended
Microsofts Bing decides on bribery
DHS Clarifies Laptop Border Searches
Social networks keep comm. flowing
Kindle-like feature on Sony devices
Dispatches From The Ebook Wars
Windows 7's Deadly Sins
US Firm - Dual Screen Laptop

Star Bundles & Martian Dust Devils
High Cost to Deal w/ Climate Shift
First Toxic Crustacean Discovered
Discovery finally enters orbit
Mars Email a "Spectacular" Hoax
India loses comm.. w/ lunar satellite
New Planet Spiraling Into Its Star?

The Game:
Alpha Protocol
Half-Minute Hero Hands On
Rock Band 2 First Impression
Dead Space Extraction
Tropico 3 First Impression
Supreme Commander 2
Cursed Mountain Review
Osmos Review